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Leafly helps the world discover cannabis.

To discover cannabis is to recognize our complex history, and pursue an end to injustice by lifting up victims of the war on weed with the freedoms that legalization presents. The cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity … for some. At Leafly, we will push this rising tide to raise ALL ships. We’re on a mission to strengthen our industry through equity, and unlock economic empowerment for those trapped by outdated policy. We will lead with, and be led by, justice for all.

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Advocate for real change in cannabis.

Seeds of Change explores the lack of Black ownership in the cannabis industry, and how states can legalize with equity in mind.

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Spotlight: Black cannabis

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There’s work to do

Everybody is needed. Everyone has a role.

Talk the talk

There’s a lot of jargon on the road to equity and justice. Here’s a quick hit of words we’re hearing and why they matter.

Equity and equality

They aren’t the same but they have something in common: Each needs greater representation in cannabis.


Equity supports people differently depending on need, with an eye on proportional representation (race, gender, and more), to achieve greater fairness overall.


Equality treats everyone the same regardless of need. An important difference in cannabis is that without equity first, we will not find equality.

Shining a light

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