Greener Grass Cannabis

Greener Grass Cannabis

St Catherines, ON

Pink Goo Pre-Roll 1x1g Pre-Rolls

Strain rating:
THC 270.0mg
CBD 30.0mg
Pink Goo Pre-Roll 1x1g Pre-Rolls
Greener Grass Cannabis
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About this product

Pink Goo is an indica-dominant strain from the result of crossing Granddaddy Purple x Grape Ape x Northern Lights #5. This strain's name comes from its ultra sticky appearance. It consists of resinous droplets of dew on the sugary leaves of the often pink and purple fluorescent flower centres that leach over to the contrasting darker green buds. Pink Goo is actually quite the genetic miracle. Many who get the opportunity to lay their eyes on this heavenly delight are completely in awe after witnessing just how intense the crystalline droplets are. With the incredible tree like trait to ooze sap from seemingly out of nowhere, with a sweet and pleasantly rich and floral flavour of earth that creates a smooth smoke.