Cannabis Hut- Vic Park

Cannabis Hut- Vic Park

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THC KISS Shortbread Biscuit 1 Pack

THC 10.0mg
CBD 1.0mg
THC KISS Shortbread Biscuit 1 Pack
Cannabis Hut- Vic Park
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|543.0 km away

About this product

THC KISS Shortbread Biscuit has the classic shortbread flavour that is light and crumbly, perfect for those who prefer the original taste. It is the latest addition to the Full Spectrum THC Kiss Biscuits collection and the most popular flavour. Opening a bag of THC Kiss Shortbread Biscuit smells so heavenly that you would not even think it contains 10 mg of THC. Each biscuit has no bitter aftertaste, which makes it perfect to pair with coffee or tea. The disc-shaped form allows for an even distribution of flavour so that every bite is a delight. The THC Kiss kitchen bakes from the beautiful and sunny town of Kelowna in BC, so you are guaranteed that every biscuit is made with smiles and lots of happy thoughts.