One Plant - Scarborough

One Plant - Scarborough

546.9 km away

Holy Mountain - Mac-1 - 3.5g

Holy Mountain - Mac-1 - 3.5g
One Plant - Scarborough
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|546.9 km away

About this product

MAC-1 is a hybrid cultivar with a high potency. Its colourful buds are trichome-rich and are bursting with citrus, diesel and spicy aromas. For the consumer who knows what they’re looking for. MAC-1 isn’t messing around. This legendary hybrid cultivar is robust, colourful and comes with a potent THC range. MAC-1 has super dense and firm buds composed of two-tone light and dark greens, with the occasional pop of light purple. It’s a cross of Miracle 15 and Alien Cookies and the results are out of this world with trichomes covering every nook and cranny of the flower. Citrus flavour upfront, which gives in to a mid-range gassy diesel smell, finished off with a hint of spice that’s oh-so nice.

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