Cannabis Hut - Birchmount

Cannabis Hut - Birchmount

Scarborough, ON

SPINACH Fully Charged Peach Punch Infused Pre-Roll 5x0.5g

Strain rating:
THC 36.0%
CBD 4.0%
SPINACH Fully Charged Peach Punch Infused Pre-Roll 5x0.5g
Cannabis Hut - Birchmount
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THC 40.00% | 40.00 mg/g CBD 0.00 - 1.00% | 0.00 - 10.00 mg/g Life can be all peaches and cream when you’ve got some Spinach® Fully Charged Peach Punch infused pre-rolls. Infused with the finest cold-filtered cannabis extract, and dusted with kief coating, we’re punching this one up with 40%+ Total THC. With dialed-up terpenes, we’re in fresh, fruity harvest mode with the sweetest peachy flavours you could hope for in a pre-roll. These infused pre-rolls draw strain inspiration from a strain with a Peaches and Cream and a phenotype of the popular Skunk #1 lineage. You can’t make a pie out of it, but it sure is just as sweet.