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Find balance with full-spectrum hemp from this artisan farm in Maryland

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If you check the label of any hemp-based CBD product on the shelf, you’ll see some basic information, like concentrations of CBD or other cannabinoids. But what you do not necessarily see is where the hemp or cannabis came from or the care that went into making it. Where was the hemp grown? Is it seed-to-shelf? Was it created in a huge batch by a company looking to make a buck, or a small company with a real passion for CBD?

Maryland-based Hemp Hills Farm, LLC is dedicated to making sure pure effective CBD is available to all who need it. All of their hemp is grown locally, which is healthier for both your family and the planet. Hemp Hills Farm, LLC formulas are made in consultation with an experienced physician for maximum safety and effectiveness. They manage production every step of the way to make sure everything fits their high standards while keeping costs lower than big-money, big-batch brands.

“It’s just done the right way,” says Darren O’Brien, owner and operations manager at Hemp Hills Farm. “We took our time to structure our company and products for quality and organic practices, not just for making money.” 

So many companies are white-labeled and purchase the ingredients from all over the county or from outside of the country with no idea if the product is actually what it is purported to be,” says O’Brien “For Hemp Hills Farm we know everything about our product from seed to customer.” 

Hemp Hills Farms greenhouse 2 week 4. Courtesy of Hemp Hills Farms.

O’Brien has previously testified to the legislature with the aim of helping grow the hemp industry in the state of Maryland. We are driven by everyone in our community with chronic pain, inflammation, and other issues who have found CBD effective. “We have customers that believe our products have greatly improved their quality of life or resolved a particular issue. CBD for them offered an alternative to traditional methods without unwanted side effects, says O’Brien. “It’s about educating and providing alternatives in order to achieve life and body balance.” 

Marylanders already know Hemp Hills Farm as a go-to for high quality CBD from hemp.

How CBD promotes balance

Hemp Puppy Clover irrigation inspection. Courtesy of Hemp Hills Farms.

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system—and it plays a vital role in keeping your body at balance. The endocannabinoid system is wide ranging and has receptors everywhere from your brain to your gut, regulating a whole host of processes, including pain response, mood, appetite, and sleep. Cannabinoids, like THC, CBD, and CBG, affect our bodies through this system, whether it’s the mind-altering properties of THC or the far reaching benefits of other cannabinoids.

Looking beyond what’s on paper

It’s easy for a CBD company to know what to put on a label—but real quality is a more hands-on process. Hemp Hills Farm, LLC artisanal cannabis tinctures, lotions, and balms go the extra mile.

Locally Grown. Every single ounce of Hemp Hills Farm, LLC products are made in Maryland. Their CBD products are grown, extracted, and bottled on premises, from seed to bottle. 

Seed-To-Sale. By keeping their process local, Hemp Hills Farm, LLC can manage its entire supply process, ensuring high quality all the way down the line. Think of it as farm-to-table for hemp.

Solventless Extraction. Some hemp extracts are made using a solvent, like butane or propane. Hemp Hills Farms, LLC does not even like to get close to those chemicals. They have opted for a CO2 extraction method. “We chose CO2 processing so we don’t have any residual solvents left at a molecular level,” explains Graham Snyder, a cultivator and extractor at Hemp Hills Farm. 

Full-spectrum. It is not just the CBD in hemp that gives an extract its benefits—it works together with many minor cannabinoids, each enhancing the other. This is called the “entourage effect,” and it’s only enhanced by Hemp Hills Farm’s solventless CO2 extraction, which preserves the whole plant’s benefits.

Third-party testing. Don’t just take their word for it—each of Hemp Hills Farm’s products is tested by a third party for potency and purity.

Doctor-approved paths to relief

Having a medical professional on board was a priority from the jump. “It just made sense to have that reliability and continuity for our customers,” says O’Brien of Dr. Deogracias Faustino who has been in practice for over 50 years in Maryland. FaustinoHe was head of internal medicine at Springfield Hospital for many years and has been involved in medical organizations such as heading MedChi (Maryland State Medical Society) ethics committee for many years.

CBD and hemp applications are wide-ranging, so Hemp Hills Farm, LLC in consultation with Dr. Faustino, Hemp Hills Farm, LLC  has developed an array of products to match anyone’s lifestyle.

If you’re not sure where to begin, the Daily Balance tincture is a great start. It’s an easy-to-use, full-spectrum tincture designed to keep your mind and body humming along, no matter what life throws at it. It’s available in two different doses and two different flavors: lemon-maple and mint.

For those looking for focus or relaxation, the sativa and indica tinctures provide more specific relief with natural terpenes—plant compounds that give cannabis and hemp specific tastes, smells, and properties, contributing to the entourage effect. The Rest and Relax Indica tincture is designed to be taken in the evening, while the Focus and Energy Sativa tincture gets you ready for a busy day. Both are available flavored, or go unflavored to let the natural tastes of the terpenes shine through.

Hemp Hills Farms heat balm cbd
Courtesy of Hemp Hills Farms.

If you prefer topical solutions, Hemp Hills Farm’s muscle relief balm adds CBD to a warming salve to address issues from two angles. For a more portable solution, it also comes in a stick that slips easily into a gym bag.

They’re always developing new products, so keep an eye on their website—especially if you’re curious about minor cannabinoids like CBG.

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