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Can cannabis treat fibromyalgia better than prescription drugs?

July 11, 2016

Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia will tell you it can be devastating. On some days, simple chores like doing laundry or making breakfast can be exhausting, if not downright impossible. Just ask Teri Robnett, a Denver-based medical marijuana patient’s rights advocate who runs the Rx MaryJane blog:

“There used to be days that I didn’t feel like I could get through the day. I just wanted to cry and go back to bed.”

Only a decade ago, many doctors didn’t believe fibromyalgia was real — “hysterical” women were just imagining it. To this day, it is still misunderstood, and often misdiagnosed. Commonly characterized as a chronic pain condition, a growing body of evidence suggests that fibromyalgia is a complex neurological disorder. Beyond chronic pain affecting muscles and connective tissue, sufferers often complain of joint stiffness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, general weakness, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, and cognitive issues (e.g., “fibro fog”).

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 5 million Americans — mostly women — have fibromyalgia.

What causes fibromyalgia?

Joint stiffness in the knee

While the cause of fibromyalgia is widely debated, Dr. Ethan Russo, a prominent neurologist and pharmacologist who has dedicated much of his professional career studying cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, theorized that fibromyalgia could be related to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD).

The endocannabinoid system is like the Internet of your body — a communications network facilitating communications between your brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. The primary goal of the ECS is homeostasis — helping your body maintain a stable internal environment.

How Does Cannabis Consumption Affect the Brain?

When the endocannabinoid system is out of whack, health suffers. An imbalance can cause a whole host of issues affecting mood, sleep, gastrointestinal health, muscle spasticity, to name a few — symptoms that are also prominent among sufferers of fibromyalgia, thusly supporting Russo’s theory.

Can medical cannabis be used as treatment for fibromyalgia?

Indica and sativa cannabis plants

Hard to treat and impossible to cure, many sufferers are curious about whether cannabis can help treat their discomfort.

Robnett, who is also the founder and executive director of Colorado-based Cannabis Patients Alliance, was one such patient. Recalling how in 1987 a car accident triggered her fibromyalgia, she later learned that an endocannabinoid deficiency could be to blame. She fell to the floor and cried, but her sadness was swiftly replaced with anger. Recognizing cannabis might be able to help, she asked, “How could the one thing that could supplement what my body wasn’t making [is something] the government could tell me I can’t have?”

For years Robnett took doctor-prescribed pharmaceuticals, but she detested the side effects and was concerned about drug interactions. “In 2009, I started medical marijuana. By 2011, I had quit all of my pharmaceutical medications and now use cannabis exclusively,” she explained.

Cannabis Use Won’t Prevent You From Getting Insurance, But It Might Cost You

Robnett said that at first it took her a bit of trial-and-error, but it didn’t take long for her to become convinced cannabis was preferable to pharmaceuticals. “From season to season, even day to day, the severity of symptoms can change because of the weather, stress, or hormones,” Robnett said. “Cannabis allows me to self-titrate. By being able to vary how I consume and types of strains, I can more effectively treat the symptoms.”

At night, Robnett medicates with an edible. Because edibles can take a bit to kick in, she begins her routine by vaporizing with an indica strain which quickly enters the bloodstream and immediately provides relief. While vaporizing works quickly, it doesn’t last through the night. “The edible takes much longer to affect me than vaporizing, but lasts much longer, and I can sleep through the night,” she said. “Getting a good night’s sleep helps keep my symptoms under control the next day.”

Ingest or Inhale? 5 Differences Between Marijuana Edibles and Flowers

During the day, she’ll use something higher in CBD and lower in THC to minimize psychoactive effects while alleviating her symptoms. Chronic fatigue is also a common symptom, and Robnett said the high CBD counters the fatigue, giving her energy to get through the day.

Cannabis for treating fibromyalgia vs. prescription drugs

Prescription pills

Robnett is not alone in her experience. The National Pain Foundation conducted a survey in 2014 of over 1,300 patients. Remarkably, nearly a third — 30 percent of respondents — reported having used medical cannabis.

Of the more than 390 survey participants who had used cannabis, compared to FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, far more people reported cannabis as being effective:

  • 62% reported cannabis as “very effective” in treating their symptoms
  • 33% reported that cannabis “helped a little”
  • Only 5% said it did not help at all

Best Cannabis Strains for Fibromyalgia

Contrast these results to FDA-approved medications:

  • A mere 8 – 10% reported Cymbalta, Lyrica, or Savella as “very effective”
  • 60 – 68% responded those drugs “[did] not help at all”

No wonder “big pharma” is scared of cannabis! In the hierarchy of evidence, a survey is not weighted the same as a random-controlled trial (RCT). However, given the relative safety profile of cannabis and absence of adverse side effects compared to the FDA-approved medications, the data clearly suggests more research is warranted.

Synthetic cannabinoids for fibromyalgia

Spice, or synthetic cannabis

There has been just one double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized, controlled trial (RCT) of synthetic cannabinoids (not to be confused with dangerous, illicitly sold synthetic cannabinoids like “K2” and “Spice). Researchers concluded nabilone was a “beneficial, well-tolerated treatment option” that could be a viable adjunct to other therapies.

But, anecdotally, patients report they prefer botanical cannabis. Only 10% to 20% of the THC makes its way into the bloodstream after metabolizing. Furthermore, nabilone doesn’t come cheap! 30 capsules cost more than $1,000.

Robnett is happy with cannabis. “With cannabis I can vary by strain and consumption method according to how I feel or what time of day it is. More importantly, over the 28 years I’ve suffered from this condition, I found cannabis is by far the most effective and efficient treatment.”

The Complete List of Cannabis Consumption and Delivery Methods

Given the widespread frustration patients have with available treatments, and the devastating nature of fibromyalgia on those who live under its grip, it’s hard to find a morally defensible reason to deprive patients like Robnett the right to not only alleviate their suffering, but find a new lease on life.

Have you used cannabis to treat fibromyalgia? If so, share your experience with us in the comments section.

What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Pain?

  • Sara Howe

    Is there a test to see if your endocannabinoid system is working properly?

    • Bongstar420

      No..and there is no definition of “properly”

      • Sara Howe

        Properlly meaning not out of balance like the article discusses….

      • Paul DB

        It seems that the ECS balance may be a highly personalized thing–what’s right for me might cause fibro or CFS symptoms for you. This makes it hard to imagine a test for “balance.” To keep it in perspective, tho, the CECD theory is just that–a theory in the process of accumulating evidence for support. This doesn’t mean it’s imaginary or not true. It’s just early in the scientific process.

  • Bongstar420

    Fibromyalgia may be a chronic bacterial infection…hence, some form of anti-biotics is in order

    In other news, FAAH may be far better and won’t be confounded with cravings to get high

    • wowFAD

      The most insidious thing about Fibromyalgia is that doctors have not as-yet concretely identified the cause. The suggestion that it’s a bacterial infection is undercut by the fact that the symptoms are so varied and widespread. Migraines, insomnia, light and sound sensitivity all suggest the condition is neurlogical, but not when you add in musculoskeletal pain throughout the rest of the body. This makes it unlikely to be a bacterial infection because it’s not localized.

      What’s awful about Fibromyalgia for those who have to live with it is that doctors have tried a variety of standard pharmaceuticals ranging from antidepressants to anticonvulsants (and yes, even antibiotics), trying anything/everything to find an effective treatment for this chronic condition with no known cause. Targeted medicines aren’t helping, and while the cause is unknown, this trial-and-error approach boils down to a dangerous game of roulette involving synthetic drugs.

      This is the fourth uninformed comment you’ve made (that I’ve seen) which crudely discourages cannabis-based treatments. Clearly, you’re not a doctor. You’re not a scientist of any flavor. If you persist in making these BS comments, I’ll persist in replying to them, but I hope you realize these insinuations of yours (cravings to get high…?) are just wasted time and energy. You see, it’s the Information Age. 40 years ago, you could get away with misinformation. Today, anyone with a smartphone in their pocket can verify anything/everything to be found in the wealth of human knowledge.

      Put simply, cut the crap, Mr “Bongstar420” — nobody is buying what you’re selling.

      • Veridian

        I think he may be suggesting that fibromyalgia, with which I was once diagnosed, may actually be something like undiagnosed Lyme disease (a chronic, ultimately systemic w/out early treatment, bacterial infection). My mother had been diagnosed with fibro, as well, which tells me that it may be passed to offspring (maybe genetically but as the Lyme bug is a spirochete like syphilis it could be passed through the blood stream in-utero). I have since been tested and found positive for Lyme. I actually think that viral illness is also be at play here, perhaps is the central ‘bad actor’ in this illness, hard to say for sure. All I know is that the symptoms are varied and multi systemic, often changing from day to day, week to week, month to month. Tremendous pain most days.

        I’ve tried it all for pain relief. Many rounds of antibiotics over a couple of years did not do the trick. Prescription meds (tramadol) coupled with high doses of Ibuprofen help it somewhat most days. Pain doesn’t go away, just pushed into the far background. I’ve tried CBD oil and while it had some pain killing effect it also left me fuzzy headed and tired, made it hard to focus on getting any work done. Maybe there’s a strain that’s considered best for this kind of pain (fibro-like as well as more sharp joint pain) w/out too many of these effects? Regardless, I know that cannabis is medicine and want to give it another try. Nature knows best and the botanical solution will ALWAYS be preferable to me over hit-and-miss scientific guess work and poor synthetic replacements (especially when they can be patented and ridiculously over-priced to maximize profit).

        • wowFAD

          I’m very skeptical of the notion that Fibromyalgia is bacterial or viral. Because patients have reported they respond well to cannabis-based treatments (though not necessarily CBD, alone) and Ibuprofen, this makes me believe that, at its core, Fibromyalgia is likely an autoimmune condition that causes very localized and painful inflammation. Whichever cannabinoids (whether its one or several working in tandem) have the best anti-inflammatory effects, I don’t know. Supposedly, there are strains that are good at reducing inflammation that can be used during daytime hours that won’t make you feel so “out of it,” but I’d wager that until we know more about the various components of the plant, most cannabis-based anti-inflammatory treatments will more ideally used before bedtime. Maybe if all the hype around “more research” turns into something more tangible than empty campaign promises, we’ll know more sooner than later. Hopefully.

          You’re better off trying out various strains, yourself. But beware of the broad-stroke strain labels, until then. Just like politics are never strictly black or white, cannabis strains ought not be diced up between just Indica or Sativa. Sadly, it will be a lot of trial and error until you find the one that works best. Fortunately, cannabis is 100% nontoxic, so there isn’t the same mortal risks associated with synthetic pharmaceuticals. If you do find a particular strain and method of consumption (oils, edibles, vaporization), don’t keep it a secret.

          • Toni

            I ‘do’ have Fibromyalgia and do not believe it to be inflammatory, I get zero relief of my muscle pain or headaches from anti-inflammatory drugs, Ibuprofen is a waste for me to take unless I’ve exercised muscles that haven’t been in awhile. IMO it is a neurological disorder, my neuro doc believes so too. With dental problems I’ve had enough antibiotics to kill a horse (no help there). I also have autonomic dysfunction so I’d like to try a high CBD low THC strain, one day. None of it is legal in my state and having had a bad last experience smoking street MJ, years ago before my FM diagnosis or the dysautonomia I’m afraid to try street. It’s been over 25yrs since I partook 😉

          • PTB

            My wife has had Fibromyalgia for about 20 yrs. Up until a few years ago she was using morphine, Lortab, and Percocet. The morphine she would use daily and the Lortab and Percocet she would alternate weekly or monthly. Her doctor finally sent her to a pain clinic where they took off of all the pain meds and put her on Cymbalta and Subutex which she has been on ever since. Someone suggested that she try a cannabis product for the CBD. I went to the local health food store here in Utah where I talked to a young man who had experience with using the CBD for his own fibro. She started with the “Red Strap” brand Hemp Nectar CBD 250mg. She found that it did help but she wasn’t totally impressed. So then I bought her the CBD 500mg which has twice as much CBD…18 mg per dose. She is definitely impressed with it. She uses a dropper full under her tongue for a minute of so. She says it works a lot faster and taster much better than the Subutex. She takes it 3 times per day. The big problem is the cost. The 500 mg is $69.99 plus tax for 10 days supply. If she did not need to take it 3 times a day it would help, but the cost is prohibitive.

            Does anyone have any suggestions for me? There has got to be a less expensive alternative.

          • STEPHANIE

            Everything you stated you hit dead on the nail! Describing my conditions almost to the tee!!

          • KD

            You misunderstand Veridian. He isn’t saying Lyme Disease (a type Bacterial Infection) causes Fibro. He is saying that Lyme Disease is sometimes misdiagnosed as Fibro. My doctor told me the same thing and referred me to published research (google it) that supports the claim.This is a big deal because Lyme disease is easily treatable if caught early. However, if you don’t know you have Lyme disease because your doctor told you you have Fibro, well, then your screwed. The publish research showed this can and does happen to people. Scary.

            You’re also wrong about cannabis being 100% nontoxic. There is a condition, which I have had multiple times, called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis. There is even an article about it on this website.

            This is from HighTimes: “Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is a rare form of cannabinoid toxicity that develops in chronic smokers. It’s characterized by cyclic episodes of debilitating nausea and vomiting. People who suffer from the syndrome often find that hot showers relieve their symptoms, and will compulsively bathe during episodes of nausea and vomiting. Symptoms stop after cessation of cannabis use.”

            This condition sent me to the E.R. three times in four days. The E.R. doctors had absolutely no idea what was wrong with me or how to treat me. I vomited and dry heaved well-over a thousand times over those 4 days. The worst segment was an 18 hour stretch of constant nausea and vomiting. You know that hyper nauseous feeling you get RIGHT before you throw up? That feeling that says “time to puke”? Imagine that feeling for 18 hours straight. No breaks. It was the worse nightmare of my life. I can’t even describe the worst parts of it.

            Most people don’t have symptoms as severe as mine, but what I say above is no exaggeration. I still smoke pot. Every year or so I an episode of Hyperemsis, but it’s no where near as bad as my first experience with it.

            Anyways, my point is that cannabis CAN be toxic and Cannabinoid Hyperemesis is no joke.

            I use marijuana everyday, so I am not advocating against it. I just want readers to be well aware of the scientific facts on the matter. With so much information out there on this subject, much of it by non-doctors, it’s hard to know what the data actually shows.

      • Kelly Bryant

        thank you, I agree wowfad.

  • Ali448

    I’m a retired/disabled RN with fibromyalgia & several significant spine disorders. I have used cannabis several times over the last 7 years (about 2-3 ozs in a 7 year period). While I can’t name all the strains I’ve tried, I do know that Green Crack motivates me to move more & get things done around the house. The doctors all tell me to exercise & cannabis usually gives me the desire & energy to be active.
    Sweet Tooth gives me a creative boost but isn’t as good at activating me physically.
    The cannabis definitely helps with the depression caused by chronic pain & improves my overall mood/outlook. I am more emotional. This may seem like a negative, but is actually a good thing. Fibromyalgia, & chronic pain in general, have the tendency to make you feel dead inside or suffer a flat affect due to the pain-depression cycle. This impacts not only my personal & social life, but also my spiritual sensitivity to God. Cannabis relieves this debilitating syndrome.
    I am more creative after using it and often engage in artistic activities (drawing, painting, etc), writing poetry, and designing home/garden improvemennts. I’ve also experienced numerous episodes of conceptualizing new products & services which still seem realistic & feasible after I’m no longer under the influence. All of these activities enhance my feelings of self-worth & esteem.
    I have noticed a negative effect on my fine motor skills – my typing skills suck when I’m using. It also effects my concentration while reading novels, but oddly, it doesn’t impair my concentration or understanding of nonfiction prose (i.e. how to books, history, science).
    I’ve had absolutely no instances where the safety of myself or others is threatened, unlike the effects of pharmaceuticals & alcohol.
    While I can’t say unequivocally that cannabis relieves all my pain, it definitely helps with my mood & outlook, which in turn takes the focus off my pain.
    One aspect I don’t enjoy is coming down after using. I typically get sleepy & need a nap, but if that’s not an option, I do feel a bit run-down as the effects wear off. A shower seems to nullify this problem.
    A change to state & federal law for medicinal marijuana is long overdue. It’s ridiculous to continue the class 1 felony status of a natural substance which offers numerous benefits and few or no side effects to suffering people.
    Sadly, I have to conceal the use of this effective pain relief, even from my husband!

    • Maja

      Thank you very much for sharing your detailed and refined experience with cannabis. I am only so sorry you can not share this positive and effective experience with your husband, I wish you a luck with this issue, maybe gradualy you can introduce him into this magic-healthy world <3

    • Stealthman

      Great to hear your experience. I feel sad for you that your husband is against it but you must talk to him and get him to understand how this herb helps you to live. Keeping such a major thing from a loved one can be difficult and I hope in his heart he will see how this makes you work, live, feel… Perhaps you should show him how bad you are when you do not have your medicine, Show him what you feel like after 2 days with no medication and then he may realize how important it is for you, if he truly loves you he will be understanding. The second thing I wanted to say was that coming down feeling is not related to cannabis, what you are feeling is the effect of your disease taking hold again. I find I need to medicate every 2 hours in some form or another to make it through the day and by knowing what strains work for that can be most helpful. I wish you the best of luck and health…Cheers

    • Katie Mason

      I had to join as your post touched my heart. I’m 23, and have suffered for almost ten years. With this disease, you have to put yourself first. It’s hard for me. I cried when I read your comment. It is hard to live without anything for pain, and I don’t feel so quite alone anymore.

    • Shera Jarman

      Omg we could be the same person. I too amba retired/disabled RN. I can relate to everything you said right down to the fibro AND spine issues and even having to conceal it. Sending good thoughts your way thanks for sharing.

    • Francesca Dote

      Sounds like you know God! He’s great at this kind of thing. I think it took me 12 years of praying to get my husband and I past that uncomfortable game. But now, my husband FINALLY understands that I’m not trying to “party” through the day- I’m trying to live my best life, be with my family, do my work, and so on. Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep on keepin’ on!

      • Auramac

        Thoughts and prayers are no more effective than Any placebo. Just the facts, ma’am.

    • Helen Snoddy Beaver

      9 YEARS FIBROMYALGIA CURED WITH HERBS: I am so happy sharing my mom’s story of Fibromyalgia that almost ruined family of its happiness. It is known now that there is permanent cure to Fibromyalgia, to those still in doubt of this, my mom is a living testimony. For 9yrs, my mom suffered from Fibromyalgia, many investigations have did took place to achieve a diagnosis, it came from nowhere. She is one of those millions of people around the world who suffered Fibromyalgia until God healed her completely with HIELAN Herbal Medications for fibro by Dr. Rodwen Thompson. the symptoms she was experiencing ranges from general tiredness lethargy to being properly depressed, isolated, feeling hopeless and miserable maybe because of the constant back pain that seem to get worse and worse on daily basis, pains down both arms, hips, legs, across her shoulders, right hand side of her back, left hand side of her neck, sometimes head as she said the pains were excruciating. She can never sleep at night when bad tingling all over her body cramps and temperature fluctuations, but do sleep a little at noon. Hospital became our second home until she finally received a definite diagnosed. I cry every day because I feel I was losing my mom. We search and search for help everywhere possible but none was forth coming. To cut the long story short, HIELAN brought us breakthrough. The Herbs proved very effective just after 3 months of use; today she is totally free from Fibro with no side effects.

  • There is a great amount of cross over amongst those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. I am one who has both. With ME/CFS there is a working theory that although the genetically predisposed person was subjected to a trigger, such as a viral or bacterial infection, that is not what maintains the disease. They are trying to figure out the mechanism responsible for maintaining the disease once the virus or bacteria is gone.

  • Stealthman

    I am a 49 Year old male with Fybromyalgia, My sister of 20 years my senior also suffers this disease. I can not comment about over the counter medicine as I refuse to put those chemicals in my body. I treat every ailment I have with cannabis. I vary strains to my needs and ailments. I have no need to pursue any further medication as cannabis is all I need to help manage my pain and live a close to normal existence. My wife also has Rheumatoid Arthritis, I got her on to cannabis and she has now given away all of her prescription drugs and purely lives on cannabis. Not only has it assisted us with chronic pain it has also done amazing things to the rest of our bodies. I am outraged that the governments all over the world have been lying to us and filling our heads with cannabis is bad, its addictive, it will make you use meth…… I have been using cannabis for nearly 30 years and I have no desire to use any of that other crap or do I have the need to kill people and beat up my wife and kids…. Really people come together and embrace the power of this magical herb, Forget what you have been told about cannabis in the past its all lies, go and do some research and get on track to be a healthier and happier person…… Ohh and one more thing, Alcohol should be put on the schedule 1 of dangerous substances and cannabis should be legalized for personal and recreational use… DO NOT USE ALCOHOL

    • Gemi Team


      • Gemi Team

        Hi I am 49 years old and suffer from fibromyalgia. I don’t use cannabis but am seriously considering it. I don’t have the straight to keep living like this. I don’t want to get out of bed because the pain is overwhelming me. My boyfriend tells me to try it. The prescription medication is making me sick to my stomach I puk all day pain all day I have been reading your comments and I really need to get this. My question is how do I start?

        • Barbara Bloxsom

          I’m so sorry to hear of your pain. I’ve suffered from fibro for almost 9 years. Before that I was a personal trainer, pilates instructor. I loved life! Then I had a 6th baby and all we can think is the difficult pregnancy made me susceptible, or whatever you want to call it, to fibro. I live in California and its not hard to get weed from kids up the street, lol. I don’t recommend it though they are nice kids. Check out your state’s laws. Talk to your doctor. They aren’t always helpful. Mine had me on neurontin and baclofen and I had to increase dosages every year. When I said I wanted to try Cannibal my “great” doctor said fine but I don’t do that. Taper off slowly from my drugs. Not, how much to take, how long for different dosages etc. Read everything you can find , then reread and compare info. Some articles contradict each other. I got my medical cannabis card online. Talked to a nice doc who is also a nutrionist. Nutrition has been so important to my previous career I couldn’t believe no one was talking vitamins and exercise and nutrition. Trial and error after research to see how individual strains effect you. Good luck, we are all pulling for you. May your good days become longer , more frequent and better than the pain days. Hope this helps!

          • Eileen

            Where online did you get your medical cannabis card?

          • Dmember

            You cannot get a Medical Cannabis card online. You have to live in a legal medical state and get approved by a physician that specialized in issuing licensing. Your ordinary doc will know nothing about cannabis and may resent your using it.

        • Rachelle Mee-Chapman

          Do you live in a state where it is legal? If so ask the staff at a local shop for a high CBD low THC strain. You can even show them this article. I’d start w a vape pen as those doses are really light and then try the same strain as bud/flower in a pipe or box vape for longer effect if you need more medication. I also agree with this article–edibles are good for long term, overnight relief.

          If youre not in a legal state you’ll have to assess the risk. Theoretically, you could ask a college kid for advice in finding someone who knows strains.

          In my experience the prescription synthetics didn’t help — and we’re $20 a dose!

        • Nancy

          I make CBD oil, tincture, canna honey, pain rub and candies and other edibles. I just started taking the cbd oil twice a day because i have pains also due to diabetes. The pain rub really works on my leg and toes pain. I know this amazing cure is gradually repairing my body tissues. The healing doesn’t come overnight. It is also a process. I have witnessed the wonder of cannabis. It grealy help my husband from chronic back pain due to work injury. He is now off from the pain medicines which he took for a long time. I became so interested and learned how to make stuff because of my husband.

          • Ashley

            Wishing I could buy some edibles or something. I’m in Day 5 of a flare up and it’s ridiculous how much pain I’m in.

    • Curious

      Hi, you say that you used cannabis for 30 years, yet you have Fybromyalgia and your wife RA? Just curious. So it is a cure or just a pain killer? You say that you are 49 years old, so did you start with cannabis at 19.
      Did you have this illness since then?

  • Angry Local

    I’m from England where we are still stuck in the dark ages re: med marijuana…I have Fibromyalgia and the treatment here are painkillers and more painkillers..the pharma industries are laughing at the NHS and the billions they rake in from medications….I’ve vaped cannabis for the past few years, its the only thing that helps my severe leg spasms, gets me out of the house and makes my life more bearable…but I have to do it illegally..however, I’m saving the health system thousands a year by refusing pharmaceuticals…and my quality of life has improved tenfold…wake up Westminster…!!

  • Willie Johnson

    I am a retired property manager I have had fibromyalgia about ten years now I have been on every medication a person can be on but I have never found much release the pain returned. I aways find myself curled up in the bed crying and hurting, my life was planned around my fibromyalgia but after doing some research on cannabis or medical marijuana I decided to try marijuana just to see if it could help and to my surprise it did better than I could ever imagine it could do,younger years I always straight from stuff like marijuana because I always thought that it was wrong and bad, but it is all natural and it do help it help me with my depression, anxiety, seizures and all the things that come with it, also have glaucoma and it ease the pain and pressure in my eyes the only thing that I hate is it is still illegal in the state I live in. I can’t understand why because it replaced five of my prescription medication, my depression, anxiety seizures and fibromyalgia is better I yet have some pain but God knows it’s not as bad. I am able to move around be with my grandchild I live now something I had to give up. I hope this will help someone that’s trying to find help with debilitating in pain

  • Schelli Nimz

    I have had fibro for about 10 years, in conjunction with juvenile diabetes, hypothyroidism, and celiac disease…all issues that can contribute to chronic pain and fatigue. I have never done well on opiate medications, and many of the other medications prescribed for me have been far more dangerous and worse than cannabis has.
    I was on Cymbalta for 3 months. I woke up nauseated, and so dizzy I had trouble walking. There were no laws against me driving while on it, but I stopped driving because the dizziness was so severe. If I didn’t eat first thing in the morning, I would spend the rest of the day vomiting. I hated my life, and it only took the edge off of my pain. When I stopped it, I had brain zaps (feels like someone hits your brain with jumper cables), and withdrawal symptoms that made my husband declare I looked like I was coming off of heroin.
    I was put on Pamelor and long story short it made me extremely hostile and when I tried to come off of that I ended up at the crisis center because I became suicidal..not a normal mode of thought for me.
    When Denver had a tax free day to purchase cannabis, my husband suggested trying it to see if it helped with the pain. The dispensary was stuffed full of people waiting to buy..I remember staggering in there barely able to stand to get just a small amount to try. The customers at the dispensary were just awesome..when you have an invisible illness and are over weight people’s reactions to you can be disappointing to say the least. People offered me their chairs and a few asked if they could get me anything..that was my first positive sign and it really sticks in my memory.
    I bought some gummies that night and a little bit of flower. It was the first meaningful pain relief I felt in years. I slept so deeply that night, no insomnia, anxiety, or pain keeping me awake and adding to the avalanche effect lack of sleep has on your body the next day.
    I still have flare ups, and some days they are so bad that even the cannabis has a hard time keeping up…but over all I feel like this little stinky plant has given me my life back. It is cheaper by far than most of the other medications I take just to stay alive (my medical/medication bills are more than double the rent for our house).
    I am terrified of pharma getting a hold of can’t synthesize nature’s complexity in this plant. The medical community has not caught up with how beneficial the entire plant is. I try to talk to my doc about it as often as possible, but there is a lot of resistance and preference for pills over plants.

  • Pamela Bacon

    Yes I have however I can’t seem to find a pcp who will prescribe it for me.

  • AuntBee

    I’m a mess in the health department. After several tests to rule out other stuff for now, it’s been confirmed I have Fibromyalgia. I’m 37 yrs old. I have several food allergies as well as metals and such. So anyway. I started cannabis May 5th and 7 days ago I stopped gabapentin, Norco 5, robaxin/cyclobenzaprin (no worries I cut in half for a few days and then 4ths and weaned down) I still take naproxen OTC 2 2xs a day but last 2 days only 1 2xs a day wow. Problem I’m having is my friends are all like try my stuff is awesome. I’m going to have to learn to say no cuz I’m assuming was the wrong strands for me cuz they sent me for a whirl by whirl I mean flaring bad and depression very prominent so much so that thoughts are crossing my mind multiple times a day and that is bad but I’m in control. Not in danger. Anyway. Think theirs was high in THC which I need a higher cbd strand or even 50/50 strand. But since it’s illegal here I just have to trust sources to give what I need and hope it’s what I need. The other issue is idk how much I’m taking 1-2 puffs at a time gives varied effects per session. I use a one hitter looks like a metal cigarette. Also idk what is stem and not so scared to throw any of it out. Lol need to learn I got a grinder at least and powder on lowest level I’m collecting I’m planning on making some brownies for night time dose as this morning after going 3 days without wake and bake I was fine to only at night before bed buuuut yesterday morning my calf spasmed but here is the kicker. It didn’t last not even half as long as they did before while on pills 😀 wow. I will take this over pills and if I go to jail for it oh well totally worth it to me. Minus whatever my friends wanted me to smoke shesh. Anyways I’d say this is a success and I will continue even if it’s illegal I don’t care. Worth it!

  • Sykes Aseret

    Hi… I have a question I hope someone can help me with… my mother has been suffering from fibromyalgia for 3yrs now and prescription drugs aren’t doing it for her anymore… she’ll willing to try cannabis but the only thing holding her back is the fact that she applied for disability and she’s afraid if she starts using cannabis it will affect her chances of qualifying.. if you have any information or suggestions let me know thanks.

    • Mollie O’Brien

      When I told my doctor how well CBD was working for my fibromyalgia she told me that I shouldn’t need to apply for disability anymore and to “just get a job and pay for my pot”
      I should’ve kept my dumb mouth shut and till my disability went through because now she won’t sign off on it. I MIGHT be able to hold a job again, but definitely not without CBD and I can’t afford CBD without a job. I would wait, my experience tells me that they don’t like to help people that are trying to help themselves.

      • Jody Monette

        Perhaps you should tell your doctor that it isn’t working anymore. Also, when it was, you couldn’t drive or think very well. Just make sure you don’t use any for a few days before you go to your doc in case she wants you to get drug test

  • chris

    black seed oil helps especially when infused with cannabis oil(rso)..cbd mixed with coconut oil and thc mixed with coconut oil do a good job of relieving pain..

  • Anna Fabulous

    I am a 38 year old mother of three, with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome, and marijuana gave me back my life. I was on opioids for a year before I turned to marijuana, and it had an immediate positive effect. I could move. I could run. I cleaned my entire house, did three loads of laundry, and cooked an elaborate dinner that very evening. None of my other medications had even come close to giving me the relief I found from marijuana. It took a few weeks to find just the right dose and now I am alive again. I can play with my kids, I can take them on long walks, and my relationship with my husband, who has supported me 100% every step of the way, has improved because *I* have improved.

    Before I explored Marijuana as a treatment option, I was a bitter and empty shell of a woman who spent each waking moment wishing for death. My anxiety and depression and pain kept me a prisoner in my own house. In my own body. Now, I routinely break out of my comfort zone. I seek out new and exciting adventures. I enjoy my kids in a whole new way. And I don’t want to die anymore. Marijuana saved my life, my family, and my marriage. No pill ever came close to that.

    • Seata

      My daughter suffers so much with fibromyalgia. Do you take cbd? If so, can you say which brand? Thanks.

    • roland shaw

      Anna – yOur symptoms are very similar to my wife’s. What form of cannabis are you taking?

  • Star Glass Work

    Hi, I have been a member of Fibromialgya for 8 years and I can not take laboratory drugs because 18 years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colaides, which prevents me from taking drugs because of the reactions I have when taking them, as these cause internal bleeding.
    How can I get medical marijuana to control the effects of Fibromyalgya.

  • Star Glass Work

    I have 48 years and this condition controls my life in 50%, I need to look for alternatives to be able to continue with my life, fibromyalgya is very painful in occasions and the natural supplements that I feel I no longer help me, at first I thought that by my UC condition was deteriorating my immune system but after a few years I was able to control my UC with something 100% natural, so I need to be alert to what I take because my bowel system is very sensitive, I need something to sleep for more hours because I can only sleep if I take a bonche of supplements for sleep, but there are occasions that I only sleep 4 hr. a day or 3 hr.
    I think my brain is blocked and the supplements are no longer helping me, the more time passes, the more supplements I have to add, someone recommends me to change them for marijuana but I do not know where to buy it or get someone who can tell me how or where I buy.

    • Zoey Thompson

      You can only take intense pain for so long before you’ll do anything to escape it. Cannabis makes life so much easier. It allows you to be comfortable. Visit AnnCannMed for your health prescriptions and medical purchases. I’ve just bought cannabis oil from them. The salesperson was nice and the order process is simple.

  • Shera Hope

    I have found great pain relief with cannabis. it’s unfortunate that there is such a stigma about it. I understand it can effect your mind in getting you high,but t3s and other pills can effect your mind as well and be worse on your body..and I usually find it barley helps if at all. I can struggle with this as I believe in Christ and that we should be sober minded,but no other medicine has helped my pain nausea sleep problems headaches multiple problems all at once. I have fibromyalgia ,scoliosis ,degenerative spine disease ,arthritis,sleep issues ,major menstruation pain ,ibs etc.

    • Kevin

      Drop the “Christ” superstition and stick to the rational argument. Your own body and health is more important than laws or ridiculous notions of sky fairies. Get real, do it for yourself!

      • Patty Heal Underwood

        Kevin, turn it around. What if someone called you out because you said you were agnostic or atheist? Your comment was really out of line.

        • Kevin

          I disagree. Religion stops people from thinking clearly, and acting accordingly. Here is a prime example, ie a woman who struggles with her “religious” mind against that which clearly helps her and hurts no-one else.
          As for “calling someone out” for not believing in superstition or ghosts, yeah sure, go ahead!
          Most of the trouble in the world today stems from religion of some kind or another, and when I see people beating themselves up about it, it makes me mad. So, harsh, maybe. Out of line, no.

          • Shera Hope

            kevin, the bible does not specifically say “cannabis” in it, so i use discernment with it. i have asked 2 different pastors opinions and both said if they were to get cancer etc, they’d use cbd oil. and one of them i talked with said he doesn’t see a problem with it when used properly, but not all pastors/christians feel that way. the bible does say we should be sober with it, and i do struggle in that sense to be careful with it. seeing my dad,and others take hands full of pills that do nothing, it is heart breaking and i wish he could use cannabis (allergic). i pray to God about it, and have asked him many times if it is not something he wants me to use, to let me know in some way… so far, i can’t say for certain, but i don’t think it is a problem. ANYTHING can become a problem, even over eating =glutenous..and tons of christians have become that way! we all sin, we all fall short… but i disagree that religion causes all problems, it’s people, and sin. it all comes back to sin.

            while if a christian who didn’t know me saw me using it,they probably would judge me for it, just like a cop would (even though i’m legal to use it), but i get offended daily for my belief,so even though you mean well, thats just as bad.

          • Kevin

            Shera, I’m not going to debate religion, or sin, with you. Religion to me is just another sickness… a sickness of the mind and reason. I will however say this. Pain is pain, and suffering is suffering. As far as an “illness” goes, if you have found a way to cope with it, using a “natural” product, like a herb for example, which does you no harm other than to your sense of feeling a bit sinful, well, use it!

            Who gives anyone the right to judge you in that respect huh? Screw em. Its not like you’ve stolen from someone, or put anyone else’s live in danger or disadvantage is it! You are not harming anyone or anything, but just healing yourself, albeit with a natural product that some would consider sinful or unlawful. You have to sometimes think outside of the box. Its only unlawful because another human being has deemed it so, in a bid to protect people and society from harm (but thats a crock, its about control and money, if you’d care to look into it further). As for asking your pastor, or “other” christians, well, can you see why its useless, as one will say one thing, another will say another, depending on what THEY think. Religion is really a crutch, for those who cant or don’t want to think for themselves. But that aside, look at it logically, instead of asking your invisible sky friend, ask yourself, what is actually sinful here! I’m using a natural herb to relieve myself from pain, and enable myself to function and get on with my life, instead of being in pain and a burden to others. So what if you get a little buzz from it eh. And don’t get fixated on whether or not a ‘pastor’ thinks its right or wrong either, just ask yourself, is it good for YOU. Does it help YOU. Are you hurting anyone else by using it. Try and reason these things out for yourself, it isn’t that difficult really.

            On the topic of whats write and wrong, I bet that you wouldnt give a thought to using a drug if it was prescribed by a doctor huh? You wouldnt need to go rushing off to a pastor, or pray for guidance if your doctor had prescribed a drug would you…. see where i’m going with this? 🙂

        • Shera Hope

          thank you patty i appreciate that a lot!! <3

    • Susan Faye

      Hello Shera Hope …I seen Your post on this site which was wrote some 6 months ago, so I am unsure it You will even see what I write or not but I just wanted to send My support as I too Suffer with Many of the Same Health Conditions as You Do. I wanted to say that the Individual ”Kevin” whom commented just below Your Post is in NO WAY CORRECT….I Hope What He wrote did not deter or affect Your own Personal Belief and Thoughts.Its such a Painful process to Express Oneself so Honestly and Openly and Then to Have Someone Respond in Such a Cruel and Negative Way. But It Either didn’t Bother You or Perhaps You Didn’t even Read It.Either Way I Commend You for Not Responding to the Disrespect that Kevin Clearly Demonstrates in His Poorly Written Comment.It’s always Best to Ignore those that are so Ignorant. Giving Into Their ”Ignorance” Only Promotes Even Further Ignorance. He did not accomplish what He set Out to Do as You did not Respond so I Give You all the Credit You Clearly Deserve Good On You Shera.

  • Sherylene Guevara

    Reading her story is exactly what’s happening to my roommate
    My room mate was working for uber when a big pickup truck hit his Toyota Prius.

    His doctors also believed that the car accident triggered his fibromyalgia .

    He tried cymbalta, and lyrica but hated those meds cause of the side effects.

    But once he tried weed I’ve noticed he was able to be more active and not complaining about the pain.

    Why couldn’t Medicare cover weed for people who use weed medicinally?

    Please someone explain cause I don’t get it at all…

    • KiAirah Distad

      Medicare and Medicaid can not legally cover prescriptions for medical marijuana or its associated derivative products because it is still federally illegal, it is still a felony crime to grow, sell, possess, and use marijuana regardless of the reason, and irrespective of the local legal status in your home state. The only way your state could cover medical marijuana prescriptions for needy patients is if it allocated purely state funds, entirely separate from all federal funding and federal programs, to a relief fund to subsidize the cost of medical marijuana for needy patients with income challenges on Medicare or Medicaid, and it would have to be independent of those programs. Even then, there is a lot of red tape, but I do believe that is possible. A more succinct solution, and a more obvious one, ofcourse, would be for the federal government to legalize and reasonably tax the marijuana industry, to set up two separate industries, one for medical needs and one for recreational needs, each regulated similarly but differently based on the demographic they serve. For example, perhaps weight restrictions for recreational clients should be smaller, and medical patients afforded a slightly larger allotment. Perhaps medical patients should have ongoing access to counselling about how to use cannabis for their issues, how to manage dosing, how to be vigilant of excessive use, how to find strains with the best properties, and also provide support groups for medical marijuana patients to connect to one another and help each other navigate living with chronic illness, and how to use medical marijuana in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to improve their condition.

  • Zoey Thompson

    Oh I tried it, it works! I prefer convenient, affordable and quick process where I could get the cannabis oil regularly. I need this that’s why I deal with AnnCannMed. You can check them out for your health prescriptions and medical purchases.

    • Brian Woodworth

      Their product is a life saver. I have been using AnnCannMed’s CBD Rich Oil for three weeks. The symptoms that i would normally experience from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, extreme fatigue, inflammation and body aches reduced and completely subsided with daily use. I can function normally again.

      • Brad Yale

        Very good company by the way. Their Cbd Rich oil has literally changed my life. I was able to abandon some strong opiates, and my health is doing just fine. Highly recommend!

        • Trista S.

          I have ordered three times from this company, and each time the deliveries were prompt. All three arrived in the next business day. Can say extremely helpful for fibromyalgia treatment.

          • Bryan Rowley

            I always recommend ANNCANNMED to my friends and family since they always deliver what is promised

    • Debbie Dryland Freeman

      This company is a scam! It’s disgusting the way you prey on the sick and disabled and con us out of hundreds of pounds for a product that will never arrive. As soon as they know you aren’t going to part with any more money, they cut contact dead.

  • Ferguson Truly Joseph

    My girl has fibromyalgia and I was wondering if marijuana will help her?

  • Rollo345

    Having suffered from chronic widespread pain since 1999 after having a cervical fusion of my neck, I started an 18 yr dance with every type of opioid you could prescribe. After having depression and suicidal thoughts for the last year I knew I had to get off the pills or my life going forward was going to be a short one. Seeing friends getting off opioids and seeing the hell they went through I considered Cannabis after having not smoked it since 1989. Within 2 months of starting I was off all painkillers and muscle relaxers, my insomnia that I have struggled with was almost non existent. My spouse is against my new regimen which makes it difficult, which I would love to hear from others whose spouses don’t understand pain and how you might have dealt with the Cannabis issue with them.

    • Ali448

      I never told my strait-laced husband. He is so rigid & inflexible, I knew he would have a fit if he found out. I used a vaporizer in the bathroom when he was around & smoked joints outside when he was away from home. He has never been very considerate of my pain problems.
      I’ve been seeing a psychologist for about a year for severe depression due to walking on eggshells around my husband for the past 30 years. I have realized the emotionally abuse I suffered from him had a significant impact on my pain. Now that I’m away from him my pain problems are much more easy to manage. Because he never hit me, I didn’t realize his behavior was abusive.
      The pot definitely helps with my pain & energy levels. Each situation is different. You know your spouse best. If he has a problem with you using pot for your pain, i just wouldn’t tell him! You have to weigh the cost vs benefit of using weed. If it increases your productivity by decreasing the pain, then I think it’s worth it. You may feel deceitful keeping that info from your spouse but, I think everyone has some things they don’t share with anyone, even a spouse. This may be one of those things for you.

  • Donna Ciraolo

    Hello, I have suffered with Fibro for 7 years now. I suffer so badly.. I lay in bed and cry many days and nights. I have tried every medication there is out there from my Rheumatologist and Neurologist. Nothing works at all! I am a recovering alcoholic with 8 years clean and sober . So many people suggested Marijuana but even as a teen ( 53 now ) I never care for the effect. Also, being in AA I try not to take anything, even prescribed pain meds. I shattered my femur bone and hip falling on the ice 6 winters ago (sober,lol) I think that may be how this started. Also suffered a lot of abuse from an ex and was raped as a teen so not really sure if this has anything to do with it after I stopped masking my pain with alcohol and cocaine. Anyways, finally about a month ago I had a horrific flare up that lasted 10 days! I seriously wanted to die , nothing was working and I was just done with the pain. My son, who smokes, felt so bad and begged me to try one hit. I swear to you I went from a 10 on the scale to 0 in minutes! It was a miracle! I started with another bad flare up yesterday and got worse at night, I couldn’t take the pain and began to cry. My son heard me and asked if I wanted one hit. At that point I would have tried anything to ease the pain. I took one hit, walked back into my bedroom. By the time I got back to my bed I was completely pain free! I was so relieved and elated , another miracle! I never wanted to believe that pot could do this but ever so grateful to have finally found a relief to this horrible disorder. I hope this info. might help some study and also, of course , those who suffer as well. Thank you , Donna C.

  • Carrie Johnson

    Yeah I’ve tried marijuana for my fibromyalgia and it’s been the only thing that has worked but it’s not legal here and so my doctor drug tested me and I of course failed. She then cut me off cold turkey from my xanax and lortabs for a long time which im back on my lortabs but now she wants me to take only 1 a day…really. It’s time to get a different doctor because obviously she has never suffered from a chronic pain 24/7

  • Trista S.

    I Recommend you checkout ANNCANNMED for more information as well as medical purchase

    • Debbie Dryland Freeman

      scam! It’s disgusting the way you prey on the sick and disabled and con us out of hundreds of pounds for a product that will never arrive.

  • Robert Rost

    No you cannot have cannabis to treat your fibromyalgia, but you can have Mormons telling you that Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith in the woods and then later to early Mormon leaders in the Temple, despite Jesus’ non-generic warnings not to believe people who claimed to see Jesus in the desert or secret chambers. Welcome to America! Good day!

  • Elaine Morgan

    I was diagnosed when I was 17 but experienced muscle pain all throughout my life. Being prescribed strong medication I developed side effects that do not weight out treatment. With all the medical complications that I have, I do smoke. It helps my pain and i can manage through out my day. Unfortunately in my state it is illegal and I have copped 2 possession charges for not wanting to be in pain. It’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to poison myself with drugs from doctors that don’t even know how to treat I should trust someone who doesn’t know how to treat me?? I do not think so.

  • My close friend Trevor has suffered from fibro, as well as seizures for most of his life, but his treatment wasn’t working and his condition has significantly worsened over the past 3 years. He started using CBD oil about 7 months and his transformation has been amazing. I don’t remember the last time I saw him so pain free. If he keeps improving, he may be allowed to drive again soon, too! I am so proud/happy for him, and I am so grateful for CBD and how it is literally changing people’s lives.

  • Ashley

    Hi, I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia for the past 7.5 years. I’ve tried the scripts and they just don’t work. I’m having more and more flare ups and at 38 years old, I can’t live like this forever. I’m very concerned about what the scripts could do to my organs over long term use. I’ve never been one to experiment with cannabis, but am ready to give it a try. I’ve actually had two healthcare professionals suggest I try edibles made with indica as I don’t sleep which causes me to hurt worse, which in turn, causes me not to sleep. Unfortunately, where I live it isn’t legalized at all, so I’m nervous about procuring it. Oh well, I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

    • Nancy

      I make cbd products, feco, canna oil, tincture, pain rubs and lotions, edibles and others. You can try the products and see if it works for you.

  • Jim Crane

    I believe I have suffered with FMS for about 20 years now. And is still undiagnosed properly. I have been taking cannabis for roughly the same time, but recently stopped because I can’t afford it at the moment. Since stopping the use of cannabis my symptoms and pain have become progressively worse. My doctor is reluctant to prescribe cannabis, and advises me to stop smoking all together. I’ve tried countless other methods to help, but nothing seems to work. I’m at the point now when I’m considering to end my own life. How can I convince my GP that prescription cannabis is the way forward for me?

  • Sandra
  • James J

    I am 27, 6′ 3″ and slim build and I have been battling back pain from my hips up for 2 years now. I show strong signs of Fibro and have had tons of tests done and in and out of pain clinics. My life has become hell and all I can focus on is the constant spasms and pain. I need help.

    May I ask how much you all are are dosing to manage your pain and do you have muscle cramping too that releases from THC / CBD?

  • KiAirah Distad

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012. For 3 years, I thought my life was over. I was completely bed ridden. Within the first year, I turned to prescription medication. I started taking opioid. I tried dozens of other kinds of pharmaceuticals. I tried gabapentin, trazadone, lyrics, muscle relaxers such as cyclobenzaprine and soma, SnRis including duloxetine, other tricyclic meds, benzodiazepines, and then a half a dozen other meds to mediate the side effects, constipation, nausea, fatigue, I had the shakes more often than not. I got chills easily. I was super sensitive to every sensation, almost all the time, for years. Eventually, after medical marijuana normalized in the state of Arizona, (It was legalized in 2012, but not yet a thriving industry, and enforcement was still dubious) I finally applied for my card in 2015. Before very long, I was off of the tricyclic, the gabapentin, the benzodiazepines, the stimulants I used for my fatigue, I didn’t need nausea medication any more, I quit taking as much NSAIDS, I even have up the duloxetine. Now I only take one prescription medications alongside cannabis. My functioning has gradually improved. I was able to hold a full time job for 6 months this year, (before being laid off due to business closing,) and am now looking for part-time work. Without cannabis, I was bed ridden, unable to function at all in the normal world. Grocery shopping was a major endeavor. Honestly, sometimes it still is, but cannabis gives me the strength to push through when otherwise I would never be able to. It also helps so much with the pain, it prevents a lot of the psychological stress that came from being in constant, unremitting agony.
    It’s not a cure, I am not well yet. But it helps more than a tackle box full of pills, and that matters. It gives me an effective tool to allow me to cope with my illness well enough to live a more normal, more productive lifestyle. I think careful dosing, moderation, and attention to strain type are crucial to effective treatment, because excessive use can be sedating or cause mood disturbances, but that is like any medicine: use with caution and in moderation. But it has changed my life.

  • You shared useful information in your blog.

    Fibromyalgia is sometimes called ‘invisible misery’ because its effects are not apparent from the outside. ‘Fibro’ is Latin for ‘fibrous tissue’, ‘myo’ is the Greek for muscle, and ‘algia’ is the Greek for ‘pain’. It is classified as a rheumatic disease akin to arthritis because it affects soft fibrous tissue such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and also impairs joints.
    Cannabis is the best treatment for this as I researched and found the cause of fibromyalgia is hotly debated but one theory suggests that it is related to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) which of course brings the endocannabinoid system (ECS) into focus. The ECS is all about maintaining balance in the body, a process known as homeostasis. When there is an imbalance in the system, you suffer from an array of issues as your sleep, mood, muscle spasticity and other aspects of your body are affected. The symptoms associated with an ECS that’s out of alignment are very similar to what happens to people with fibromyalgia.
    Cannabis is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia and other body pain.

  • It works! I’ve been told I have Fibro for four years now. It has been a nightmare in terms of symptoms, the affects it has on your mind and emotional state! The fact that moving and energy has been severely altered. They say exercise, HOW? I can’t move half the time. Frustrating to say the least. I am currently on 3 medications in the process of decreasing usage. Medical Marijuana has been a HUGE benefit to me while battling this disorder (FM is NOT a disease). It works better than my meds, learning how to dose with MJ takes its trials and errors, one time when I didn’t have enough, I could literally FEEL my body, my tender points and where I was stressed. MJ and CBD took me to a place of tolerance and now as I continue to learn how to dose as I continue to decrease my pill intake I am confident I will find my sweet spot and get on a specific routine as I play with different strands for different times of the day/night. Oh! My insomnia has reduced significantly too.

    We need this! Natural and something I never interested in doing in my teens+ now I am an advocate!

  • Manas Wilson

    Twelve years ago i started having some multiple symptoms which brought me to the knowledge of fibromyalgia, as the chronic disorder progressed my symptoms worsened every passing time, with my doctors guidance i was introduced to natural FIBROMYALGIA DISORDER TREATMENT from another herbs doctor on DR BUDE NATURAL REMEDIES HOME (you can simply copy their website link to your web and search it on or email DR.BUDE100 at GMAIL dot COM ).he treatment worked very effectively for my Fibromyalgia, most of my severe symptoms simply vanished within the first 4 weeks on the treatment and i feel better now than I have felt in years and i can feel my strength again. i do not feel the pain aching in my lower abdomen, fatigue, depression and constant headaches. My neurologist was very open when looking at alternative medicines and procedures, this alternative fibromyalgia disease treatment is indeed a breakthrough.

  • When it comes to your health choose wisely. And when it comes to cannabis choose KanaRelief