One Plant - Scarborough

One Plant - Scarborough

546.9 km away

Catch Me Outside - Rooster Call - 3.5g

Catch Me Outside - Rooster Call - 3.5g
One Plant - Scarborough
Open until 10:30pm ET
|546.9 km away

About this product

With strong THC sativa strains, Rooster Call is your go-to for a first quality flower, cultivated under the sun. Out is the new in? Catch Me Outside is a 100% outdoor grown brand from Quebec offering quality products without taking themselves too seriously. Rooster Call offers strong THC sativa strains. The current strains and terpenes are indicated on the packaging. All Catch Me Outside flower are thoughtfully hand dried, hand trimmed and hand packaged. High-quality expectations but also affordable and sustainable. Out is the new in? Catch me outside

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