Sessions Cannabis - Albion

Sessions Cannabis - Albion

550.4 km away

Color Cannabis - Jazzberry - 3.5g

Color Cannabis - Jazzberry - 3.5g
⅛ ounce
Sessions Cannabis - Albion
Open until Friday at 10:30pm ET
|550.4 km away

About this product

Color’s Jazzberry, an indica-dominant strain derived from Blueberry crossed with an unknown Afghani, with a very strong THC potency potential. Color’s Jazzberry, an indica-dominant strain, derived from Blueberry crossed with an unknown Afghani cultivar, with a very high THC potency potential. Jazzberry’s dense green buds with subtle purple hues, are frosted in trichomes. Dominant terpenes limonene, caryophyllene, pinene and cedrene work together to create a harmonious flavour combination of sour wild blueberries and fresh cream. Color Cannabis flower is harvested with care and dried naturally, for optimal flavour and freshness. Our nitrogen infused pouches with Boveda help to lock-in freshness!