Out & About Cannabis - Riverside South & Barrhaven, Ottawa

Out & About Cannabis - Riverside South & Barrhaven, Ottawa

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Out & About Cannabis - Riverside South & Barrhaven, Ottawa

Hi there! Out & About Cannabis (Out and About Cannabis) is a local, independent, family-owned cannabis store located in Riverside South, Ottawa. We're a friendly, educated and hard-working bunch, deeply committed to the cannabis plant, industry and our Riverside South (and nearby Barrhaven, Manotick, Kemptville, Greely and Hunt Club) neighbourhoods. Customers often comment "You guys are all so friendly!" - and it's true... we can't help it. Amidst the many franchises opening across the province, here at Out & About Cannabis (Out and About Cannabis) we're committed to holding our own against the "big guys" - by focusing local, getting to know each customer individually and constantly adapting to the cannabis products our Riverside South neighbours want. We're a little store on a big mission - which makes us happy and determined! Out & About Cannabis (Out and About Cannabis) is is located in the Riverside South Plaza, at 665 Earl Armstrong Road, Unit 8 (near Zizi's, Goodfellow's and Broadways). Out & About Cannabis (Out and About Cannabis) customers come from across Ottawa, Riverside South, Barrhaven, Nepean, Manotick, Greely, Osgoode, Kemptville, Kars and beyond! Whether you want to smoke, inhale, eat, drink or absorb your cannabis, the diverse Out & About Cannabis (Out and About Cannabis) menu provides you with a full spectrum of available cannabis products to choose from (THC-, CBD-, Indica- and/or Sativa- dominant): - Dried flower (to smoke and/or to cook with) - Pre-ground flower (milled / "ready to roll") - Pre-rolls - Vape cartridges (510 and Pax) - Concentrates (hash, wax, shatter, kief, diamonds) - Edibles (chocolates, truffles, gummies) - Beverages (sparkling waters, tonics, soda, tea, non-alcoholic beer-flavoured drinks) - Powders (flavourless) - Tinctures - Oils - Topical creams Here at Out & About Cannabis (Out and About Cannabis), choose from many trusted brands to find a product that meets your cannabis needs, budget and ethos, including: -ness, (Via), 1 SPLIFF, 1964, Atlas Thrive, 48 North, Ace Valley, Back Forty, Bake Sale, Basecamp, BC Black Kettle Farms, Bedfellows, Bhang, Big Bag O Buds, Bingo, Blessed, BLK MKT, BOLD, Boaz, Broken Coast, BRZY, Buddy Blooms, Bullrider, BZAM, CALI Hash, Canada, Cann Social Tonic, Carmel, Chowie Wowie, Chuz, Citizen Stash, Collective Project, Color Cannabis, Cookies, Georgia Pie, Dab Bods, Daily Special, Daize, Divvy, Dosecann, Drift, Dymond Concentrates, Dynathrive, EastCann, Edison Cannabis Co, Embody, Everie, Fleurish, Flowr, Foray, Fuego, General Admission, Good Supply, Green Monke, GreenSeal, Greybeard, HalfTime, Hazel Hash, Haven Street Premium Cannabis, HEXO, High Street Cannabis, Highland Grow, Highly Dutch Organic, Hycycle, Impromptu, Jonny Chronic, Keef, Kin Slips, Kolab Project, Labs Cannabis, Legend, Lemon and Grass, Little Victory, Medipharm, Melt, Mood Ring, Mollo, Monjour Bare, Moon Rock, MSIKU, Muskoka Grown, Noon & Night, Northbound, Olli, Original Stations, Palmetto, Peace Naturals, Phat 420, PHRESH, Pinnrz, Potluck, Province Brands, Yandi, Pure Sunfarms, Purple Hills, Quatreay, Queen of Bud, Qwest, RAD, RC Supply Co, Royal City, Redecan, Reef, RIFF, Rilaxe, Ripple, Shatterizer, SHRED, Simply Bare, Skosha, Solei, Spherex, Spinach, Spinach FEELZ, Spinach SOURZ, Station House, Steel City Green, Steeprick, Strain Rec, Summit, Sunshower, Sweet Justice, Tantalus Labs, TGOD, THC Kiss, The Loud Plug, Tidal, Tremblant Cannabis, Tribal, TWD, Tweed, UP, Vacay, Velada, Versus, Vortex, Wabi Sabi, WAGNERS, Wana, Wana Quick, Weed Me, WINK, Wyld, XMG, 7Acres, MTL Cannabis, Houseplant, Zig-Zag, RAW, Red Eye Glass, Herbal Goods, MouthPeace, Choice Leaf, HMP... and more. When it's time to get out & about, choose from popular strains (e.g. Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, GG4, Dosidos, Animal Face, GSC, Girl Scout Cookies, Pineapple Express, Ice Cream Cake, Gelato, Mandarin Cookies, Limelight, Black Cherry Punch, Jean Guy, OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Cannatonic, Durban Poison, Sour Kush, Trainwreck, Super Lemon Haze) and craft cultivars, to one-time-only limited releases for your cannabis needs. Riverside Side, Barrhaven, Manotick, Nepean, Greely and Ottawa neighbours - we look forward to meeting you soon! Out and About Cannabis / Out & About Cannabis

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