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“Reasonably quality product, but had a very negative experience today. My fiancee and I have been regulars at this location for a long time and when we showed up this morning to check in they told us there was a new system and we needed to recheck in. No big deal, we can do that. Then it turned out that she she didn't her rec with her (their standard procedure has been to only check ids). Again, we understand, so I said I'd go in, take care of our business, and we'll be in our way. But instead of allowing her to sit in the waiting area, they told her to go stand in the rain. Can't even sit inside to wait. And this is how they treat people who have spent well over a thousand dollars at their business. Unreal. ”

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“Good location and very nice welcoming setup. Easy to get in and browse. Lots of product from flower to edibles to plants. I love their edible selection and usually spend most of my time picking and choosing, and it varies month to month so I get to sample all kinds of products out there. Great deals and pretty much a friendly staff. I think it all depends on who you get it's been 50/50 for me. Some are super cool and friendly while others seem to just want you to buy and get out. Oh express pick up is simple and efficient. ”

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