Sessions Cannabis - Albion

Sessions Cannabis - Albion

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The Green Organic Dutchman - Organic Sugar Bush

The Green Organic Dutchman - Organic Sugar Bush
½ ounce
Sessions Cannabis - Albion
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|550.4 km away

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Certified organically grown in living soil, this trichome-covered high-THC Sativa gets its Sugar Bush name from the maple tree forests in Quebec - the source of maple syrup that is used to nurture the soil it grows in. The end result, a strain that is full-bodied, and full of aroma - bringing with it a fruity, skunk scent that is reminiscent of ripe melon and passionfruit This strain has bright green buds that are soft and sticky to the touch with peach pistils and tan trichomes. Smooth tasting, this Sativa is a must-try and can be enjoyed throughout the day.