Cannabis Retail Guide: SpiritLeaf, Stonegate, Calgary

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Spiritleaf already boasts locations across the province and is rapidly expanding into British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

The Alberta-born chain of cannabis stores is quickly establishing itself as a major player in Canadian cannabis retail and the Stonegate outlet, located off Country Hills Boulevard, is fresh on the scene.

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A mere ten minutes from the airport, this cannabis store is poised to become the first stop for many cannabis enthusiasts visiting Calgary. Luckily, the store is warm and welcoming and makes a good first impression.

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Quick Hit

A vibrant oasis in a plaza mainly populated by fast food chains, this store stands out for its friendly staff armed with answers for new and experienced cannabis consumers alike.


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The Vibe

The building proudly displays the brand name on its brick wall exterior while windows are screened with a lakeside photo of Alberta’s pristine mountains.

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True to Spiritleaf’s signature style, this shop offers an elevated experience with a dash of folksy charm. Geometric wallpaper, barn wood paneling, leafy accents, and colourful wall decor.

The store set-up invites customers to explore bud samples in sniffer jars and browse strains on tablets situated on tables.

Customer Service

If you’re new to the retail cannabis experience, chat with knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the ins and outs of how to find a strain that’s right for you.

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Experienced cannabis consumers can browse menu options on one of the conveniently located tablets then head to the counter to place an order with a staff member.

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Products & Price

Like all Spiritleaf locations, Up Cannabis products are prominently featured, though the menu also includes dried flower, prerolls, and oils from brands such as Aurora, Tweed, Plain Packaging, Emerald Health Therapeutics, DNA Genetics, and others.

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Aside from cannabis, the store is stocked with an array of accessories and ancillary items for all your smoking and vaping needs.

Lining the walls, in glass displays, find a rainbow of accessories including natural, unrefined tips, branded grinders and lighters, colorful chrome pipes, bongs, and high quality vaporizers.

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What You Should Know

If you look younger than 25, make sure to bring ID in case you get carded. The store is wheelchair accessible, has ample parking, and is conveniently located in short distance to a dense concentration of munchies: Wendy’s, Tim Hortons, and A&W.

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