Greener Grass Cannabis

Greener Grass Cannabis

St Catherines, ON

Blueberry Fuego Shatter 1g Shatter

Strain rating:
THC 780.0mg
CBD 10.0mg
Blueberry Fuego Shatter 1g Shatter
Greener Grass Cannabis
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About this product

What type of berry this strain smells like is widely debated but blueberry and blackberries come to mind first. Every waft of Blueberry Fuego feels like you are getting slapped in the face with a blueberry muffin and our Shatter is no different. Consumers can expect a very smooth blueberry notes at first with a strong gassy and blackberry aftertaste. This phenotype was selected by the Next Friday team because of its heavy blueberry dessert terpenes. The strain was bred by Seed Junky Genetics crossing the infamous Slurricane with Symbiotic Genetics Wedding Crasher.