Sessions Cannabis - Albion

Sessions Cannabis - Albion

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San Rafael '71 - Pink Diesel '71

San Rafael '71 - Pink Diesel '71
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Sessions Cannabis - Albion
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About this product

Pink Diesel ’71 is an original indica bred from a fusion of San Rafael ‘71’s popular Pink Kush x Driftwood Diesel with gas, lavender & spice notes. Pink Diesel ’71 is a premium strain crossbred from 2 of San Rafael ‘71’s most popular, fan-favourite strains: Pink Kush x Driftwood Diesel. The result is a pungent, powerful and original indica with combined flavour notes of gas, lavender and spice. Pink Diesel ’71 is cultivated under the highest quality standards using hang-drying, hand-finishing and hand-bottling for an excellent finished product. Every jar includes a humidity packet to ensure maximum freshness.