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Cannabis tinctures 101: What are they, how to make them, and how to use them

June 16, 2016

What is a cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tinctures, also known as green or golden dragon, are alcohol-based cannabis extracts – essentially, infused alcohol. In fact, tinctures were the main form of cannabis medicine until the United States enacted cannabis prohibition. With a name like “green dragon,” you might think cannabis tinctures are not for the faint of heart, but they’re actually a great entry point for both recreational and medical users looking to ease into smokeless consumption methods.

How to dose and use cannabis tinctures


Tincture dosages are easy to self-titrate, or measure. Start with 1mL of your finished tincture and put it under your tongue. If you’re happy with the effects, you’re done. Otherwise, try 2mL the next day and so on until you find the volume you’re happy with (ramp up slowly while testing your desired dosage so you can avoid getting uncomfortably high).

According to The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook, tinctures will last for many years when stored in a cool, dark location. When combined with easy self-titration, the long shelf life means you can make larger quantities of tinctures at once and have a convenient, accurate way to ingest cannabis.

Compared to the traditional cannabis-infused brownie, tinctures are a low calorie alternative. If you make your tincture with 190-proof alcohol, you’re looking at about 7 calories per mL. Unless you have an extremely weak tincture, you’ll easily stay under your typical brownie’s 112 calorie count (and let’s face it, your brownies are probably far more caloric than that).


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Tinctures can be incorporated after cooking into all sorts of meals and drinks:

  • Juices
  • Ice creams and sherbets
  • Soups
  • Gelatin
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Salad dressing

I recently added some cannabis tincture to my homemade chicken tikka masala for a delicious infused dinner.

How to make cannabis tinctures


If you don’t have a full-featured kitchen or just prefer simple, mess-free preparation techniques, cannabis tinctures are a great DIY project. At a minimum, you can make a tincture with a jar, alcohol, a strainer, and cannabis products. That’s all you need!

Depending on your available time, equipment, and risk tolerance, you’ll prefer some recipes over others. All of the below recipes have been tried by yours truly and have been confirmed to work. Pick whichever one seems most convenient to you!

Traditional Green Dragon tincture recipe

If you’ve heard about green dragon before reading this article, this is probably the recipe you’re most familiar with.

  1. Decarboxylate your flower or extract (if you’re using flower, grind it to a fine consistency)
  2. Mix your flower or extract in a mason jar with high-proof alcohol (preferably Everclear)
  3. Close the jar and let it sit for a few weeks, shaking it once a day
  4. After a few weeks, filter it with a coffee filter and start with a small dose of 1mL to assess potency


What is decarboxylation, and why does your cannabis need it?

Master Wu’s Green Dragon tincture recipe

This guide was first published in 2006 on and is one of the most comprehensive tincture recipes available online, with detailed instructions and excellent tips and tricks. Master Wu’s recipe differs from the traditional method in that it uses heat to speed up the extraction and concentration process. Unlike the traditional method, you’ll be finished with this recipe in an evening. Below you’ll find an abridged summary of the technique.

  1. Decarboxylate your flower or extract (if you’re using flower, grind it to a fine consistency)
  2. Mix your flower or extract in a mason jar with high-proof alcohol (preferably Everclear)
  3. Simmer the jar in a water bath for 20 minutes at 170 degrees F
  4. Strain the mixture and store


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Modern Green Dragon tincture recipe

Homemade cannabis tincture mixture

If you’re following some of the latest developments in online tincture recipes, you may have heard of the following recipe which sounds too good to be true, but many people (including myself) are having great results with it.

  1. Decarboxylate your flower or extract (if you’re using flower, grind it to a fine consistency)
  2. Mix your flower or extract in a mason jar with high-proof alcohol (preferably Everclear)
  3. Shake for 3 minutes
  4. Strain the mixture and store

Cannabis tincture FAQs

Find ground cannabis used to make tinctures

How do I take my tincture?

Tinctures are usually taken by putting a few drops under your tongue (sublingually). When taken this way, the arterial blood supply under your tongue rapidly absorbs the THC. That being said, you can always swallow the tincture in a drink or food, but it will be absorbed slower by your liver.

How fast is the onset?

When dosing a tincture sublingually, expect to feel the effects in 15-45 minutes and reach your peak high at about 90 minutes. If you simply drink the dose, expect a slower onset that more closely resembles traditional edibles.

How long will I feel the effects of a cannabis tincture?

Expect to be high longer than when you smoke or vaporize, but shorter than when you eat a butter or oil-based edible.

Have more questions?

Ask them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get them answered for you!

  • PrisonJ

    can you make a Tincture with MCT (or XCT) and water(2:1) mixture in a type of expresso kettle like a butter maker? filling the area for coffee with ground leaf and boiling through the mixture 1 or 2 times?

  • Chaco

    My request is that you share some details of the mass and/or volume you use in measuring the alcohol and cannabis.

    Here is a share from me.
    I have developed a recipe that works well for me to make cannabutter for a batch of brownie mix:
    10 g of chopped trimmings and 4 oz. butter slowly simmered on lowest setting, smallest element on my Corning Ware stovetop.
    I use a Pyrex 8 oz. measuring cup. I melt the butter in the cup via microwave and transfer that to the cold stovetop. I turn on the stovetop, mix in the trimmings, cover with aluminum foil and monitor temperature and activity.
    The clear Pyrex shows bubbling first of the water leaving and later the CO2 and H as the THCA changes to THC. An instant read thermometer lets me know when the cannabutter is close to 250ºF.
    I remove the cup leaving the foil on, turn off the stove and let the mix cool to 100ºF or less. I use a fine mesh tea strainer putting the cannabutter directly into the brownie mix or save it for later refrigerating it in 4 oz. canning jar & lid.

    TA, Chaco

  • Allison Ferinde

    what are the ratios to make it? how much flower to everclear? how big of mason jar?

    • The ratios are not important. What’s important is that all your cannabis is covered with everclear.
      If your tincture is not strong enough afterwards, you can evaporate until it reaches your desired potency.

      • Nigel Aves

        Allison asked the same question I had, so Philip, thanks for a great answer, that’s really helpful.

        It didn’t occur to me that you could allow the alcohol to evaporate to increase potency.

      • kackyful

        Probably stupid question, but how do you do that? Just leave lid off?

        • Craig

          Leaving the lid off will work over time since ethyl alcohol evaporates about 75% faster than water at STP. However using a double boiler on the stove or a metal bowl over a pot of hot, not boiling, water (170F) will allow for a slow controlled reduction in just a few minutes. Make sure you use highly concentrated alcohol like 190 proof otherwise you will evaporate the alcohol away from strong tinctures when you make the reductions. 80 proof vodkas, whiskeys and rums (other than Bacardi 151, 75% alcohol) are NOT suitable for reductions since they are more water than alcohol but still make very good Green and Gold Dragon to be used orally rather than sublingually in teaspoonful rather than dropper full doses. Cloudiness in strong reductions is not a problem just shake and take. Part of the THC/CBD is in suspension in water rather than in solution in alcohol but it is physiologically active in both cases. Or you could add back a small amount of alcohol to reconstitute the solution. You would have to try hard to ruin it for real.

          • kackyful

            Ok, I left the lid off. It’s a very thick almost glue texture now. But it BURNS when put under the tongue. I didn’t use Everclear, I had 151. What in the hell am I supposed to do with that now? Just put it in a smoothie or something and hope I can’t feel the burn? Or just chuck it and start over?

          • Craig

            First calm down you haven’t ruined anything. 151 is fine but remember it is 25% water INITIALLY before any reduction. So first, find some everclear. Where do you live? Even in states with ABC boards and state stores we have a 190 proof grain alcohol. If you don’t you don’t but rembember you will have to limit your reductions but that is not necessarily a bad thing you will just end up with “medicine” to be taken like cough medicine in 15-30ml doses rather than dropper fulls. Use new 151 to “reconstitute” your first batch. Start slowly adding back only enough alcohol to allow the THC to dissolve again. Now, unfortunately, because of the water in your initial extraction and the aggressive reduction you will have many plant cellulosic compounds, proteins, fats, glycerin, and chlorophyll dissolved or suspended in the water and new alcohol will result in a less than tasty “dragon” but it is never delicious by ANY measure. What you can do, because THC is SOLUBLE in ethyl alcohol when you reconstitute your original batch you can put it through a coffee filter to remove some of the suspended particulate and undissolved solids to add some clarity without losing any THC at all (short of some precipatate on the filter after the small amount of liquid evaporates but it is of no consequence.) Now, as for the taste, I use a liqueur drink like a buttery nipple ( 1 part butterscotch schapps, 1 part irish creme ) add my drops of super strong tincture from Everclear reductions, OR not and, 30ml of my original full strength first extract prior to reduction and have achieved positive results. Good luck and keep up the dialogue if you have further concerns.

    • Craig

      Think about how much weed vs how much everclear in the same way you do your smoke experience and Koolaid. If you smoke in water pipes, bowls, joints, or blunts the amount you use is familiar to you and quantifiable. Secondly THC and CBD are highly soluble in ethyl alcohol like sugar or salt in water so a little Everclear is plenty for all the chopped carboxylated buds it can cover easily in whatever sealed container you choose to mix it in. Remember the THC is on the plant not in the plant and just like the sugar in your Koolaid dissolves readily when you add it at the tap THC is the same in strong ethyl alcohol like 190 proof. Steeping for long periods only allows whatever plant proteins and solids are partially to slightly soluble in alcohol like glycerin, fatty acids and plant oils, as well as plant materials that are soluble in water like chlorophyll to make it into your solution, hence the green color. Now, these compounds are NOT hazardous and either insoluble in water or alcohol and just in suspension, thus the cloudiness, but the compounds are in suspension rather than solution. So, chop, carboxylate, cover with Everclear, shake for 5, reduce over a warm water bath by 3/4, store in a dropper bottle. Self titrate using a quarter or half a dropper, marking the time, and waiting 30 minutes to an hour to judge the response. Want more buzz try another 1/2 dropper. Remember strong tinctures are to be taken by placing “dose” beneath tongue for 30 seconds for rapid absorption into the capillaries there rather than “swallowed”. Lesser reductions, more alcohol can be taken in teaspoonful doses and some favorite schnapps (1/4 cup or so) added before reductions can cut the flavor for the final product but it will never be a fine wine but will beat ‘shroom tea by a damn sight.

  • Robert Sean Miller

    How do you determine the strength of the extraction for each tincture? There is a great edibles formula on here but it relates to butter extraction so I was wondering how the alcohol effects the process and how you adjust the calcualtion.

    • Craig

      You would need a quality test of the THC and CBD concentrations in the source plant which probably won’t be readily available. Using the strongest possible concentrations of ethyl alcohol (pharmaceutical grade or at least 190 proof potable alcohol like EverClear) to make reductions allow the most concentrated tinctures before THC and CBD begin to come out of solution and become suspended in the remaining water along with whatever unstrained unfiltered solids were in the initial solution. Remember those cloudy solutions are not really a problem just another type of medium, a suspension like childrens Tylenol or Advil liquid. You can always add back a small amount of ethyl alcohol to dissolve the THC and save the tincture. But every batch of product made from different bud could have significantly variant concentrations. Blending all the different source materials together allows for a more even final result but will rob you of those really potent tinctures from the buds that happen to have the highest THC if produced in separate batches. An experienced user should be able to self titrate each “batch” by trying a small amount as a control waiting and seeing how you feel. Then each experience can be qualified and quantified and might allow for a variety of “medicines” that allow some to treat pain, some anxiety, some feel like a party, some induce hunger, and some might induce sleep but then you could label them and choose the bottle that fits your needs on a given day. Good Luck.

  • Bennie Tan

    Do you have any suggestions for high CBD strains? What temp and what duration?

  • Christopher William Katilus

    Can i put tinctures in my ecig?

    • Sabina Lanier

      NO!! If the tincture was made with alcohol, it would catch fire. Maybe if it was made with glucerin I think it would work.

      • Johanne Cornell

        glucerin can be used but tincture made with alcohol is not a good idea to use!

        • Two Bears

          Also the glycerin tincture would be very very weak.

          It takes 8-10 ml glycerin to extract the cannabinoids in 1 gram of ground bud.

          I make very strong tinctures. 1 gram of shatter in 15 ml Everclear so every drop has 2.8-3 mg cannabinoids.

          1 gram Shatter has the cannabinoids in 6 grams of bud. To extract those cannabinoids in glycerin the tincture will only be 1/4th as strong.

    • Jay 2017

      If you add a little of tincture to vegetable glycerin than vaping would work. They have alcohol added into organic vapor liquids and no fire or spark

      • ilene78b

        thats what i want to know can i add glycerin to tinture

      • Two Bears


        Alcohol is dangerous to the lungs

    • Two Bears

      Most tinctures are extracted with alcohol and alcohol is bad for the lungs

  • Sabina Lanier

    I made tincture but after leaving it awhile a very thin film of possibly oil covered the bottom of the jar. It would not mix when I shook the jar and I couldn’t really scrape it off with a spoon. It came off gooey and black on tip of spoon but tan on bottom of jar. If it is oil (likely) I thought it was supposed to mix with the alcohol.

    • Craig

      In long term steeping many plant compounds are dissolved in both the alcohol and the water component of the ethyl alcohol used for separation (even 190 proof Everclear is 5% water) beyond the THC and CBD compounds that are desired including chlorophyll and a number of plant solids and oils. Some portion of the solids may be active and they are CERTAINLY NOT HAZARDOUS but the THC and CBD ARE dissolved in the alcohol. Now if you you utilize a low proof alcohol like a 40 proof whiskey it’s only 20% alcohol and 80% water. Since the THC and CBD are INSOLUBLE in water if sufficient liquid is allowed to evaporate, and alcohol will evaporate in open air 125% or so faster than water not to mention if you do a reduction over a water bath. So, what you can end up with would be a suspension, instead of a tincture but it will be only so much less effective. Think of the children’s tylenol or ibuprofen liquids which are suspensions as well. Recent studies have suggested that some alcohol up to two ounces increases the absorption of THC into the blood stream by some 200% which means if you leave your tinctures a little less concentrated by maintaining a higher final volume of alcohol one could titrate a combined dose of alcohol with a smaller dose of THC/ml and be MORE effective. Good luck.

      • Sabina Lanier

        Thanks for answering. I think what I have ended up with is a water solution as I tried to strengthen it by evaporating the alcohol and the thc (oil ) is not mixing with it. I guess there is nothing I can do to save it. However, I made some new tincture using the heat extraction method. (that is heating the mixture in a jar in boiling water for 20 minutes) It did reduce the liquid by half, but the tincture was pretty strong when I tried it. I could see the small bubbles of alcohol during the heating and am now afraid that there is too much water and it may separate. Do I need to make sure I don’t evaporate off all the alcohol? I use rum or vodka, I don’t want to use any chemicals. Do you think the freezer method or heat extraction is best for making tinctures?

        • Craig

          You’re welcome Sabina. There is nothing wrong with the first concentrate but if the liquid spent a good deal of time in a boiling water bath then all of the alcohol likely did evaporate leaving the insoluble THC unable to blend with the remaining water. Remember Vodka and Rum (other than Bacardi 151) is 80 proof or only 40% alcohol and 60% water and are thus poor “solvents” for concentrated THC. Try to find Everclear or ask the salesperson to give you the strongest clear ethyl alcohol that they sell. If you can find 190 proof then that will be optimal for reductions. Additionally you can ABSOLUTELY RECONSTITUTE your original attempt by refilling the container with new ethyl alcohol and redissolving the THC. It might take some swishing around the smaller amount of alcohol you use but it will renew that batch of Dragon for use. Put a teaspoon or two in a small tasty liquor drink like an irish creme and butterscotch schnapps to get a dose. Orally rather than sublingually it will come on more slowly because it must be metabolized rather than absorbed directly into the capillaries beneath the tongue. Just like if you boiled away all the water in a pot of salty cook solution leaving dried salt behind if you add more water you get salty water again, no harm, no foul. For your next reduction attempt I suggest using a much less aggressive water bath and perhaps even use a metal bowl over lower temperature but still hot (170F) water on the stove like a double boiler. With 95% alcohol you can do a very strong sublingual tincture, perhaps even add in a quarter cup of that butterscotch schnapps before the reduction and then reduce the total liquid SLOWLY by 75% stirring the whole time which will take only a few minutes. You WILL likely end up with a cloudy tincture the more you reduce but again none of those compounds are hazardous to your health. Its glycerin, plant proteins, some chlorophyll. Use a dark dropper bottle for storage and shake well before use and start with a quarter dropper held beneath the tongue for 30 seconds, mark the time and see how you feel. Wait 30 minutes to an hour before adding the second dose if you have questions about tincture strength. Don’t forget to carboxylate the flowers prior to tincture manufacture.

          • Sabina Lanier

            Thanks, I will try reconstituting it. Previously thought it was hopeless!

  • Jordan Lilkunoichi Fantaistick

    Hello, my mom recently got a prescription for her disc spine issue. Her bottle says to take a whole tincture under the tongue for 60 seconds. I assume it is the whole dropper correct? Or should she only be doing a few drops? She claims it makes her really dizzy and uncomfortable but it is CBD oil so it should not make her high. What should I do? She is very weary of the meds but I want her to get off the oxy for her leg pain…

    • CurryTabanca

      Hello, I am sorry to hear about your mom. I am not an expert but I have done a lot of research and have a research science background. There are a few possibilities we have to rule out first. When your mom takes/took the tincture did she replace the hydro that day with the tincture? If so, she may have been suffering from hydro withdrawal and associated it with the tincture. Another possibility is that the tincture actually has a THC component. Does it say there is NO THC or is it just “high CBD”? And finally, is your mom a teetotaler? This is a stretch, but if she is, the few drops of Everclear she downed with the dose may have gotten her a bit lightheaded! Hearing those answers would help narrow it down.

    • Craig

      WHENEVER you have tinctures of unfamiliar, unknown, or dissimilar potencies from different manufacturers the ONLY solution is to carefully and measuredly self-titrate starting well below the recommended dose for a given tincture. Remember like any “medicine” the recommended dose (in as much as some pot-head somewhere came up with the dose they put on the bottle, not a medical doctor) is only that, a recommendation and will depend greatly on the “patient”. Unlike smoking, dosages and absorption rates for oral tinctures will depend HIGHLY, no pun intended, on the weight, metabolism, usage history, time and type of last meal, and other medications being used by the patient. So, the short answer is start slower. Is your mom small or a non-habitual user? Does she smoke herb recreationally? Has she used this exact tincture before? Does the tincture have a concentration of THC and CBD on the label”? All these would need to be considered and re-thought with each new purchase or change of “provider”. Try a quarter dropper and wait 45 minutes. If she doesn’t feel better, and doesn’t feel BAD (the dizziness like you said), then add another quarter dropper and give it 30 and so on. If it ends up being cool at the smaller amount then good for everybody. But unless the vendor remains constant unfortunately in an unregulated industry tinctures will and can be highly variable but then again so can the quality of the trees around and available on any day. Remember start slowly and use as little as possible and it will go further. Good luck and one love.

      • Jordan Lilkunoichi Fantaistick

        Thank you so much Craig! My mom does not use for recreational purposes ever and she is quite small, 5 foot. But I assumed since she is on a lot of oxy that it would be okay. The bottle says CBD and doesn’t say THC on it. I will tell her to lower the dosage. Thanks!!

        • Craig

          De nada.

  • John

    Is it normal for a tincture to have a strong alcohol smell?

    • Craig

      Well John if you start with a 190 proof alcohol and do a slow reduction of the extract you will be evaporating both alcohol and some water over the 170F water bath or double boiler (my preference is for the indirect heat and slow reduction of a double boiler). Because alcohol will evaporate more quickly than the water at that temperature the volume will reduce quickly. But, even if you reduce the total volume by 75 or 80%, you will stil have a highly concentrated solution of THC in an alcohol/water mixture that is MOSTLY ALCOHOL and HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. In this concentrated form it is meant for direct sublingual application or can be added by dropper to drinks or recipes. The action and strength of a tincture will be highly reflective of the “high” of the source weed. If you’ve smoked some and a certain amount of your source bud and its made you feel a certain way, then a tincture using an ounce of “known” bud in a pint mason jar with a pint of Everclear for extraction reduced by three quarters will result in concentrate where a dropper would be a “blunt’s worth” of herb or ten “bowls” or however you would qualify your normal use of an ounce. That then is in that dropper bottle so BE CAUTIOUS and self-titrate slowly and measuredly. If your take your final reduction and add a quarter cup of strong flavored schapps of your liking back, shake well and store in a ” “cough medicine sized” dark bottle you can have a much more palatable tincture. A dose of this would then be in the 15 to 30 ml size ORALLY, meaning swallow it like medicine. Taken by this route it wil be equally strong but come on more slowly with a much more stable plateau of absorption and thus physical response. It will be stronger, last longer and be less peaky.

      • Judy Resha Vowteras

        Craig… Judy here. So this water bath u speak of? Is it master Woo’s directions? and with the water bath is the jar completely submerged? How does the water in the jar evaporate with the lid on?

        • Craig

          Sorry Judy I wouldn’t know Woo from “Horton Hears a Hoo” and I am not familiar with his instructions. My education and work experience began as a chemist in the USN/AD and continued as a civilian. Additionally, I am a 25 yr user of cannabis. The principles surrounding this extraction are fairly simple and well understood chemically. First in the above instructions, and for very concentrated reductions, you must start with extremely pure alcohol, 150 proof spirits or 151 Barcardi is the absolute minimum proof at which you will be able to successfully make CONCENTRATED tinctures of THC of which you would take “drops” as a “dose”. As I stated 190 proof Everclear (the brand available in our highly regulated potable alcohol state ABC stores) or its equivalent available in your locale is the FIRST choice for making Dragon. THC is soluble at about .02mg/ml in ethanol, but INSOLUBLE in water. So, while its not HIGHLY soluble like sugar or salt in water THC is readily soluble in ethanol. So, to your question. A water bath is a “jar sitting in water” option. Any amount of warm 150-175 degree water in which the jar is “sitting” will work so use your common sense and keep it high enough to contact the jar and LOW enough so that you don’t risk getting “pan water” in your Dragon jars. Of course it is lid off, you are trying to evaporate liquid to gas to reduce the amount of liquid in the jar–the ethanol (plus some water) that evaporates will leave its THC in the jar, concentrating the remaining solution. PERSONALLY, I prefer to use a double boiler without my reduction container being in direct contact with the heat. I transfer my “raw” Dragon extraction to a metal bowl and reduce its volume over a pan of 170 degree water, plus or minus, in the pot below. Indirect heat will allow a much more controlled reduction. Remember you will need to have enough alcohol in the final tincture to keep all the THC “in solution” rather than precipitating in the remaining water. So limit your reductions with 150 proof to perhaps 50% volume and 190 proof liquors can offer a reduction of even 80% by volume. BE CAREFUL, stir and monitor your Dragon during the reduction BUT if it gets away from you CAN add more ethanol to reconstitute a failed batch, exactly like adding more water to a pan of salty water that has boiled away will give you salty water again. Additionally, plenty of people suggest long steep times, like days, a week or more, for Dragon but that is unnecessary and is as unwise for the production of THC Dragon as “grinding” up the plant material. Remember the THC is only ON the flowers of the plant, not IN the plant. Simply loosening up material for ease of carboxylation and such that your chosen alcohol can reach all the exterior flower/bud surfaces is the CORRECT method, not grinding or chopping. Some plant materials are soluble in ethanol but NOT NEARLY as many as are soluble in water, like chloryphyll and any number plant proteins. SO, you NEVER want to expose more “plant innards” during your extraction because more surface area opened internally means MORE plant impurities in your extraction. Sorry for the long-winded answer and hope you have good luck. Here again if you have concerns.

        • Muxpux

          LID OFF!!!!

          you are heating the liquid, and the alcohol is evaporating. Without ventilation you are basically making a bomb. A glass pressure cooker.

          • Martin Hunt

            ya, but what if you were to leave the jar lid unscrewed a bit so as to prevent pressre build-up yet keeping the alchohol from evaporating as much? Or, mabye punch a hole or two in the lid?

          • Muxpux

            But why? If it’s because you want an alcohol based tincture, you can add more alcohol to it if you like, although all your going to do if you cook off “too much” alcohol, is end up with. A more concentrated product, and then start getting into oils and dabs and whatnot, but I don’t think OP is wanting to go that far right now. Just leave the lid off. Maybe poke a couple holes in the lid when you heat it to boiling (like a teapot works though, you need that hole. It builds enough pressure to lift the weight and escape making a whistle. You can’t really recreate that with a mason jar or whatever your using.) but you don’t want it on while its boiling. But if the holes are big enough I guess you could. Like I said, there’s no reason for it. Alcohol boils at a low temperature (173)

  • drivenbyjanice

    Sorry, you say filter it with a coffee grinder. Do you mean coffee filter?

  • Vivian Wells

    Hi. Hope you can help me. I want to make some medication for my mom. I believe tincture would be an ideal delivery system in order to get the healing properties of cannabis into her body. I do not necessarily want her to “get high”. She is 82 years old, has never smoked anything in her life, and likes a cold beer on a hot summer day very, very occasionally. She believes in the power of cannabis medicine, however, because my sister and I have used it successfully on her twice in the past. We made some oil in the hopes of helping my sister’s husband, but it was too little, too late for him. We used some of the oil on a small place on Mama’s wrist, which doctors had told her was a skin cancer. Two applications of the oil made it disappear. Another time, Mama had lost the toenail on one of her big toes, hardly even feeling it due to her diabetic neuropathy. A few applications of oil on the nail bed and the nail had re-grown in record time. She was very pleased both times. The last batch of oil that we cooked (very small batch), we mixed in some coconut oil, and we use it topically. It works on minor burns better than aloe every thought about! At any rate, since we don’t want Mama to get any higher than necessary, would she get the “healing” benefits of cannabis in a tincture if we did not decarboxylate the THCA into THC? Mama is currently in the hospital due to a diabetic ulcer on her left heel that the medical “professionals” in our community have allowed to deteriorate from a nickel-sized blister into her entire heel being involved, and the wound is so deep that her bone is showing. The incompetent white coats in our local “hospital” (the only one we have here) have twice now used IV antibiotics which have had neurotoxic side effects, meaning these drugs have sent her into a LaLaLand that has robbed us of our mother and robbed her of her very being. Once these medications are cleared from her system, she comes back around and is lucid and “here” again. She is willing to try cannabis medication because she knows that the side effects will not physically harm her. But we are not sure how she would deal with the “high” aspect. My sister, older brother, and I have been regular cannabis users for 40+ years now, and Mama has always said she’d rather we smoke pot than drink. Because of the state we live in, we have to “fly under the radar”, so we do not get to choose our cannabis product, as far as THC:CBD ratio, etc., but what we get is really good stuff (especially compared to the Mexican ragweed we were satisfied with 40 years ago!) so I’m not concerned with the potency. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Renee

      Hey, I’m just going to throw out my opinion on this since i do not have any real evidence… Tinctures are OLD medicine, before they worried about whether the meds were going to have side affects (getting high). ALL parts of the cannabis plant were used for many types of medicines and there are many old medical references to its use in just about every country. Personally, I think that this makes sense for this particular plant which seems to have an endless list of possibilities. I would dry, chop well, and cover the whole plant with the highest proof alcohol you have access to. No decarb, no throwing the roots/leaves/stems out, get all the meds possible. Don’t put the jar in the water bath, just close it tightly (shake once a week or so) and put it in a cool cupboard for at least 6 weeks (longer is better). If you don’t have access to the rest of the plant, just do the same with the buds. There will be some high there but not to the extent of the decarboxylated. Not sure of the dosage, maybe start with 5 drops under her tongue as noted in the article. NOTE: it WILL BURN!!! Or use the other suggestion of adding the tincture to a drink or something else. Good luck!

      • Vivian Wells

        Hi Renee,
        Thanks so much for your response. Think I’m going to try it without the decarboxylation then. Do you recommend waiting six weeks in order for it to be stronger? Could it be used sooner than six weeks?
        My 82-year-old mom is willing to try this medication if it could possibly help to heal this horrible diabetic foot ulcer she’s dealing with. I don’t know if this method of delivery will help, but I know it won’t hurt. And belief being a big part of healing anyway, she already has faith in this medicine, so that’s half the battle (I think, anyway). The sooner she can start taking it, the better.
        Thanks again for responding to my query, and I truly appreciate any help you can offer.

        • The Herbal Anarchist

          I’d strongly suggest a strong cannabis salve for your mother’s foot ulcer. It will quickly heal it up. She can apply it several times/day. At night, she can apply more & just wear a breathable, cotton sock over it to keep it in ace over the ulcer.

          I recently made a cannabis salve for a woman suffering with a really bad cooking burn. It was raw like hamburger, horrific. I saw her today, a few weeks after I gifted her the salve, & she’s healed up like nothing happened. Amazing stuff.

    • Muxpux

      Oh man, so many things I want to say. But let me really talk about the biggest issue here. The high. I’m 32. I have spent the last 16 years spinning my wheels, and drinking so much that it’s a miracle I’m still alive, have a roof over my head, and have my health. (Though it isn’t as good as it was 10 years ago, lol). I recently went through a rough patch and knew what the alcohol was going to do. Bitter, angry, depressed. That’s no way to live. I’ve never blamed alcohol for those emotions. But alcohol always was a magnifier. Made the negative thoughts worse. I had a bad experience when I was about 18 with marijuana and ended up in the ER due to anxiety/panic attack, don’t really know. The doctor was a member of the church I went to in middle school and I was friends with his daughter. He told me I was “having an allergic reaction”. I went a couple years before trying it again. I took one hit at a party and got so dizzy I had to lay down. After that I just said ehh, weed isn’t for me.

      Fast forward to 2014. Marijuana is legalized here in Washington State. Long before that I had been a supporter of weed legalization, and felt it wasn’t bad, but our town is also known as a hotbed for heroin, meth, tweeter shit. Anyways, I’ve always associated the high from weed as the cliche. Laughing, zoned out on the couch, peaceful, easy going guy. The hippie. I had some close friends get hooked on heroin and I didn’t even see the signs. once someone said something about heroin I did some research. I later found an interest in why people would choose heroin over pot of they do the same thing to you.

      i soon began maybe taking a hit or two per year. Somewhere around 2010. I was always drunk when I did. back in February, a friend of mine who knew a grower had a shit ton of weed on them. They gave me some “to sell” but I just kept it. My curiosity piqued and I did some research into Cannibis. I quickly learned my doctor back in high school had lied to me. I wasn’t allergic. I just didn’t know what I was getting myself into. If your idea of being “high” is based off of years and years of stereotypes, misinformation, as well as slanted information, and you experience something different, you get these panic attacks. Or “allergic reactions” or whatever. How many people say they smoked some in high school but didn’t like it and now don’t touch it. That was me, I LIVED that stereotype.

      What changed it all was education. I soon learned about CBD’s, and everything I could about why you get high, what being high is, and things to do to minimize the bad, as well as maximize the good. It’s hard to describe, but it was fascinating to me the science of it all. So one day I was at a friends house and we were going to go to the bar. I didn’t have any money for drinks, and my friend was pregnant and nobody else with us drank. They just wanted to get out of the house. I offered to sell my weed to someone for beer money, and they said why not just smoke? I told them a condensed version of this story basically. They asked if I wanted to try some of their stuff instead and I agreed. It was a high CBD low THC strain. Can’t recall what the name was but I went to the bar, had an ok time, drank water. Went home. Everything was cool. But I got to thinking, I took 4 hits of that stuff and felt normal, but my body felt relaxed, almost resembling after I tried my Percocet after separating my shoulder a couple years ago. I stopped in at a local marijuana store and asked the bud tender for the highest CBD strain they had and paid $12 for a gram of Sweet and Sour widow. Still being a drinker I really only smoked after I got a good buzz. I was still nervous about THC. I did that for about 3 months or so, smoking a bowl towards the end of the night, while usually drunk, or sometimes if I was feeling frisky, I’d wait til I was only 3 beers into the night, but always while drinking. Then me and the ex split, and I knew the road I was going to take if I stuck with booze, so I decided one night while stoned, and a bit tipsy, I bought a camera. A nice one. A couple days later the meteor shower was peaking and I live about an hour and a half away from Mt. St Helens so I drove up around 4 am. With my camera. And sat in an empty parking lot, just above the clouds and the sun just coming up above the horizon. I smoked 2 bowls and hiked to a viewpoint by the time I got there had a complete shift in my brain. A moment of zen, clarity, something, but it was probably the most perfect moment I could have had. By the time the sun was up and the tourists started pouring in, the high had worn off. And I took some more photos before heading home. I soon discovered the fun of sativas, especially with my camera, and my ability to use my mind. And it all transfers into everyday life. I now view the anxiety from weed as the peak on the rollercoaster. That moment your stomach drops. It goes away. I’ve been able to apply this in everyday life. And I also love the relaxation of indicas, and my main routine after work, has been a bowl or two of a sativa when I get home. and a bowl of Indica before I go lay down for bed. One unexpected side effect, I don’t drink like I used to. Before that day up at the mountain, I had a half a half gallon of Pendleton, a fifth of parrot bay 90 proof coconut rum, and an 18 pack of beer. I didn’t drink any of it. It took me about a month to finish that. Since then, mid August maybe? I’ve smoked weed pretty much every day. and I have maybe one or two beers a night. I still like alcohol, but marijuana has improved every aspect of my life whereas alcohol was destroying it. Learning how to control and properly use something like pot, that I was so afraid of, correctly and responsibly, has really taught me a lot about controlling, and properly using alcohol. It has allowed me to set goals for once in my life, that are actually realistic. And I spend time sober thinking about them as well. Alcohol always made me a talker, and as someone who was very shy growing up, it was my coping mechanism. To break out of my shell. But here’s the kicker. There is no shell. Pot allowed my mind to put together thoughts that don’t come from anger, anxiety, or any other negative emotion. I mean, I denounced religion a long time ago, and don’t really identify with any group, I just believe that when we die, our brains don’t work, and that’s it. Like a computer crashing. All the data is gone. But in this path of education I’ve found some great shows to watch. Some thought provoking stuff. I now don’t really believe anything. What happens happens. I dunno. I’d say I’m more open minded to it all. I’ve always said religion is a set of morals to live by. A way to “control” the people. “Big Brother Ancient Edition.” Anyone would describe me as a negative person, a cynic, always critical, always an ass. But the sober me is a better person because of my use of pot. I still have things to fix and crap, but for now I can say it’s cured my alcoholism, depression, and lots of anxiety, from the inside – out. Instead of using a manmade drug in a pill to alter my brain, when I could take something natural, that uses what’s already there. Granted, I live outside of town, it’s peaceful. So really a lot of what I do is smoke alone, and maybe some would call it meditating, but I actually prefer to be alone when I smoke. when I smoke around people I find myself getting anxiety a lot easier, and being self conscious about how high I look or am.

      Anyways, I’m rambling. My short answer is ask around about getting your hands on some high CBD stuff. Take a vacation to a legal state, find some way to get ahold of it. And use that. You can buy ointments, tinctures, edibles, sugar cubes, oils, waxes, vapes, sodas, even capsules. And it comes in every variety imagineable. It’s crazy.

      If that’s not an option I would go with decarbed weed and start small. Your going to have to teach her about “being high”. While my drug education was based off of D.A.R.E., hers was more Reefer Madness. That way if she does “get high” from it, she won’t freak out and write it off.

      And start slow.

      Cheers! (Smoked a bowl of Dirty Girl and half a bowl of some Blue Dream sativas as I typed this for the last hour.) and to think writing was one of the reasons I didn’t graduate high school. I’ve always had trouble expressing myself.

    • You can get the tincture on our site.
      We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Follow us on Facebook as well.
      Thanks and good luck!

    • Maggie

      My mother is 86 . I make her a paste that she takes 1/4 tsp every night and it has changed her life. I take the flower down with a nutri bullet. In a glass mason jar I put 1/2 oz of the flower, 2 ozs coconut oil, 2 ozs of veg, Glycerin..mix.. put into a crock pot and decarb it at 176 F for 10 hours. I use a Sous Vide as I am a chef in the crock pot to keep the temp at a steady 176F. You can get them on Amazon .I believe its made by Dorkfood. .All this paste does is get the CBD’s and THC into her system without the “high”

      • momenoughtonot

        Maggie, I’m new to medical cannabis and looking for instruction. When you say “take the flower down with a nutribullet” what exactly does that mean? and is the 1/2 oz of the flower dry measure or by weight? also regarding the 2 oz of veg, glycerin mix, what is the veg part, some type of veg oil? Thanks for any info you can share with 1st time processor 🙂

  • Scubasteve251

    Skimmed through the comments and thought I’d add my two cents as at least a few of you seem to be misguided at best.

    Decarboxylation is an absolute necessary step if you are making this for recreational purposes. You will still end up with psychoactive cannabinoids without it, but in much much lower proportions than if proper steps are followed. Take note not to go too hot or too long or you will ruin your product.

    Steeping is a necessary step IF you don’t want to devote a month or longer to the process. Safety is of upmost important on this step. A simple double boiler setup, good ventilation, and NON FLAME HEAT are an absolute must at this stage. There are alternatives that involve using high pressure to speed things up; I personally think using this in conjunction with heating (separate steps, you need it close to room temp before pressure is added) is the way to go. The only downside to steeping is that more chlorophyll is introduced into your tincture giving it an earthy taste and color. **THIS IS NOT ACCOMPLISHED WITH A PRESSURE COOKER THE PRESSURE IS ADDED IN A ROOM TEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENT. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS, DO NOT EMPLOY A PRESSURE BASED EXTRACTION METHOD**

    Vaping… this gets a little more complicated. In order to have a capable product you have to vastly reduce your alcohol content. This will involve heating your product after production in a water bath (prevents temps from exceeding 100°C). Without going too far in depth, 151 is slightly more than 75% alcoholic; this leaves you with roughly 25% water. It stands to reason that if you cook your product down to 25% of what you started with, the vast majority of the alcohol will be gone (not all). You can also avoid alcohol completely by utilizing vegetable glycerine for your extraction; thc is not quite as soluble in vg and you will likely end up with a weaker tincture. After reduction you will need to add vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol to your mixture (these are the bases of ejuice and what actually create the “clouds”). There are premixed products on the market if you are uncomfortable figuring out proportions on your own. I would not recommend this for those unfamiliar with concepts of both tincture making, e juice making, and a rudimentary understanding of lab safety.

    There are no shortage of resources available for tips and tricks on how to properly make this stuff. Good luck to all!

    • Chris

      Good shit!

  • Sabina Lanier

    I have some old bud trim from last year. Do I still need to decarboxylate the trim? I was told that over time the maryjuana decarboxylates naturally. Is this true?

    • Alexey Karpov

      Whether it does or not is largely irrelevant as the rate at which it has decarboxylated is unknown to you; you’d risk losing a lot of plant matter to waste.

  • Tarik Sparks

    How do add flavors to my tincture. At the moment all I get is the everclear and the burning part. But I see on line that these Corporation are making them with all these flavors at a high dosage….help

    • Josh Keck

      maybe crystal lite packets? powder flavoring like you’d use for water

    • JustJen

      In the tinctures I have seen made and consumed, finely ground hard candies were added. We’ve used Jolly Ranchers, Sour Skittles, Lemonheads, Redhots, Werther’s Originals (yummy if you use tincture in coffee) and they were added during the shaking process after the straining. Now we use flavoring extracts too since the hard candy dissolves differently each time. The extracts we get are usually in the cake decorating section at hobby stores near the frosting stuff. The everclear burn is too much for me and my mouth feels like raw hamburger afterwards. I put a dose of tincture in a shot glass and depending on the flavor made, I add juice or soda and fill the shot the rest of the way up. Drink it down, then fill the shot glass again for any remaining tincture residue. I start feeling it around 15 minutes and I would guess full effects after an hour. I’m patient and it’s worth it to me.

      • Sherrin Ungren

        those extracts from the cake decoration section work great!!

    • Jay Tea

      Food grade flavoring. Same stuff used to flavor e-liquid(the only thing keeping e-liquid from being “edible” is the nicotine). Capella Flavor Drops are pretty good and are all 100% edible.

      • MuddyGurl

        I have several Capella flavorings from raspberry to “cheesecake” etc for adding to coffee/food ..does it mask the taste well? When used sublingual :if you planned 10 drops tincture (say)..would you add how many drops flavor? (could you transfer 10 drops tincture to a teaspoon then add 1 drop Cappella flavor,?, or should the whole bottle have flavor drops added during production? Like others here I noticed if I mix tincture dose in 1/2 cup of a flavored tea, etc it is fine, but you do taste it, not terrible. Since i already have a rum based tincture given to me, I’d like to try a flavor to it. thanks

        • Zac

          It helps a little. I use an e-cig so have just tossed flavorings in tinctures. It doesn’t totally mask the taste but IMO makes it way more tolerable.

          I usually put a 4-5 mLs of tincture in a bottle for use over a day or two and put a few drops of flavoring in that. You definitely don’t have to do it during production if you’re using Capella flavorings (or any similar, Flavour Apprentice etc.). I’ve even added the flavoring with additional dilution, it’s fine.

    • BrucefromIdaho

      During extraction step (the everclear step) substitute extracts for everclear. Most extracts are 90% alcohol, which is more than 151 proof rum and only slightly less potent than everclear. Williams Sonoma has some great flavors including Meyer Lemon, Orange, Vanilla and Almond.

    • C. B.

      you can add other herbs, like mint or lemongrass, but don’t forget that any medicinal effects will also be present at the tincture.

  • Brandon McKenzie

    How much flower is recommended for a small batch

    • LadyHiccups

      I took an old 30mL bottle from my boyfriend’s used vape juice, and added 1 gram to it. Dosage is easy to figure out if you know all the info about your bud. For example: if your bud is at a level of 10% THC, then there is 100mg of THC per gram (1 gram is 1,000mg dry weight, so 10% of that is 100). In a 30mL bottle, that gives you about 3.3mg/mL (100mg÷30mL), which should be about a small dropper’s worth. Regulated dosage is 10mg THC.

  • Katie Burney

    I recently received my medical card for my several chronic pain issues and it was recommended I try a tincture. The one i got from the dispensary I’m not sure is working. For one I dont seem to get any relief when I use it. Secondly it burns like a mother when i drop it under my tongue. It doesnt help that I think it tastes like bong water. haha. Is the taste and burning normal for tinctures? Are there recommended strains with low THC for pain like fibromyalgia? thanks for the help ☺

    • Matt Constantine

      The taste and burn is normal for tincture. I usually put my tincture in a soda or an ice tea. I have also put it in hot tea before. Anything that masks the taste really. I can always taste the tincture in a drink but it doesnt taste bad, like dropping it under your tongue.

    • JustJen

      Go to their website called Leafly for strain information, it’s really thorough ❤
      And yeah, what Matt said. Put your tincture in a drink, but I use just a shot glass of Mt.Dew or apple juice. Those seem to mask the taste the best for me. Once I drink the shot glass, i refill the glass with more soda or juice to get remaining tincture and drink one more time. Then just a couple gulps of the rest of the soda.

  • Alexander Stavrinos

    hi everyone,
    what about using fresh material?

  • lymewarrior

    We have the use of the NOVA machine so just wondering what recipe you might suggest to make a tincture. Is it possible to make a tincture using only glycerin vs alcohol or Everclear? Looking for pain relief with no high. We have been purchasing your MOTA made with glycerin which was perfect but you have discontinued that and the new product is 15.00 more per bottle. It’s for my adult daughter with Lyme disease. Would really appreciate your help! Thank you…

    • Two Bears

      Yes you can but the tincture will be very very weak.

      Make a much stronger tincture as i described twice before so you can use mere drops of tincture ibstead of multiple milliliters of tincture.

      • E.L. Bl/Du

        actually I have made it with vodka, and there was NO DIFFERENCE in the strength of the CBD/ ratio between everclear and vodka. Just a bit less harsh, ESP when you’re making it for a child. It does take a little longer to make. I DO NOT recommend everclear for a child, its too strong and they won’t like it, or take it as medicine if they don’t like it.

        • Two Bears

          All depends on the strength of your tinctures.

          Regular tinctures vodka or rum works fine.

          For ny very strong tinctures wherw each ml holds 55-63 mg cannabinoids then Everclear is the ONLY way to go.

          I much prefer to use 4-5 drops of a strong tincture than have to use 45 ml of a weaker tincture.

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      Lymewarrior: Please see my recipe above. You CAN use vodka also. We actually had to switch to Vodka for the kid, he was enjoying the everclear too much. I tried making it with glycerine once, but it’s tricky. The glycerine has to be heated, and it BURNS easily, and heating it will therefore activate the THC. One or 2 droppers of alcohol in juice won;t hurt your daughter. She proly won’t even taste it. Follow the dosing instructions in the article. (increase by a droperfull daily until you find the right dose to relieve her pain) As long as you do NOT heat the cannabis, the THC will not be activated. You can still get the CBD/CBG beni’s without activating the THC. I highly recommend this for your daughter. (not activating the thc, as we know it can affect their brain development) Best wishes and let us know how it works.

    • BrucefromIdaho

      Alcohol is needed to separate the THC from the plant. Less alcohol = less THC = weaker outcome

      • BrucefromIdaho

        I love tincture but keep in mind that you need to use a lot more cannabis than you would if you were smoking or vaping it. The two main processes that create consumable THC here are the decarbox process and the stripping of the THC with alcohol. If you screw up the decarbox process you end up with either (a) burning off some or a lot of the THC during the heating process, or (b) not activating all of the THC in the cannibis. If you use too much alcohol (volume), you end up with a very weak end product. If you use too little alcohol or not strong alcohol, you may not strip off all of the THC. Also during the exchange process (moving the cannabis from container to container, you will inevitably lose some product there as well. The weed gets sticky after decarbox’g and it likes to stick to just about everything. During the filtering step, you inevitably lose some as well. It’s part of the cost of making a tincture but it’s really nice once you get a recipe that works well for you. And because no one mentioned here, including the author of the article – be super careful working with everclear or high potency alcohol… it is combustible and will explode or catch fire if it is near a flame (some of these recipes include heating to 170-180 degrees – very close to the vaporization temp for alcohol). Working with alcohol near a flame is a fire hazard. Final caution is that when you decarbox your place will smell like the DJ booth in a reggae club.

  • JayBee17

    Can I use 151 proof? If so what would be the suggested soak time?

    • Chris

      Yes you can use 151 proof. 190 is better but its not sold in every state. If you use 151 make your tincture then evaporate until no liquids are left. Then you have RSO(rick Simpson oil). After that you add exactly how much 151proof you want and its done. I’d say make it an ounce of 151 to 3-4 grams of good bud ratio for a potent end product

  • Menaka Dasi

    Im making my first batch of tincture. I’m curious though.. who is using vodka? I want to use something that tastes good

    • Graham

      Vodka has too much water in it (40% ABV meaning 60% water). THC is not soluble in water. The higher the alcohol content, the more THC you’ll pull with this method. Everclear that’s 95.5% is your best bet. Once you extract the THC into the alcohol and remove the plant material, then you can add other things to improve the flavor. If you add sugar or candy you will have an easier time consuming tincture.

      • You can get over proof vodka from Poland in most liquor stores, usually 75% or 151 proof. You need the lowest water content (more alcohol = less water) to make the process effective.

    • Paul

      you can use what ever you want as long as it’s 190 proof. Everclear is usually mentioned because it’s at 190.

  • Brook

    Is it ok to start with 1oz for cannibus tincture process?

    • LadyHiccups

      I put 1 gram of decarbed bud (get the Nova/Lift Decarboxylator!) into an old 30mL vape juice bottle, filled with Everclear, now it’s in my cupboard steeping. So easy!

      • Brook

        Sounds easier than it seems

        • LadyHiccups

          It IS that easy! The hardest part is decarbing, if you’re using the oven method.

    • The Herbal Anarchist

      Give the Nova a skip until they come out with a version without an aluminum cannister. Stick with Pyrex baking pans/storage containers & turkey bags. They’re safer in terms of toxicity & a far cheaper option.

      • Laura Gerrard

        I agree totally

  • QADS

    Is it possible to make the tincture with marijuana or some other plant that gets you high? I assume it is.

    • Easy Mac

      What do you think cannabis is?

  • Glenn Hadley

    Hi all I just made my first batch, when the product is strained into a jar, the recipes call to seal the jar and let sit. Why can’t you put a few small holes in the lid to let the alcohol evaporate, for a while to concentrate the tincture more, no recipe calls for this so there must be a reason, anyone able to fill me in?

    • Two Bears

      You can allow the alcohol to evaporate abd make a stronger tincture . OR you. Can make a super potent tincture in tge first place as i described above. 1 gram shatter or dry sift (kief) in 15 ml alcohol. This way each drop of the tincture has 2.8-3 mg cannabinoids.

      If you use shatter. When the shatter dissolves its ready to use.

      Dry sift let sit 24 hours. And filter through a coffee filter.

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      because when you shake it ever few days all the liquid will spill out. Need the alcohol for the extraction. After its strained, you can evaporate some of it and see what happens. Most ppl just dilute it in juice or something to deal with the strong taste. Let us know how your evaporation process works

      • Frank Belluardo

        I decarb my weed at 240 for about 45 minutes. Then put in a Mason jar and add everclear just over the top of however much I decarb. Usually 14 grams. I put the Mason jar in 170 degrees water bath for 20 minutes Strain and put in a small amber Mason jar.. 2 teaspoonful and I feel no pain even after a hard day of nailing down hardwood floor

    • BrucefromIdaho

      you need the alcohol to strip the TCH from the plant – u need that chemical reaction to occur. If the alcohol evaporates before that is completed you lose potency because you have less THC

  • Graham

    Evaporate the alcohol by heating to around 80 degrees Celcius, then smoke/dab the remaining oil. The reason being that the THC you didn’t decarb will not be readily absorbed by your body, and heating it to vaporize it will then decarb that remaining THC. You can still consume it as a tincture but it won’t be as potent.

  • Iyoutome Ceo

    Best quality, quantitative, safest method proven in a lab with gas chromatography by Pharmacepia Italy. It’s Free, It’s Safe and It’s easy. Use a water bath and know about decarbing before you do it. This method shown decor’s slowly with time. Be careful no to burn off the terpenes you are looking for. Caryophyllene boils at 240 deg F. Some at room temperature, (that’s why you smell them. If your method creates any smell, you are burning off Terpenes.

    This method uses Olive Oil. It’s safe if it’s certified by a known 3rd party. Everclear is made from Corn. Corn is GMO. GMO is roundup/glyphosates and surfactants that are neurodegenerative. So if you have nerve issues, Parkinson’s, Seizures, Cancer, or any other ailment, you don’t want to be using anything with GMO.

    This method allows you to take a portion of a teaspoon of olive oil and lasts for 12 hours.

    I know many people who prefer this over smoking, vaping, cookies, etc.

    Peace brothers and sisters.

    • Straight Shooter

      While I try to avoid GMO as much as possible…in all honesty I don’t see GMO being any risk factor at all in the alcohol…no way anything nasty will carry over to the Everclear…only downside is indirectly supporting GMO crops and the destruction of farmland by those practices…I am a chemist as well…i don’t believe I am wrong on this…

      • Iyoutome Ceo

        That is awesome, Seeing that the “round-up” and/or surfactants make it into the process before boiling the alcohol off, one would have to know (I know you know, but for the sake of other readers) each and every vapour/boiling point of all the ingredients. The methynol/ethanol plant in Chatham Ontario has a plume coming out of the stack which they claim is water vapour. So all ingredients upto and around the vapour point of these nasty chemicals are being sprayed into the surrounding neighbourhoods. Roundup MSDS has a vapour point of around the same as Water. If they are using a direct fire and not a bath like the method above, some water and all the chemicals will be in the vapour in small amounts. So while I agree with what you say, without seeing the process or doing a chemical analysis of ever clear I choose to use the safer method of using olive oil. Cheers!

  • Sherrin Ungren

    when i make my tinctures there is always the strong burning part of the alcohol taste. is there any way to lessen this effect? ive thought of trying the Vegetable Glycerin any comments on this?

    • Kamanjah

      I know one person who adds some VG to her tinctures, and it really does lessen the burn. Sometimes flavors are added too. I just don’t know how much glycerin she uses per oz of tincture and it’s a “trade secret.” People who sell often don’t want to lose business by giving their recipes away, darn it! I’m going to experiment with a very small amount of tincture and see what works for me.

  • Sherrin Ungren

    I just started using The Magic Butter Machine and ran a whole batch of tincture through it with everclear. How do you live with that alcohol burning sensation under the tongue??? just live with it

    • The Herbal Anarchist

      Raw honey, although keeping it mixed is a pain. My next experiment will be with both honey & lecithin to see if it will keep the mixture emulsified for a longer period of time, and easily shaken up before taking. Can’t stand the burn either. It’s like drinking one of those flaming shooters & having your entire mouth catch on fire.

      • Kel Ley

        I use raw honey and coconut oil infused with marijuana. Once the oil has cooled a bit put 11 oz of honey in a blender and add 1/2 cup of the infused coconut oil and blend til smooth. Havent had any issues with separation and I do not use Lecithin.

        • Jason Mcclure

          Lecithin has good fats that thc will bind with. Fats are your delivery system. Add lecithin if you want your edibles to be more potent.

          • also heard Lecithin can cause cancer. so I left it out of my edibles and they seem the same. coconut is high in fat so it also is a good binder.

          • Darlene

            You can use Sunflower lecithin if you are worried about the soy one. Using MCT oil instead of coconut oil is better since mct oil sends that thc to you faster.

          • Tamika Gipson

            how much do you Add? can you give me a sight where i may find mre recipes

          • Spicy Hamster

            15/ml lecithin per 240/ml mct oil – this is from my magic butter machine recipe book.

      • David

        I always dilute my tincture in tea, coffee whatever. The Burn ruins the whole experience in my opinion.

    • Joseph Roller

      Put it in the freezer. It wilk never freeze if it is high in alcohol (like everclear) and being ice cold takes the bite out of everclear. You can also make jello shots with it.

    • Joe Trott

      I have MB as well. Very weak tincture. I am told that using distilled water prior to ethanol and heat extraction will remove the chlorophyll. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s my next step.

      • Straight Shooter

        Frankly I believe the chlorophyll and other terpenes do have a bit of a taste….but they may be good for us so I leave them in my elixirs…I have one elixir that is 2 and a half years old and I sorta like the earthy taste…

        • Randall Hodge

          I’ve recently been storing the decarb’d flower and Everclear in the freezer while it extracts. I shake it up any time I’m in the fridge. What I’ve noticed is the amazing flavor. I can almost taste the aroma. I don’t get that unless I leave it in the freezer. Yes, it burns a little, and if it gets too bad after a few seconds, I add a tiny sip of water under my tongue to dilute.

    • shlala

      the burning goes away in time, you get sensitized to it. Or just live with it.

    • Korian73

      Yikes I know what you mean, the burning is terrible from the Everclear. I’ve been trying all sorts of liquids to mix it with. The best choice? Cranberry juice, regular or light. I think it’s the best of preventing the burn and covering up that nasty taste.

      1. Pour at least an ounce of cranberry juice into a small glass.

      2. Add your tincture to the juice and stir. (don’t forget to lick your stirrer).

      3. Drink down.

      If you still don’t like the taste, drink an ounce of cranberry juice right after swallowing the mix. Drink the juice and let it sit on your tongue for a bit before swallowing.

    • Julie Bjurling

      Put it in warm water/tea. You can also leave it out, covered in cheese cloth in a shallow bowl to evaporate the alcohol but not the water. If you want to evaporate both, a water bath or double boiler is very useful.

    • David Adames

      Cook down the alcohol in a double boiler. Research the correct temp as alcohol vapors can be dangerous. I’ve done it safely many times.

      • David

        160 max! any higher and you run the risk of Ka-boom!

  • Sarah Offord

    If I leave it under my tongue for 10 min do I have to swallow it or can I just spiy it out?

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      swallow it! What I do with making tincture is put the ground up decarboxylated flower in the jar and fill it to the top, packed in to the top of the jar, and Then fill with the alcohol. I put it in a brown paper bag in the closet. (they forgot to mention to protect it from light.) Shake it everyday for 3 months and its almost done, strain with cheesecloth lined strainer and then your done. Put in BROWN bottles, as its important to protect it from light, the strength of the cannabinoids deteriorate in light. Super easy to make and effective. If you JUST want the CBD’s effect, don’t heat it, it will still work for seizures and pain, but the THC won’t be activated. (you won’t get high but still get the benefits of CBD/CBG’s) We have made this for our friends who’s son (he’s 21) had 15-20 seizures per day. With the un-decarboxylated tincture, his seizures were reduced to 1-2 per day. I taught them how to make it themselves and got them growing their own now too. Son is doing well.

      • Laura Gerrard

        Do you grind yours?

        • E.L. Bl/Du

          actually I am a grower (outdoor only, less footprint and tastes better if flushed right) and what I do is take the stuff at the bottom of the bag OR use some of the leaf shake while trimming, so its already very small. (depending on what kind of tincture I am making) If I want to get high, I decarboxylate it (put it on a cookie sheet in the oven x 10-20 min @ 180, if your oven will do that, if not 150) If I want pain relief and muscle spasm relief, I use the leaf and don’t bother to activate it so I can function, that way you get the CBD’s and the thC is inactivated. I hope that helps, glad to assist in ANY way. I was an RN for 30 yrs and the tincture works (inactivated) for our friends sons (21 y/o) seizures, from 15-20/day down to 1-2. I also make salve and it works quite well. (have had 5 ppl try it) great for this time of year with the garden going in. (my achin back) and growing season just started! This may be the last yr I grow its such a pain in the ass. You can’t leave or go ANYWHERE! Someone HAS to be here at all times. (allot of thieves) Vote no for recreational legalization, the local govt will turn it into a way they can tax you more. This yr it will cost me $800 in fees to grow 6 plants, its BULLSHIT! (that doesnt count all the $ for dirt and fertilizer and organic bug spray! (add another grand onto that) Recreational fucked it up for all the medical ppl in Oregon. I was going to attach a pic but they’re too big for this format. I wish there were a way to PM you and get your email, I could send directions on salve too.

          • Amber Taylor

            Hello I just read your post on re: tinctures. Thanks for the info it is a blessing to find someone who is willing to share truthful info without a price tag. I have been looking for different means to help treat my elderly family member who suffers from chronic pain due to bone cancer. Her Dr. doesnt’ believe in the medicinal value of cannabis and refuses to provide a medical recommendation for its use and she is afraid that if they find traces of cannabis in her blood stream she will lose access to her pain medication (750mg Norco). As an alternative to becoming addicted to norco, I have suggested using salves and oils to help alleviate the pain. If you could be so kind as to post directions on salve, I would greatly appreciate it. Any and all info shared is a blessing.

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            Amber: I am sorry to hear about your relative, its hard to watch them suffer so. Salve has been a God send for me. It’s easier than you think. She will NOT get a + drug test with salve. I am SHOCKED the MD won’t allow her use of cannabis with bone Ca. it’s very painful… (they are regulated by the feds and some are afraid) Here is how I make it (there are many recipes on pintrest too) I use organic olive or avocado oil:1) fill a pint mason jar with ground leaf, add oil to top of the leaf. (I also make one with 3/4 arnica flowers, 1/4 comfrey) add oil. 2) place a sm towel in the bottom of a crock pot and fill to 3/4 up the outside of the jar with water (with the lids on) heat to 180-200 for 10-20 mins only then allow to cool slightly. (this takes some time to get up to temp, I bring it to temp and turn off, by the time it cools enough time has passed, you don’t need a fancy machine to do this) This is the longest part of the process, about 2 hr. Strain both oils thru a cheesecloth lined strainer and set aside, protecting from light. (light breaks down the herb)
            Meanwhile measure out 3/4 c shea butter, and 1 oz beeswax per cup of oil. (or per batch) When your oil is infused, Melt wax in double boiler (or bane marie’, a glass bowl over a pan of water) once melted add the shea butter, melt, add 1c of infused oil (strained) (I use 1/2 canna oil and 1/2 arnica/comfrey oil.) remove from heat immediately when well mixed. (its important not to over heat, it breaks down the oil)
            Add 15-20 drops lavender essential oil, and 10-15 gtt of lemon balm or lemon grass essential oil. mix well and pour immediately into your containers. (have them at the ready ahead of time) For 1c of oil and other ingreds, I get 5-7 2 oz containers. I have added 1/4 c of coconut oil to this mixture while melting the wax/shea, also, it came out a little grainy, but less oily.
            One thing to note, there are allot of “fake” olive oils out there that will turn rancid quickly, be sure your oil has the organic seal, and I recommend olive oil from California, (with the organic seal also) not overseas. Or the Avocado oil, OR grapeseed oil, both have a higher break point, but more expensive.

            I wish you luck and let me know how it turns out. I go thru it like crazy, my friends line up for it. (the ones with old injuries) I also use it on my hands after gardening, it’s quite soothing. It soaks in quickly along with all those good herbs. Most ppl want the $, but a small amt of work will save you loads, they are asking a fortune for this stuff. Wish there was a place to sell leaf (or trim) for this purpose, but like you said, most are in for the profit not the benefits. My first batch cost about 35 for all the ingreds, but I have enough now to make lots. You can find containers here
            OR use smallest canning jars they make, just be sure to protect from light. Amazon has them too.
            Good luck

          • Erin Walsh

            You said you were an RN. My uncle has been suffering from diabetic neuropathy and I’m looking for ways to help him. He’s not interested in smoking, he had been eating brownies but says they’ve lost their effectiveness (he started making his own butter and I think he’s boiling the potency away instead of simmering) but I would love more info on the salve you mentioned. I’m making some green dragon to try a batch of gummies to see if that helps, but your post caught my eye. Thanks!

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            HI Erin, Has he ever tried vaping? You can find one fairly inexpensive ($50) the plug in kind. Not real fancy, but it may be an option. You may be right about the way he’s making the butter. Either he’s not using enough leaf or cooking the butter too much. (or not enough depending on how he’s doing it) Hard to know without more knowledge of what he’s doing. I would be happy to help in any way I can, but need more info. Good luck with the gummies, sounds good. I’d love that recipe too. Maybe we can PM somewhere to get more details, unless you’re comfortable chatting here. Did you need the recipe for the salve? Its super easy to make and my friends keep coming back for more, and I think it works very well for pain.. I use 1/2 CBD oil and half arnica oil, use on oz of beeezwax to 1 c of oil Add your essential oils at the end, and add 1/3 c shea butter. Specific directions: infuse your oils in a pint canning jar, fill with herb and add oil. Place on a towel in the crock pot and fill the crock wtih water 1/2 way up the jars (lids on jars loosly) bring up to 180*-200* x 20 mins and turn off. FIlter oil. Melt beeswax in double boiler, once melted add shea butter and melt. Add inifused oil and remove from heat and add essential oils (lemon balm and lavender essential oil 15-20 drops each) have containers ready and pour into 1-2 oz containers, let cool. And thats it! Easy peasy. And they want $30/oz for it at the clinics. HA HA HA! Make sure your herb is completely dry, and don’t overcook the oils so they don’t break. (leads to them going rancid) You can store them in light resistant containers, or in the fridge or freezer…. use any good ORGANIC oil, olive, grapeseed and avocado, those 2 can handle the heat a little better. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

          • Barbara Schild

            Hi I would love to know about making the salve too. I have arthritis and I am too young for this constant pain even when do nothing.

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            ITs really super easy to do. If you have a crock pot it makes it easy to infuse your oil. I infuse 2 oils, canna in one, and arnica/comfrey(symphytum) in the other. Once you infuse your oil, I uses this ratio. 1c infused oil 1.5 oz beeswax (weigh it for accuracy) 1/2c shea butter. have your pots ready. This will make about 5 2oz containers. The orig recipe uses less shea and wax but it was way too oily and goopy for me. IT seems to absorb better w. this ratio. Ill try to put up the Pin where I got the orig recipe. Best wishes and hope it helps. Its nice to rub on your hands after gardening too. Absorbs best right after the shower.

          • Talira K.

            Same here in Nevada!!! It was SO much better (and fun!) before Recreational hit and prices were SO much BETTER, too!!!😢🎈

      • phs123

        Can you use 100 proof vodka? They don’t sell Everclear in my State.

        • Shawn Woods

          order it on line

        • BrucefromIdaho

          Use lemon extract which is 90% alcohol (and tastes nice too)

          • Jim Freeman

            So the lemon extract is 180 proof ? Just about as strong as everclear.. I am looking forward to trying this.

        • C. B.

          yes you can

      • Korian73

        Okay, I want to treat Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia. I’d like to get through one night of sleep without waking up from pain. I just made a batch of tincture with Everclear using 32 grams of high quality flower buds and 500 mls of Everclear. I used 15 grams of flower harvested late for a high CBD content, and 17 grams of flower buds harvested early for a high THC content. I just put it in the freezer yesterday and will wait a few weeks.

        I want to know more about the proportions – how much bud to how much Everclear? And if I shouldn’t bother with decarbing? I want to able to treat pain, don’t care about getting high.

        I’ve been prescribed a high dose of Opioids for over 17 years. I’ve never gotten high from them. And a few years ago when my husband and I were in Amsterdam, we split a Cannabis Brownie. My husband got really high, me? It didn’t do anything.

        I haven’t tried any cannabis yet, have to wait for approval card.

        • E.L. Bl/Du

          Korian73. hello, and sorry about your pain. When I make tincture I use trim, the sugar leaf (My understanding) is that it has higher CBD than the bud, but thats just what I read, (not here) so I use the trim for tincture with really great results.. As for proportions, I fill a large canning jar with the trim, (half gal) and then fill to cover the plant matter with with vodka or everclear. Then put it in a dark place in brown paper bag and let it marinate for 2-3 months. Be sure and date the top…lol (Protected from light and shake it every few days) I dont grind it, as its already without stems, and fine enough. Strain it thru cheesecloth lined strainer, THEN store in the freezer after its all marinated/ strained.. If you dicarboxylate your canna first, it can activate the THC (converts thc-a to thc)more cerebral effect rather than just the CBD. You may not be ingesting high enough dosage of THC to get the cerebral effects your looking for with a high tolerance, you can try increasing the dose slightly until you find a dose that works. (gradually) Try eating non inflammatory foods too, reduce sugar and white flour, it will help. I had that once, but got over it with juicing daily, good nutrition and anti inflammatory diet, (if you havent tried that yet.) best wishes to you in your endeavor. It takes allot of patience to get thru it all.

  • Jeanette Vonier

    I just made my first batch using the master wu recipe with the water bath method. However,I just realized I made a big error, need to know how to fix it. I used 8x the alcohol! Instead of 2 oz, I did 16. It seems it would take quite some time to cook off the extra liquid. I don’t want to throw it away of course. I don’t have enough weed to quadruple the recipe either. I do have enough to nearly double it.

  • John

    How long do I wait before use after making it

  • Nicholas Lussier

    What can be done with plant particulate post extraction so I don’t have to throw a bunch of evidence in the trash? small apartment so composting isn’t an option.

    • Bruce O’Handley

      Put it where they dump the dead bodies in your area! lol

    • Joseph Roller

      I would eat it. No reason to waste it. Add it to your salad dressing as any herb you would use.

  • LadyHiccups

    Get the Nova or Lift Decarboxylator by Ardent! Fully activates 100% of the THC in your Cannabis, without the risk of losing terpenes, other cannabinoids, or potentially burning your bud like so many do in the oven. It’s as easy as load, push a button, wait for the light turn green, done!

    • The Herbal Anarchist

      Unfortunately, Ardent didn’t think the materials they used in the construction of this device through very well before releasing it.

      The Nova/Lift has an aluminum liner that comes into direct contact with your herb, infusing it with microtoxins while it’s decarbing in a small, enclosed, heated receptacle. That’s a big deal for people who are medical patients especially, although I wouldn’t use it even if I wasn’t a medical user. Why they would do this is beyond me, especially when the fixed liner within is made of stainless steel :-/ They should’ve used laboratory grade glass, or at the very least offered customers a choice of toxic or non-toxic cannisters.

      Their ability to answer customer concerns before purchase or to follow up with purchasers when they’re aware that their product poses a hazard to the user – namely the knife-sharp aluminum edge on the inner canister that slashes hands open – also leaves a lot to be desired. I expect more from a company that is making devices intended to be used by medical users (the Lift is supposedly for recreational users, but according to the company is exactly the same as the Nova…. explain that in a way that makes any sense at all, because the company couldn’t when I asked).

      I bought the Nova (ironically, received a Lift instead) & it’s now sitting gathering dust after one use. I’ll only use it again if I can find a glass liner to replace the aluminum piece of junk that it shipped with. Huge waste of money. I’m back to turkey bags & Pyrex pans.

      • LadyHiccups

        Why not line it with parchment paper then? It’s safe to heat and will keep your bud from touching the aluminum. Or put a small glass jar inside of the machine if you don’t need to decarb a whole tins worth. Haven’t had any issues with sharp edges myself. Also, the Nova and Lift are the same thing. It’s just that one is advertised specifically for cannabis, which makes it so that they can only sell it where MJ is legal. I had to get the Lift as well, but it’s identical.

    • Paul

      I haven’t used either the Nova or Lift but I find that a cookie sheet with parchment paper; spread the cannabis flower and / or trim; put in oven at 120 degrees for 1 hr is all you need for decarboxalation. After that all you need is a double boiler; add the plant material and butter and simmer at around 175 degrees F for 1 hr; stirring every 15 minutes; cool, strain, and ready to use for any of your favorite receipts that require butter. Save your money on the devices.

      • LadyHiccups

        Yes, decarbing in the oven is simple, but ovens don’t heat consistently at the same temp. You may over heat a lil bit, or not heat enough to get 100% of the THC activated. Some people use a thermometer to check on the temp, but then you’re stuck there watching it constantly. That’s where the Decarboxylator comes in handy. You put in the bud (don’t even have to grind it), push the button, then wait for the light to turn green! Worth the investment.

  • Mark Miskell

    How well would a tincture work for cancer?

  • Sean

    How much herb should you use per batch, an ounce, a half ounce?

    • Jackie Jomp Jormp

      This is what I also want to know!!!!! I would love to have an alcohol to plant matter ratio.

      • Jing Ling

        4g to 2oz alcohol

        • E.L. Bl/Du

          I fill a mason jar with shake, then fill to the top with the alcohol. I haven’t measured, but I try to pack the green in the jar b/4 pouring in the alcohol. Tincutre turns out quite well. You want as much green as you can, the less “space” the better the tincture. Remember to “shake” the shake every few days. lol Filters out easier than butter or oil.

    • Two Bears

      All depends on how strong you want it. My very first time using cannabis was in a Rum based tincture.

      I smoked, vaped, dabbed, and made eJuice for an ecigarette.

      But i came back to tibctures. I make mine STRONG. 1 gram of shatter or dry sift in 15 ml Everclear. Each drop has 2.8-3 milligrams of cannabinoids.

      When the shatter completely dissolves its ready to use.

      Dry sift wait 24 hours anf filter through a coffee filter and its ready.

      I love tinctures because it is much easier to control the dose.

      If you need 50 milligrams that is only 17 drops. If yoy need 25 milligrams that is 8 drops.

      I microdose because i hate being high. 13-15 milligrams is great for controlling my Crohns disease so i only need 5 drops.

      Another reasin i make my tinctures so potent is that alcohol is dangerous to the liver and brain cells. So i consume the least alcohol possible.

      Yes you csn use tinctures sublingually but it tastes nasty.

      Another reason i like tinctures is.

      I dont have to cook edibles in advance.

      Make a hot cup of coffee, tea, soup, oatmeal, or even a hot piece of bread. Add my drops of tincture and theres an instant edible

      • karen

        Two Bears: have you made this recipe consistently? I want to make tincture strong as i don’t want to waste any herb. So many recipes, on the web from freezing for 5 days, keeping it in a dark cabinet for 30-60 days, to heating to 165* for some time. It can be so confusing. I’m trying to treat my chronic pain and inflammation. Any help is really appreciated.

        • Straight Shooter

          I use one ounce…decarboxylated at 240F for at least an hour…using a quart mason jar I put the plant material in the jar and fill about 3/4 full with Everclear….shake…and it’s ready almost immediately….I don’t grind as the alcohol is able to solubilize the goods without any fact prep…I personally have left all the vegetation in the jar…doesn’t hurt and perhaps continues to pull out less soluble terpenes over time…don’t know or really care…costs about 70 cents a dose based on 350/oz raw material…dose is about 1 milliliter…20 eyedropper drops…

          • lillybug

            Thank you for the straight answer !

    • shlala

      I put 120 grams of bubble hash in 2 liters of evercler.

  • Daanish Panjwani

    What ratio of bud to alcohol should be used?

  • Brian/ Senior

    ricksims. I am a cancer suffering old man, how can I obtain your medicine?

  • Stephen Knowles

    So, how many tincture hits do you take in a normal day, and is the “buzz” similar to bud? Thanks for the information, appreciate it. Never tried tincture or pills, only smoked it, but since that is all our state of Florida allows, right now….

  • The Herbal Anarchist

    I once tried the method of gently heating my tincture in a water bath, nothing was touching the surface of the pot I was using. Big mistake.

    When I went to very slightly burp the jar so it wouldn’t explode, the grain alcohol shot out everywhere like a geyser, all over me & the kitchen. Scared the living hell out of me. Thank god we don’t use a gas stove or I would’ve wound up with serious burns. Won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Be careful, no matter how you’re making your tincture!

  • The Herbal Anarchist

    That’s lovely….any legitimate criticism of products being promoted by Leafly aren’t approved. Now I understand why people are critical of Leafly itself…..

    The Nova is still a piece of junk until Ardent redesigns it. No amount of comment-removal will change that. People need to know what they’re buying before dropping wads of cash on equipment to be able to make their own medicine at home, very much a concern for patients who are already forced to spend loads of cash on the plant material they need to do so. Removing critical, legitimate comments just ensures that more charlatans in this new industry are going to be ripping people off.

    • LesleySnipes

      i just bought one…… just decarbed, made butter, ready to make some cookies and you’re saying i shoulda just put it in the oven…..? WHY?

  • Raul Tsi

    I have a problem with the decarbox process because of the odor issue. Is there any way to do the infusion first and then decarbox the tincture afterwards i.e. double boiler? I’d buy a decarb machine if I could find one without an aluminum canister. If anybody knows of one with a lab grade glass or a stainless steel canister, please let me know.

    Also, the comment about Everclear being made from corn and GMO is somewhat unclear. If Everclear is 190 proof and alcohol is alcohol no matter what it is made from and the rest is water, what difference does it make if it’s made from corn or not? I get it, you’re anti–GMO, cool. If you know anything about how alcohol is distilled, there shouldn’t be anything from the corn in the vapor that gets condensed and collected. Otherwise, what else is the next best thing besides just 100 proof vodka?

  • sharon glidden

    What is the ration leaf/Everclear? Tincture? TY

    • Two Bears

      All depends on how strong you wabt the tincture.

      You can have tincture so strong that 9 drops has 25 mg cannabinoids or so weak you have to drink 90 mls (2 shots) to get tye same dose.

      I use tibctures daily for Crohns so i make. Strong Tinctures.

  • hardhatgirl

    I followed the Modern recipe. I used just enough alcohol to cover the plant matter. shook it like crazy for five minutes in a mason jar. strained it. put it in my crock pot on low (my crock pot is a large oval shaped one, so there is lot of surface area) with the lid off near an open door and let some of the alcohol burn off. its a green black color.

    • Two Bears

      Congrats you just made RSO.

      I DONT like RSO because it has the tar, chlorophyll, lipids and solids.

      I recommend making a tincture with a concentrate.

      1 gram kief or shatter in 15 ml Everclear. This way you’re getting the medicine without the stuff that makes RSO taste so nasty.

  • Christopher Johnson

    I bought some medicinal tincture and I really want to make cookies. I’ve done it with cannibutter that I made myself, but no idea how much tincture oil to use in say a batch of cookies recipe. Any tips? Thanks

    • Ian Iansen

      Hi Christopher, if you are making 12 cookies, use 12 x your daily tincture amount. I add full extract oil to coconut oil to use in place of butter and this works well. Say 3 grams of oil to one cup coconut oil or clarified butter, heat and mix. use in place of fat in recipe.

      • Christopher Johnson

        Thanks much! So basically heat the oil (tincture) and butter together, then mix with all ingredients and bake?

  • Jeff Thomas

    I use tequila in my recipe – it takes great with the weed. I don’t use exact measurements, but I put quite a bit more alcohol in the jar than what recipes recommend so that a does is nearly a shot (a shot is 44ml). That way I can have a tasty drink to sip on instead of a tiny little tincture drop. Way more pleasant to me!

    I wouldn’t recommend this approach for those who need higher doses….one is pretty good for me, maybe two. But if you’re a daily user and want a lot, often, save your liver and make a more potent batch!

    • Two Bears

      Exactly! That is why i put 1 gram shatter in 15 ml Everclear.

      Every drop of my tinctures has 2.8-3 mg cannabinoids so i use mere drops of tincture in my daily dose to control Crohns disease.

      • Laura Gerrard

        I have complex regional pain syndrome and need some clarification please I have been on serious meds for five years after developing this condition from an injury at work and conventional medicine isn’t working… so here I am I have ground down fine some trimmings I was given and purchased a bottle of alcohol but I am clueless as I never have even smoked. I’m familiar with cups as measurements because I bake and yes it’s ok to laugh. Please help… I have five quart sized canning jars. And purchased a fifth of everclear.

        • Two Bears

          It would be a lot better if you had a concentrate or even buds.

          Making a tincture from trim will be pretty weak.

          Start with grinding ot breaking up the herb into a jar that has a tight fitting lid.

          Firdt you need to decarboxolate the herb (turning THC acid to THC)

          Pu the herb in the jar. Pour the alcohol to completely cover the herb. Put the lid on shake well snd sit in a sunny window for the alcohol to extract the cannabinoids.

          In the future it is LOTS. Better to start with buds or a concentrate like Kief, sshatter, etc

  • Sabrina Fernandez

    I want to make gummies and candies with the tincture. How do I figure out the dosage per gummy ? Or what would be the dosage for the whole jar of you use the average 10% ?

  • Ally Flores

    How good is it for stomach pain and nausea?

  • Chad Fitzer

    Has anyone heard of Quanta tinctures? Supposedly they use some science to make it better.

    • Chad Fitzer

      No one?

      • Bradly

        They don’t make tinctures, they are a biotech company that uses technology to enhance cannabis oil naturally.

        • Josh Derickson

          It’s an oil that you vape

          • Chad Fitzer

            ah i see

        • Arlene B

          Can you give a website for them?

  • Sailor_Samii Loves_You

    Could you still smoke the weed after? Is there the in it still?

    • E.L. Bl/Du


  • bleech

    How much bud does it take to produce the equivalent of a commercially available dropper-bottle? (In my state, that’s 15 ml containing 100 mg THC; it’s a solid 10, five-hour picnics.)

  • John

    So most of these responses are for treating illnesses. What if I wanted to use the tincture for Jello or to make gummies for me and my friends what would be the ideal recipe to get high. But not to be tripping balls.

  • John

    So most of these responses are for treating illnesses. What if I wanted to use the tincture for Jello or to make gummies for me and my friends what would be the ideal recipe to get high. But not to be tripping balls.

  • Marla

    Could anyone tell me (or point the way) how to make tincture using everclear and coconut oil in the crockpot? I’ve seen it mentioned as an “old way” and one not liked much, but it’s the one my body can handle!

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      Marla, they are 2 different processes. The coconut oil requires heat, just as if you were making butter or oil, look on Pintrest for directions if you don’t already know. The tincutre, is made by soaking the product in alcohol. Most ppl don’t heat the alcohol, it is flammable. (Unless you have a sophisticated lab, lol) If you still haven’t found good directions, I can send to you.

  • marcel

    When i use tincture sublingually it burns of my part of tongue because of high percent of alcohol.
    But if i dilluted with water it forms dark oily crystals which changes concentration of tincture
    How could i prepare/make sublingual tincture with out burning my tongue?

  • LMC

    Can I freeze my alcohol tincture after it’s made for storage?

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      yes, the alcohol will not freeze however, it will keep it fresh for years in a brown glass container in the freezer. IMPORTANT to PROTECT IT FROM LIGHT!

  • Chris

    Ill break it down for you guys easy. Decarb at 240 degrees for 40 minutes if you wanna get high, this will stink up your place. Use a sealed mason jar and or oven bags to do it without smell or with minimal smell.

    Next you freeze your bud and everclear for at least a few hours but close to a full day is ideal, forgot i like to use a grinder to grind my weed to almost powder, people disagree on this but honestly you can grind before or after the decarb, i usually do before but you can do it after too. Or break up bud into smaller buds, u can leave buds whole but if they are bigger they might need more time to extract the tricomes and you just might not get them all. Oh also have a frozen jar you plan to mix in.

    Then after everything is frozen pour your hopefully 190 proof everclear over your frozen buds, and close the lid and shake like hell for at least 3-5 minutes then throw it back in the freezer for like 2 hours, take it out and shake like hell again

    Now you strain, but you’ll want to have a filter set up before your ready to strain, the reason to do this frozen is to keep bad tasting stuff out and to help speed the extraction so you dont need to let it sit for 30 days or heat alcohol above an open flame on a gas stove! This can be done without killing yourself but if to much alcohol vapor with it heavier then air sinks down to your open flames you can get at least a kitchen fire and damage your tincture but you could cause an explosion too so why risk it? And trust me this works just as well if not better.

    After you strain your bud put it back in a jar and pour more frozen alcohol over it. This gets the majority of liquid left behind in the bud from the 1st wash, this 2nd wash should get like 20 or 25% of the potency, the 1st run probably gets around 70-75 or even 80% after the 2 runs the bud will only have probably 1% left but could have 2 or 3% at most, most people throw it out at this point, or u can save it but you’ll need a shit ton to do anything with them, if u keep it then keep it frozen, i like to use a garlic press after my 2nd run this helps get every last drop! After you shake your 2nd wash for at least 5 minutes(for shaking longer is better to a point) then strain this with the filter you already have set up, this saves time setting up 1 filter instead of 2(i use coffee filters) also wet your filters with fresh alcohol to reduce the amount of tincture they soak up. Combine the alcohol from both runs and reduce by at least half and try it, i reduce more usually. You probably want at least 3grams of buds per ounce of finished tincture. So if you say used 6 grams to start and used 3 ounces in each wash then you get 6 ounces and reduce by half through evaporation then you’ve got only 2 grams per ounce which might be fine for some people but I’d say shoot for 3 grams in each ounce of finished tincture,

    Then you can winterize to improve taste if you like, or the best part is you can easily transfer your tincture to tons of things, like honey, aguave, sugar, possibly glycerin?, all types of oils(coconut is the best by far) or oils with lecithin or even some candies like gummies(hard candies arent easy) or plenty of other things

    This tincture receipe is called phsydellic Sams Green/Golden Dragon

    Its on grasscity i believe and in a thread called “another Tincture receipe try it you’ll like it”

    • David Kinnell

      what happens I’d you don’t decarb the cannabis?

      • Natacha Lalande

        then you get the health benefits of cannabis but without any high

        • Chris


          • Julie Bjurling

            Uh.. I’ve been making tinctures for years, and that is both correct and incorrect depending on the method used.. If you do not decarb, you must let the tincture sit for longer. I find two months to be very beneficial. One month will get you mostly CBD and terpines and some other nice phytonutrients. Using the usual maceration tincture method without decarb, you want to let it sit, shaking it frequently, for a couple of months at least to get the high you may be seeking.

    • Straight Shooter

      I believe I have seen data that suggests most of the active is removed with one wash…I leave the bud in the jar…it’s like a fine wine…unique flavor profiles and bouquets….

      • Chris

        Most is removed with one wash your correct. But there is some left in the bud after 1 wash, but most is left in the alcohol thats still in the bud after 1 wash. Doing the 2nd wash pulls out that alcohol thats still in the buds and it mixes with the fresh alcohol. This will increase your potency. You could even do it a 3rd, 4th, 5th time etc…. and it would improve slightly in potency(or the total amount extracted) each time. It basically becomes a case of diminishing returns and at some point the cost of alcohol outweighs the cost of cannabis. If you grow then 1 wash is probably fine cause alcohol probably costs you more then alittle bud. If your paying for your cannabis then I believe people will benifit from the 2nd wash.

        The key with using a 2nd was is evaporation after your done, then you can evaporate your alcohol to reach almost any potency you want.

        But where have you read its all gone after 1 wash, just asking cause If I’m wrong then I’d like to learn why? Thanks

        • Straight Shooter

          It’s not all gone after a wash…some article I read showed mid 80s percentile…depends on temperature obviously…I shopped using freezing cold ETOH and just decarboxylated then dump in the Everclear…swirl and it’s good enough…I want all those oddball plant terpenes and chlorophyll doesn’t bother me one bit…closer to mother nature that way…after two years my first elixir is still potent and the buds look as fresh as 2016 when I made it…

      • Medical use

        I evaporate all the alcohol out.

        Set up a double boiler, keep the alcohol tincture away from the stove. Add the water to the bottom of the double boiler and bring to a boil. Turn the stove off, Then place the top portion with the tincture in it on the bottom add some coconut oil and flavoring if desired. Stir occasionally and you convert it over to a coconut oil tincture. I recommend turning all kitchen fans on also.

        • Mark Sackett

          Looking for a consistency that will still work with a dropper. Will evaping all the alcohol make this too thick?

          • Krista Shroyer

            Did you ever receive an answer? I am looking for direction on masking the alcohol flavor.

      • Bob Mixon

        I also leave it. The last batch I let sit for 3 months, shaking and turning everyday. The bud completely disintegrated and it was very strong. Leaving it sit also mellowed it out a bit. Still burns but not as bad. I’m going to try one of these quicker methods and see how it turns out.

    • Renee Stewart

      we have weed that we put in are pipe chamber and put in a jar when icky should i still decarb or has it already been cause of heat from lighter in the bowl we use it as a screen

  • Laura Milius Trevean

    Once the process is finished and and it turns into a black solid , then how do I make it into an oil to use for putting drops under your toung? Sorry new to this. But finished product was small hard black substance. When I wanted to be able to use as drops for under the toung. I was given drops before and worked wonders for my pain. I have stage 4 ovarian cancer. Hope this can still be used to make drops. This matter turned solid and black. Can it be dissolved into anything to make an oil for drops? Thank you

  • Tilli2

    I live in an apartment in PA and decarbing will cause odors and probably the law. I have some old (over a year) flower that I want to make into a tincture. Can you tell me what I can do? I want the THC intact.

  • meghan

    Hey! My brother has a brain injury and about a year ago we started using edibles to help with some of the psychosis he has from the injury. It has worked amazingly. We have previously been infusing the weed with coconut oil and administering it to him that way, but over the past several months he has been gaining weight consistently. To change his diet and to make a healthier alternative, we are considering make a tincture. Does anyone know how much weed should be mixed with how much alcohol? And do you guys find a tincture mix to be as effective as infused oil?

  • IrisCE

    Hi, can I put my tincture on the fridge? Live in LA with no AC… can get really hot in the appartment.

  • Matthew Drew Pierson

    I made following the instructions, but it burns when put under my tongue. Why? How can I fix it?

    • Cameron

      You are asking why high proof alcohol burns in your mouth…really? I’ll let your mind catch up with you on this one. Cause that can’t be a serious question…

      Anyways… to answer the only common since question you asked.

      You would do a process called reduction. You will get a double boiler and have your fully strained tincture in a jar or measuring cup (Pyrex). Heat the tincture slowly and swish the solution around every few seconds. If you used 190 Everclear it will reduce quickly. Reduce it by 1/4 to 1/2.

      Then put product in dark bottle (infinity jars or any other ultraviolet glass dropper is best) store and enjoy.

      Hope this helped a little…

      • Matthew Drew Pierson

        I thought reducing further might help, I’ll try that. Next time I have a common SENSE question (basically any question from a novice is common sense to them), I’ll hope the answer doesn’t come from a condescending douche. I mean, if it bothers you so much to be asked, why bother answering? I guess someone needs to chill with a blunt, the tincture sure ain’t working.

  • Thomas

    Been using rubbing alcohol and herb solution as a topical solution and rub. For muscle and joint pain in the extreme. Do the tinctures on this page using ever clear good for this

  • Samantha Franceschi

    Can i use the twigs and branches of the cannabis plant to make tincture

  • Evangelia Drakopoulos

    Do I close the mason jar when boiling or leave it open? How high should the water be covering the jar?

  • George

    What if I use desnaturalized alcohol? Can I use it like medical marijuana for bone or muscular pain?

  • Michele

    I make a weaker version with abv and whatever alcohol, last time I used vanillla vodka. not sure how strong my concoction is but I’m sure it’s the has some benefits?

  • Linda Mason

    Your directions are: Decarboxylate your flower or extract (if you’re using flower, grind it to a fine consistency)
    Mix your flower or extract in a mason jar with high-proof alcohol (preferably Everclear)
    Simmer the jar in a water bath for 20 minutes at 170 degrees F
    Strain the mixture and store.
    My question is do you have a lid on the jar and do you entirely cover it with water like you are canning? I’m going to try this soon, but with vodka as everclear is unavailable.

  • Kay S

    How do you know how much Decarboxylated Cannabis to mix with how much everclear

  • Joel Bitton

    I like Master Wu’s method. Aren’t proportions important though?

  • Amy Pinkston

    We use a Volcano to vape our weed and I use the remains to make butter. Can I do the same to make a tincture or does it need to be fresh herb? Thanks!

    • Frantic

      I’ve read where people do use ABV cannabis to make many different things. Not sure on tinctures I will research it

  • DoloRese Plante

    can you use rosin instead of dried bud to make tinctures?

  • eder fuentes

    Can I use coconut oil instead of vegetable glycerin and/or alcohol to make a tincture?

  • Heidi

    does anyone have a recipe using MCT oil for a tincture instead of alcohol? If so would you please share? thanks.

  • Cecilia Eicher

    If I make a tincture using Everclear, evaporate off the alcohol, and then mix in/reconstitute with vegetable
    glycernin will the end product make a usable, strong, tincture? If yes, will the tincture have to be shaken before each dose?

  • Teollsvarg

    Is there anyone who have a link to a good recipe to make tincture with olive oil?!

  • moonpie2003

    How can I turn the tincture into something that doesn’t have quite so much alcohol in it. My husband and I love the tinctures we are making but a few droppers of Everclear under the tongue is difficult to handel. Does anyone have a way to keep the strength but make the taste better.

  • Vinny Benedetto

    is the potency that much lower using the heating method compared to letting it sit for months at a time. I’m patient but not that patient?

  • Robert Bobby Saenz

    How much cannabis do you use to make tincture?

  • Rosomane

    I just watched a video where the tincture mix was put in a sonicator (ultrasonic cleaner) for 5-10 minutes then strained. Instead of shaking the jar I assume.

  • Jeremy Grady

    Looking for the best pain relief recipe. Not interested in the high just need pain relief from nerve damage.

  • Frantic

    Im sober from alcohol for almost 14 years now . I want to try making a tincture but its got alcohol in it? I can’t injest ANY ALCOHOL EVER . I don’t cook with it and I don’t eat anything thats got alcohol in it so now what? I’m terrified of trying this making it and then getting some kind of reaction or trigger from it …. thanks

    • Naomi Lynn Preston

      so don’t use a tincture, make an oil. I’m 10 years sober but look at the tinctures as medicinal def not recreational. The health benefits are immediate and indisputable. Good Luck

  • Frantic

    Can someone please tell me thebest way to make the tinctures? I’m terrified of alcohol I can’t and wont set foot inside liquor store . Let me give me background I’m disabled can’t drive or work for over 10 years in chronic pain 24/7 from arthritis and neuropathy, over 11 surgeries ( couple operations were messed me up worse) I’m disabled my hands as well I have aides working for me so they would be making this for me . Now my other problem is my Housing is federal and new law went into effect last june NO SMOKING OR VAPING ANYTHING inside any building and PERMITTED ONLY 25 feet AWAY FROM ANY STRUCTURE OUTSIDE I’m also a Licensed MMP IN CT . My door is near the main door and elevator my neighbors will surely smell it . I Live in fear of being evicted its not fair. I also use the volcano to vape so I’ve got s lot of “ poo” leftover from it I can use ABV to make this right? How ? And can it be done without alcohol? Thanks to all

  • Kathy Kaiser

    Do you need a press?

  • Mike Barnard

    What if I forget to grind after I decarb?

  • Tigerpond

    Is it safe to simmer the alcohol if you don’t have a vent or fan in the kitchen?

  • Sabina Lanier

    I am interested in the health aspects of tincture. I am wondering if you do not decarb will the tincture still have the other beneficial characteristics of THC and CBD. I am thinking of the freezer method without decarboxylation. Would it still help with pain and imflamation?

  • derek

    Namasté greetings gratitude and thanks for the sharing.

    whist the focus of cannabis has been more on the recreational and medicinal healing results we would like it if you could inspire every grower and user globally to plant hemp seeds and start shifting the toxic fossel fuels business towards organic fully biodegradable healing for Gaia aria and all who exist because she is the healer.
    plant water and watch magic sparkle.

    gratitude and thanks,
    Derek John Fenner

  • shae

    Any ideas of what to do with the plant after soaked in alcohol?

  • Debbie Twombly

    I have a batch of tincture going, but I need more liquid…So far, I have a bottle of Everclear in it. I have a bottle of Vodka…Would it hurt if I topped it off with the vodka? BTW…I like putting it in a little spray bottle to spray under my tongue…Two sprays and it’s just sweet….I love it because of the nice buzz, that doesn’t make me want to take a nap!!!

  • D.Vinegar

    What’s the ratio of cannabis to alcohol? C’mon!

  • Marshall

    I want to remove the ‘green’ flavor from the flower before I make my tincture. I am going to try a 15 minute immersion into boiling water, followed by 5 minutes in a ice bath shock and then move to the decarb stage. Do you think this will work to remove the chlorophyll?

    • Dibythesea

      Add 1 gram of concentrate/shatter to 1-2oz of ever-clear for strong medicine. The shatter will melt into the Everclear and you will have 1-3 mg of cannabanoids per drop. No chlorophyll, no waste, and perfectly safe.

  • Suzanne Jubenville

    I use Master Wu, but you need to heat the ground flowers in a 325 oven for 5 to 6 minutes first, or it WILL NOT WORK. You’ll just get the alcohol effect and nothing else.

  • LuxoCamper

    What is the difference between using an actual TINCTURE sublingually, versus just putting the contents of a capsule under your tongue?

  • Straight Shooter

    I use about an ounce of decarboxylated vegetation…and nearly fill a quart mason jar with Everclear….1 milliliter is a nice dose that wipes out the joint and gym workout pain and still let’s me function…in general I pay about 70 cents a day for this medication…can’t imagine what using pharmaceuticals would cost…

  • spamela57

    I’ve read so much excellent info on this site! But one question I have that I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned is: how much “product” should I use if I want to infuse it with a regular size mason jar of grain alcohol? Thanks!

    • David

      I grow and use 1/2 Gallon mason jars to store my herb and that is the amount I use or sacrifice to make my tincture. very potent!

  • Lynae Hogan

    It doesn’t say amounts. Like an “ounce” or ___(?) of Cannabis, grind down to a fine powder… Mix with how much Everclear?

  • disqus_cZBiWya894

    I used 1oz of good bud, pulverized in Bullett to…real small. One cup of Everclear just covered plant material. Realized less than 1/2C liquid. Still potency seems weak. Can I “recarb” or will it ruin the lame batch? Initial bake was 220 deg x 20 min.

  • jennifer

    So where does the Marijuana come into the recipes? I’m looking for the most pain relief I can get. I’m new to using marijuana for medical purposes. I was just told about this method. I’m very curious as my Fentanyl 75 mg PATCH is not enough for what I have going on. Wish I could share my photos of what’s inside my back but this should give you a rough idea. Thank you for any help you can give.

  • Anna Watson

    IS this OK for children?

    • jakibro

      Medical professional here….DO NOT USE EVERCLEAR or HIGH PROOF ALCOHOL for children. DO NOT DECARB THE CANNABIS FOR A TINCTURE FOR CHILDREN DUE TO ACTIVATION OF PSYCHOACTIVE THC CONTENT. If you are going to make a tincture for children, use NON Decarb Cannabis and Coconut oil infusion recipes.

  • Sapid Shelly

    Don’t listen to people who are guessing. GW Pharmacutical, UK. They make cannibus spray, Sativex. They have the decarboxilation steps on their website along with the Gaschromatography result. How to get high CDB or high THC content. Use google search not duck duck go or you won’t find it. Listen to the PROs not the wanna bees

  • Remi Sammy

    Does the Alcohol remain in the tincture? f a person with cancer is taking tincture, are they making things worse by ingesting tincture?

    • EuroYank

      Although the amount of alcohol in an average dose of tincture is very small, alcohol is a carcinogen so not a good choice for someone who has cancer. Rick Simpson Oil or an infused coconut oil would be a lot healthier choice.

  • Amy strum

    Recommendations: Best CBD oil based tincture.

  • robWeeve

    Any rule for the ratio of grams of cannabis to ounces of Everclear?

  • disqus_cZBiWya894

    Wu’s Green Dragon recommends heat in water bath in addition to decarb. Won’t this over process flower and make a weaker tincture? I currently decarb at 20min x 240f.

  • Mary Miller

    This is great. For those who are not deep into Cannabis or making Tinctures this is a SIGHT better than some of the Youtubes that say you can process tinctures in 3 minutes, bottle and go. You can infuse just about anything including honey, vinegar, oils, etc. And this is a good primer expecially for those who are ill, thank you!

  • Colleen

    What type of alcohol can be used and what is the difference between using that alcohol or oil?

  • Aix

    I forgot to cook 1/2 of it before soaking in the alcohol. Would hearing it up in a pan at a low temperature do the trick? It’s been steeping for 2 months 🙂

    • EuroYank

      If you heat it to at least 140F for about 30 minutes it should improve the potency, but remember that alcohol vapor is flammable so be sure you have good ventilation and no open flame. If you put it in a mason jar and set the jar inside a water-filled crockpot set to 150F, you should be OK. Bear in mind that the longer you heat it, the more volume will be lost due to evaporation.

      • Aix

        Fantastic. Thanks a million! I don’t have a crockpot so it might be tricky but I do have a thermometer and can keep it on low heat…

  • Garry Raymonds

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  • EuroYank

    In reading the comments, I see many people who may benefit from my experience, so here goes. To keep it simple, I have not tried to explain terms like “terpenes” or the various components of the cannabis plant.

    I’ve been using cannabis since 1966. I switched from smoking to edibles when I got vocal cord cancer 5 years ago. (My doctor says the cancer was most likely caused by smoking cigarettes and drinking straight vodka when I was younger, not from smoking pot.)

    Golden Dragon (GD) is a cannabis/alcohol tincture. My understanding is that it differs from “Green Dragon” because the marijuana in Golden Dragon is heated prior to making the tincture, making it more psychoactive. I’ve also been making infused coconut oil for several years and may post that recipe if there is enough interest. This is my Golden Dragon recipe:

    16 oz. 151-proof (or higher) grain alcohol, aka EverClear (or 151 rum if you prefer). Lower-proof liquors like vodka can also be used but the THC extraction will not be as efficient. Some users report that freezing the alcohol helps minimize the amount of chlorophyll extracted (see below).

    1 oz. dried flowers. The less leaf there is, the lighter the color of the tincture. Leaf can be used by itself, but because the alcohol dissolves the plant matter e.g. chlorophyll, the tincture will be darker, stronger-tasting and not as potent. My experience has been that 16 oz. of Everclear will extract most of the THC in 1 oz. of bud, but some people suggest re-soaking the left-over herb again in just enough fresh alcohol to cover it. After evaporating the resulting tincture 50% (or more) it should still be potent and can be added to your GD.

    Decarboxylation (just the basics): An ongoing process, decarboxylation is the conversion of THCA into the good stuff, THC. It begins when the herb is harvested and begins to dry, and continues at a speed you can control with heat. If you want the maximum bang for your buck, you must decarboxylate your herb with heat. Baking is the easiest, quickest and most effective (but smelliest) way to do it. Note that baking removes every bit of moisture and can result in a loss of 10-15% by weight compared to dried (cured) herb.

    Prepare the bud by grinding medium or course. (Too fine a grind will make the finished product darker and stronger-tasting.) A coffee grinder works well for small batches (it will remain sticky afterward so maybe not so good for coffee gourmets). Tip: Freeze the buds first and the herb won’t stick to the grinder as much.

    The next step is to bake the herb in an oven bag for 60-90 minutes at 220-245°F. The bag will contain most of the odor and will retain terpene fumes that might otherwise be burned off. If you don’t have an oven bag, bake the herb in a flat pan covered with aluminum foil. It will stink up the house so plan ahead on how you will ventilate the kitchen. You will lose fewer terpenes if you allow the baked bud to cool and reabsorb any vapors before you open the bag or uncover the pan.

    Warning: Be careful not to let the temperature get too high, as THC is destroyed around 350°, and temps over 250° can convert THC to CBN.

    Next, mix your ground, decarbed herb and the cold alcohol in a jar and let it sit in the refrigerator or a cool dark place*. Most sources say to let it soak for several weeks, but overnight will work and some people believe that a quick, gentle wash (5 minutes) is better because it extracts less chlorophyll and plant materials, resulting in a milder, lighter-colored tincture. I’ve had good results soaking between 2 – 30 days. Shake the mix as often as possible to expedite the extraction. *Keep it cool & out of the sun: ultra-violet light destroys THC. Temperature does not appear to be a factor in alcohol extraction, although there is anecdotal evidence that processing in the refrigerator or freezer will result in less chlorophyll being extracted.

    You will want to remove the wet grounds. The amount of particulates removed will affect the color and taste and may have some effect on the character of the high, but as far as I can tell it does not significantly affect potency.

    #1: Basic Filter: Strain through a nut-milk bag. Cheesecloth, a t-shirt or a bandana will work but more of the tincture will be lost in the process. For large batches, a fruit (screw) press is a great way to get as much liquid as possible out of the wet grounds, but in small quantities you can squeeze/wring most of it out by hand. Some liquid will remain, so you will lose a bit no matter how (or how much) you squeeze them. Discard the squeezed grounds.

    #2: Full Filter: (This step is not essential but makes a lighter-colored, milder-tasting tincture and may produce a “cleaner” (less-fuzzy) high due to the removal of more plant compounds.) Pour the tincture from #1 through a metal (e.g. “Gold Cone”) coffee filter. A paper coffee filter may be used but it will absorb some of the terpenes. Be patient: it can take a while.

    Golden Dragon made from good bud can be strong enough that two droppers (about 1 ml) mixed with a glass of fruit juice may be a good dose for beginners, although experienced users may like 10 ml or more per dose. Potency will vary depending on the amount and type of herb, but as a general rule using home-grown buds (no leaf), a dose of between 5-10 ml will last about 3-6 hours. Do NOT use it sub-lingually or un-diluted, as it can burn your mouth. Your results may differ, so I recommend you start with 3 ml or less and give the tincture at least 60 minutes before you decide if you’ve taken enough. Remember too that herb and alcohol don’t always play well together, so it’s not advisable to drink additional alcohol while taking tincture. Finally, although the recommended dosage is less than 1/3 oz, alcohol is a known carcinogen and this should be kept in mind if you have concerns in this regard.

    GD will keep for a long time (some say years) if properly stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dark environment. The refrigerator works best but any cool, dark place will do.

    Evaporated Tincture (ET): You can increase potency by evaporating some of the alcohol out of the tincture. The safest way is by putting the jar of tincture into a water-filled crockpot set to about 150-160°, but never near an open flame! To ensure against breakage, put a piece of cloth in the bottom of the crockpot. ET is significantly more potent although not necessarily in the same ratio as the amount evaporated. Evaporating 50% of the alcohol gives a stronger but still palatable tincture when mixed with fruit juice or soda, and as little as .5 to 1 ml may be an adequate dose for some people.

    Marijuana Oil (aka Rick Simpson Oil or RSO): (Not to be confused with pot-infused vegetable oils.) If you evaporate all of the alcohol from the tincture, the result is a dark gooey oil that can be eaten or used topically, but beware of the inverse relationship between taste & potency: An initial dose the size of a grain of rice may be plenty. Even when diluted with juice, RSO tastes awful !

    I hope this helps !

    • Wide Awake In America

      Wow, thanks for the post !!

    • Deb C

      Can you tell me how you make your infused coconut oil New hear so I bought a decarboxylator and am wondering I put it in the oil Was I suppose to wash it with Alcohol? Oh boy Help Plz

    • I made an account with Leafly just to thank you! I too would LOVE your infused coconut oil recipe.
      I live in OH where they are dragging their feet getting voter approved medicinal up and running. A friend was visiting from Oregon and had a 1:1 tincture. That was my first experience with tincture. I was sold.

    • TeeJaeKae

      Would love your infused coconut oil recipe!

    • MidNite

      Thanks for the info too! I would love to see your MCT oil recipe please. Suffering everyday from lupus, fibromyalgia, RA, and others. Thank you in advance!

    • Wendy

      Thank you for this

  • Jim C

    Beware! Lots of misinformation out there about preparing tinctures. For example, saying that the longer one lets the ethanol-herb mixture steep, the more potent it will get. It will only be as potent as the total cannabinoids allow it to be. Also, once the dissolved cannabinoids in the liquid reach equilibrium with the saturated plant material, that’s it! The best way to get the most out of the herb is to flush with fresh solvent after the first filtering using as little solvent (ethanol) as possible. Use the solubility ratios to minimize solvent and maximize concentration.

  • Miss Diane

    I would like to make some gummies. Could you tell me give me the recipe to make tincture? If you would please give it to me step by step and easy to follow instructions?

    • Dibythesea

      Go to YouTube. You will find tons of recipes for canna gummy’s.

  • Jim C

    Starting with an known quantity and quality of decarbed and ground flower, I add enough and a wee bit more 180 proof/95% ethanol to dissolve the target cannabinoids.
    My notes: Decarb 14.175g Harle-Tsu for 75 min @ 250ºF. 90 ml 95% ethanol added to 14.175 g decarbed, pulverized Hts @ 12% CBD + .059% THC for 1,700 mg CBD + 100 mg THC. 17 CBD:1THC (solubility of CBD in 95% ethanol is 19 mg/ml) After a few days I use an Aero latte with paper filter to extract the initial solution, then I rinse with enough ethanol to bring the solution down to 15 MG/ml. For THC you can use less ethanol because it is more soluble (26 mg/ml in 95% ethanol.

    It is often necessary to get rid of the alcohol before working the culinary magic but, typically one would want 15ml/gummy which would be 1ml of ethanol.

    IMO letting the herb-ethanol mixture steep for weeks is silly. I get good results at room temp in less than a week. I use an inexpensive spice grinder to make it fully pulverized.

    It’s really all about simple organic chemistry preparation and extraction. I try to get as much of the terpenes as possible into the solution. Investing in a glass 100ml graduated cylinder is worthwhile. Bigger batch may require a 200 or 250 ml cylinder.

    Hope this helps

  • Shirley Kramer

    I was given Tincture for pain management. Will it work for this? mine is 150mg THC/bottle — 150mg CBD/bottle in MCT OIL

  • Jason Mcclure

    I use a quarter oz of the best bud I can find and decarb the weed for 30 min at 220 degrees after I’ve ground up all the bud. Then I put it in a mason jar and add about a quarter jar of 190 proof everclear. Let it sit for 2 weeks in a cool dark place and take it out once a day to shake it up. The strain with cheese cloth. If u use a coffee filter it will not work. It’s to fine I tried it and it clogged up the paper before it was strained. If u want it extra clear use cheese cloth and then the coffee filter. The better the weed the better the tincture and the more bud u use the stronger it will be. I take the left over bud from my 1st batch and throw it in another mason jar and call it a seccond run. I leave that for a few months. I’ve made Chocolates, weed margaritas, hard candies, and I’ve put it in just about every kind of drink. Try some green crack in your coffee on Saturday morn lol. Or put some in your spaghetti 🙂 what ever you like. Oh and one last thing I order little brown bottle droppers online. Makes it easy for dosing. Start out with like 10 drops for beginners. I have a high tolerance with weed and wax. And sometimes it’s the only way I can get high:) it hits me stronger than wax if I take enough and the chocolates are awesome:) I used dark but milk tastes really good too!! Have fun!! I love this recipe. I some times use 5ml but that’s a really heavy dose. I only do that if I want to stay home the rest of the night

    • Wide Awake In America

      Thanks for the info/tips I will be making my first tincture soon. 😉

  • Kara Simmons

    What ratio of alcohol to weed is best?

  • Wowgrl

    So, what are the proportions to use? 1/2 cup of alcohol and 1 gram of flower?

    • Korian73

      I use one ounce of good bud with 500 milliliters of Everclear. Or half ounce of bud to 250 ml of Everclear.

  • Korian73

    I’ve tried numerous method of decarboxylating. Also done much research on the subject, reading scientific studies and Google. My method now is called the 110/110 method – 110C for 110 minutes. 110C equals 230F

    To Decarboxylate Cannabis

    1. Preheat your oven to 230F.
    2. Measure out one ounce of good quality bud.
    3. Run the Cannabis through a grinder to make it into a coarse powder.
    4. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
    5. Spread your ground bud onto the parchment covered cookie sheet, making sure it’s in an even layer across the entire sheet.
    6. Place prepared cannabis on cookie sheet into your oven on the middle rack. Set your timer for 110 minutes (one hour fifty minutes), and close your oven door.
    7. After 110 minutes have passed, turn off your oven, open it’s door, and using a pot older, remove the cookie sheet from the oven.
    8. Place the hot cookie sheet on your counter (or rack) to cool.
    9. Once cooled, you can place it in a sealed quart mason jar until you’re ready to make tincture.

    Note: I use a convection oven safely without having it blown all over my oven. So know the strength of your oven’s fan before using your convection oven.

  • Raymond Harshman

    so when the hot bath method is used you do close the mason jars with the lids correct?

  • riley shelhorn

    Does making a tincture with alcohal and then and cooking off alcohal and replacing with glycerin work the same sublingualy?

  • Michelle Hendrix

    I just made my first batch of tincture…omg how do I stop the burn lol I used everclear and honestly just a few drops under my tongue and the tears start rolling from the severe burn.. id rather not add it to food or drink, it’s really for on the go relief .. can I add something to it to dull the burn so it’s somewhat tolerable without affecting potency/effect?

  • Jake

    Can you smoke the bud after you strain it?

  • Ann

    Just starting to make tinctures…. first batch came out VERY strong tasting in everclear….. how can I get taste better…. ? First try I did 3 cups of everclear 190 and 2 1/2 oz of flower – slow cook for 4 hours; stirring occasionally

  • Karen Keesling

    So a tincture is basically alcohol infused with thc/cbd; would this be an accurate description? How can you do this process for a recovering alcoholic?

    • jakibro

      You could evaporate the alcohol and then mix the residue into MCT oil/coconut oil. MCT oil and olive oil retains the best THC %. If you don’t want to go thru the process of alcohol, just make an infusion with MCT or Olive oil. You can make it as potent as you want by adding more cannabis to oil ratio. If you want HIgh CBD don’t decarbox. If you want a THC adjunct, decarbox the cannabis before running a infusion recipe.

  • Aaron

    I want to mention this to save people the time/money/flower I wasted on this project… If you are looking for easy to injest little magic drops this is NOT the method. You are making litttle drops of death with this one. I thought to myself, before I started, that it would be uncomfortable to take everclear sublingual but assumed the recipe would mention something for us newbies. I can’t tolerate it for more than a few seconds, seriously feels like it is burning a hole in my mouth. There is no way that is not detrimental to the health of your mouth. If you are eventually cooking the alcohol away I get it, but not for consumption this is crazy.

  • J.P

    What should I do if I want to use ever clear for extraction but don’t want the alcohol after extracting?

  • Ryan

    I’m soaking my decarbed weed in everclear. I wanted to soak for 1 month, however, I had to stop smoking for a drug test so I’ll be letting it soak for 3-4 months lol. Will this extra soaking make it more potent?

  • Kelly Harrand

    How much of the cannabis do you use to make tincture after you’ve decarboxylate

  • Darlene

    Get an Air still to recapture your everclear for more uses and then take the left over THC oils left and mix that with the mct oil or honey and use it like that. 🙂 NO BURN. LOL

    • Bob Mixon

      I’d be interested in learning more about this. Won’t the alcohol still have some of the thc in it? Also, with the Air Still, did you find it difficult to get the residual out?

  • Phil

    I made tincture with vegetable glycerin in a Mason jar using a water bath for 24 hours. Does anyone know if the alcohol method with a water bath can be overcooked? I have a batch I’m trying and it’s been in a crockpot bath on low for 6 hours so far. I used everclear 150 proof for my alcohol. I haven’t felt like my homemade stuff is getting the potency I like.

  • Richard Almond

    I’m getting a very unpleasant heart burn with sublingual tincture. What’s an effective way to combine with food or drink to avoid this?

  • Ed Zachary

    I bought an ounce of 23% THC weed and a bottle of Everclear. Decarboxylated the weed, ground into a pretty fine powder, added Everclear, waited 3 weeks shaking daily. strained thru a filter and ended up with a dark green tincture that burned the crap out of my mouth. Wouldn’t it make sense to add a section on how to make the tincture acually usable? What I have now is some $220 green stuff that smells and tastes of Everclear.

    • This is the first time I have used everclear and got exactly the same result.

    • jakibro

      Evaporate the alcohol off and mix with honey or MCT oil instead. Much better taste…same benefits.

  • ken williams

    Been there, done that. Made my tincture using 100% alcohol obtained
    from distilling the alcohol from a cheap gallon of vodka. They do not
    sell everclear in my state. Most people seem to agree that using
    alcohol to extract the THC from the leaf is the most efficient method.
    Once I have the thc infused alcohol, is there a method to remove the
    alcohol so there is not so much burn when taking it. Someone people
    talk about letting the alcohol mixture sit to evaporate off the
    alcohol. Any thoughts about added a water based (even water) solution
    to the thc alcohol, and then heating the mixture to about 178 DegF and
    evaporate off all the alcohol? My thought is that this is kind of like
    my initial operation of extracting the alcohol from the vodka. If I now
    extract the alcohol, I should only be boiling off the alcohol and all
    of the thc should remain in the water mixture. Since this is done at
    170 Degf, it should not boil off any of the cannabis solvents. Any
    thoughts about what I have missed?

  • FCLady

    I started making a topical marijuana tincture for my pain that a Mexican told me about. Use Everclear or any other high percentage alcohol, marijuana, garlic and either mint, lavender or rosemary. Use the whole garlic with the peelings removed. The nutrients go thru the stems, so you can use fresh stems during harvest or any other part of the mj plant. I use about an 1/8 of the herbs in the quart jar. I never strain the tincture. Shake the jar daily. It’s usually ready after a couple of weeks. I pour some into smaller jars or bottles, store in the dark and apply to wherever I have pain as needed. I have had pain for 40 years and using this has reduced my need for prescription drugs by over 90%. It works within minutes which is great. I winter in Baja and spoke with a pharmacist who said she used to put in on her grandmother’s back when she was a child. Another man told me the same thing. Everyone who has tried my tincture has had good results.

  • Michelle Marolda-Parvana

    Hi I get my cbd/thc tincture from a dispensary and it says to discard anything after 60 days yet it has a longer expiration date. Should I keep it in the fridge so it lasts longer?

  • Cheryl H

    Can I make the tincture with ever clear 151 proof vodka? I cant get ever clear 190 proof grain alcohol. I dont want to use chemicals to extract it with.

  • june Buechting

    This article is promoting alcohol tincture, made with Everclear. Please, please, please whoever reads this, do not put straight Everclear into your mouth. Lesson learned you will feel like someone just shredded the inside of your mouth.
    I wish this article had given the glycerin tincture recipe.

  • Cv Pratt

    How much everclear do I use and how much flower do I use? I need to know the proportions. A recipe without volumes is hard to follow.

  • Cyprexx

    Adding a few points of improvement:

    1. Really use HIGH PROOF alcohol – 180 proof and above. The higher the better. Ideally neutral and quality stuff like Everclear.
    2. Do NOT grind your stuff too powdery – even with a coffee filter some particles may filter through and they just taste bitter and have no THC/CBD.
    3. If you use a filter like nutbag or coffee filter, pour some alcohol on your filter BEFORE you pour in the mixture. The filters will soak up liquid, so better to have it soaked up with alcohol and not your valuable tincture.
    4. Decarboxylation: so many opinions and methods but the easiest is to put all your grind up stuff into an oven at 100-110c (210-230f) for 1 hour. Easy.

    During my last tincture cooking I filtered out the mixture after specific periods: after 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks and 6 months.

    I tested them all and I feel like the potency did not get any stronger over time; only thing that changed was the color. The longer you let the alcohol soak in your buds, the darker the green gets. So from my testing, it’s just a cosmetic change.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Jean Beardsall

    you say Decarboxylate your flower or extract. Can I do this with just leaf?

  • VickyLee256

    Due to the medicines I have to take to stay alive, I cannot have any alcohol.

    My question is are tinctures made with Everclear safe for me to consume? Granted it was a couple of lifetimes ago but I remember Everclear having a heck of a flavor and a heck of a kick.

    • John Keller

      You should be alright at low doses. We’re talking milliliters, about the same amount of Ethanol you will get in a daily helping of fresh, ripe fruit. And substantially less than the amount of Ethanol in a dose of a “mainstream” medical product (cough syrup, etc.).

  • David

    I live in Colorado and Green Dragon is the way to go for me. If you have Cannabis that you have grown and it has a lot of seeds or went hermie on you then this is a great way to use that herb. Always decarb your cannabis at 240 degrees for 30 min to 1 hr time depending on how much herb you are using. using a blender grind it up to a fine consistency like powder. Pour ground up cannabis into a mason jar I use 1/2 gallon size is perfect. for me the safest way to process your tincture is to Pour the everclear 190 proof into the mason jar, tighten the lid and shake like hell to mix. you only need enough everclear to cover the herb. Use 190 proof as 190 proof extracts the most thc as bacardi 151 your tincture will not be nearly as potent! also some liquor stores sell large bottles of 190 proof called “420 extractor” which in my opinion is much cheaper to purchase than everclear and is the same thing. instead of an open flame I use a large crock pot set on high with hot water all the way to the top. open the mason jar just a little bit for ventilation and let it sit overnight. In the morning you will have some very dark green dragon ready to be strained with a cheesecloth and metal strainer. the Tincture will look like black motor oil it will be so green and concentrated! Use large coffee filters to strain even finer and enjoy your jar of healing potion. save your her by freezing and you can run a second time with some more herb.

  • MsNooneinparticular

    Also not great if you have severe GERD or other stomach issues. It sounds whiny but when you have ulcers or gastritis, even a drop of something that caustic can really set off a lot of pain.

  • Chris54

    I bought some vaping cartridges and tried vaping but it irritated my lungs (I have lung damage from smoking) so can I turn the cartridge oil into a tincture by mixing it with alcohol so I can take it sub-lingually?

    • FlunkedAgain

      so can I turn the cartridge oil into a tincture by mixing it with alcohol so I can take it sub-lingually?

      It might work, but if the vaping cartridge contents weren’t decarbed give them to a friend.

  • Wendy

    What is the cannabis to alcohol ratio? 1:1? Just to cover?

  • Krista Shroyer

    Any answers or suggestion is that you can share, I am in the same boat as you with making and taking tinctures.

  • Jen Love

    i just use a cherry or honey oil sublingual . best way ever. the tincture burns too much I agree.