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Not the strongest, but a fairly good high; however,the exact "strain" usually depends on how deep in Mexico you are. Like most people have said, indigenous marijuana plants in Latin America were "sativa", so that would explain the "head-high", yet there is a decent body high. Now, while in Mexico and in the States, I've had some straight up Mexican Reggie. But once in Zacatecas, after a while of asking around and even getting robbed once, we found the entire "pueblito's" (town's) dealer, some guy who runs errands for some Mexican organization. He'd sell us around 4 or 5 grams for $2 USD. Sometimes we'd get some seed-infested bull shit, but every couple of days or so (we bought like an eighth a day) we'd get some straight up fire with no seeds, yet some weariness at the end. Now I just had some Trainwreck so I'll probably go write a rating on it or I might forget, but I am supposed to be writing an essay right now but I'm here writing weed reviews so I'ma try to get a grip and my shit together. lol Trainwreck, I started this rating sober and on Mexican but now I'm on Trainwreck and forgot what I was gonna write, and too lazy to remember. Anyway, Mexican is good but it kinda sucks not knowing where your bud's coming from.

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