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Also called "Goohead" (which I prefer because it's funnier sounding), this indica-leaning hybrid is a less potent cannabis that's great for relaxing or getting some rest. It has a sweetish fruity aroma and flavor, not overly strong and sweet like Strawberry Cough or Blueberry, but pretty mellow tasting. It tends to be calming and relaxing in small doses, and can make you sleepy in larger doses (it's mostly indica). As for potency, I advise new or anxious smokers to take it easy and GO SLOW with these higher-THC strains. Start with one small toke from a bowl or one-hitter, chill for 15-30 minutes, then take another tiny toke if you want to feel it stronger. It has about 15-20% THC and virtually no CBD, so be aware--if you're a very anxious smoker, you might want to try something like Harlequin, Cherry Wu, Deadlights, or another high-CBD strain instead. But strains like Goohead are fun if you remember to take it easy and go slow with it.

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