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Place your delivery order at or by calling 415-295-6999 Cali Xpress is the premier cannabis delivery provider for the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We deliver high quality cannabis for both recreational and medical use. visit to place an order though live chat. Recieve a discount with your first order - just make sure to mention you're a new customer from Leafly!


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$99 oz of Blue Mystic very limited supply!

visit to place your order now or Call or text (415) 295-6999 Now serving the Entire Bay Area!

Valid from 2018-09-01 to 2018-10-01.

Get your medical card and buy up to 8 oz!

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“Flower is bottom shelf. Used to be @ 140 total and went up to 170 total then disappeared usless you agreed to use their medical card service. They final just got rid of the oz price altogether for non-med ; replaced by mid shelf $60 1/8 and $90 1/4's. I can get better at We Are Hemp and be feel secure my weed is legal, tested and packaged correctly. I don't trust CaliXpress anymore. They are dishonest.”

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“Wow!! The first time I thought that I would try a delivery service and I call them and all I get is a answering machine.... really....”

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