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How to find New Mexico’s adult-use marijuana stores

Published on March 29, 2022 · Last updated April 28, 2022
Looking for an open recreational weed store in New Mexico? We've got you covered. (Sasha Beck illustration / Leafly)

Retail cannabis sales for all adults will begin on Friday, April 1, 2022, in New Mexico.

And unlike in most of the other rec-legal states, where individual municipalities and counties have the ultimate say in allowing sales, New Mexico’s legalization law requires all local governments to permit cannabis dispensaries. As a result, 118 medical dispensaries will be open for recreational buyers starting on the morning of April 1.

Keep reading to find out where you can purchase the plant, how to navigate national parks and tribal lands with marijuana, and the particulars of New Mexico’s adult-use cannabis law.

A complete guide to New Mexico’s marijuana products

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New Mexico’s first recreational cannabis stores already exist—as medical marijuana dispensaries. The stores listed below are licensed to sell to all adults 21 and older starting April 1.

We’ve called ahead and confirmed the stores that definitely will be open for recreational sales on April 1. Don‘t forget to bring your cash and state-issued ID.

Leafly’s New Mexico dispensary finder already lists the state’s medical outlets. Starting April 1, we’ll have the latest information on both recreational and medical cannabis stores near you.

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Click store name for address and menu
StoreHours on April 1
OSO Cannabis Company10am - 6pm
Pecos Valley Production9am - 6pm
PurLife8am - 8pm
Ultra Health9am - 7pm


Click store name for address and menu
StoreHours on April 1
Cannaceutics10:30am - 5pm
CG Corrigan10am - 7pm
Everest Cannabis Co. (North Valley)9am - 8pm
Everest Cannabis Co. (South Valley)10am - 7pm
Everest Cannabis Co. (NE Heights)10am - 8pm
Everest Cannabis Co. (Uptown)9am - 8pm
Everest Cannabis Co. (Westside)9am - 7pm
Generational Health10am - 7pm
GrassRoots RX (San Mateo)11am - 6pm
GrassRoots RX (West)11am - 6pm
Green Goods - Albuquerque10am - 8am
Harvest Foundation9am - 7pm
High Desert Relief - Coors10am - 7pm
High Desert Relief - Albuquerque10am - 7pm
Keyway Marketplace - Montgomery10am - 7pm
Keyway Marketplace - Jefferson10am - 7pm
Minerva Canna - Westside10am - 7pm
Minerva - Southside10am - 7pm
Natural RX - Alameda9am - 6pm
Natural RX - Lead10am - 7pm
Organtica - Albuquerque10am - 7pm
Pecos Valley Production - Albuquerque10am-6pm
PurLife - Tramway8am - 8pm
PurLife - Menaul8am - 8pm
PurLife - Montgomery8am - 8pm
PurLife - Shelton8am - 8pm
R. Greenleaf Organics - Northeast Heights10am - 7pm
R. Greenleaf Organics - Cottonwood10am - 7pm
R. Greenleaf Organics - Midtown 10am - 7pm
R. Greenleaf Organics - Nob Hill10am - 7pm
R. Greenleaf Organics - West Side10am - 9pm
Sacred Garden - San Mateo9am - 6pm
Sacred Garden - Cutler Ave12 noon - 8pm
Sandia Botanicals10am - 7pm
Seven Clover - Nob Hill9am - 9pm
Seven Clover - Juan Tabo9am - 9pm
SWOP (Southwest Organic Producers) - Central10:30am - 6pm
SWOP - Montgomery10:30am - 6pm
SWOP - 98th Street10:30am - 6pm
SWOP - San Pedro10:30am - 6pm
The Verdes Foundation10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - North Valley10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - SE Heights10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - South Valley10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Nob Hill Birdland10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Westside10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - NE / Menaul Blvd10am - 7pm
Urban Wellness - 98th Street10am - 8pm
Urban Wellness - Academy10am - 8pm
Urban Wellness - Paradise10am - 8pm
Urban Wellness - Paseo10am - 8pm
Urban Wellness - San Mateo10am - 8pm


StoreHours on April 1
Minerva Canna - Bernalillo10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Bernalillo10am - 7pm


Click store name for address and menu
StoreHours on April 1
OSO Cannabis Co. - Carlsbad10am - 6pm
Healthy Education Society - Carlsbad11am - 7pm
Pecos Valley Production - Carlsbad10am - 6pm
Pecos Valley Production - Mermod10am - 6pm


StoreHours on April 1
Ultra Health - Clayton10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
Pecos Valley Production - Clovis9am - 6pm
Southwest Organic Producers - Clovis10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Clovis10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
Southwest Organic Producers - Corrales10:30am - 6pm


StoreHours on April 1
Southwest Cannabis - Española10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Española10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
New Mexico Alternative Care10am - 7pm
PurLife - Farmington10am - 6pm
Ultra Health - Farmington10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
Red Barn Growers - Gallup10am - 6pm


StoreHours on April 1
GrassRoots RX - Grants9am - 6pm
R. Greenleaf Organics - Grants10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
OSO Cannabis Co. - Hobbs10am - 6pm
Pecos Valley Production - Hobbs9am - 6pm
PurLife - Hobbs8am - 6pm
Ultra Health - Hobbs10am - 7pm

Las Cruces

StoreHours on April 1
Everest Cannabis Co. - Las Cruces East9am - 8pm
OSO Cannabis Co. - Las Cruces10am - 6pm
Pecos Valley Production - Las Cruces9am - 6pm
Pecos Valley Production - Roadrunner9am - 6pm
PurLife - Las Cruces8am - 8pm
R. Greenleaf Organics - Las Cruces10am - 7pm
Sacred Garden - Las Cruces10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Las Cruces10am - 7pm

Las Vegas, NM

StoreHours on April 1
Minerva Canna - Las Vegas10am - 7pm

Los Lunas

StoreHours on April 1
Everest Cannabis Co. - Los Lunas9am - 8pm
Minerva Canna - Los Lunas10am - 7pm
Natural RX - Los Lunas9am - 6pm
Ultra Health - Los Lunas10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
CG Corrigan - Placitas10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
OSO Cannabis Co. - Portales10am - 6pm
Pecos Valley Production - Portales9am - 6pm
Southwest Organic Producers - Portales10am - 7pm

Rio Rancho

StoreHours on April 1
Natural RX - Rio Rancho9am - 6pm
PurLife - Rio Rancho8am - 8pm
Seven Clover - Rio Rancho9am - 9pm
The Verdes Foundation - Rio Rancho10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Rio Rancho10am - 7pm


Opening day cancelled in Roswell: Sorry, folks. Dispensaries in the city of Roswell will not be selling cannabis to non-patients on April 1. City officials have been slow-walking the permitting process that would allow existing dispensaries to sell to all adults 21 and older.

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Your local Roswell city council members are always happy to hear from you. If you’d like to voice your opinion on this issue, contact information is available here.


StoreHours on April 1
OSO Cannabis Co. - Ruidoso10am - 6pm
Pecos Valley Production - Ruidoso9am - 6pm

Santa Fe

Click store name for address and menu
StoreHours on April 1
Best Daze - Airport Road10am - 9pm
CG Corrigan - Santa Fe10am - 7pm
Fruit of the Earth Organics10am - 6pm
Keyway Marketplace - Bisbee10am - 6pm
KURE - Downtown10am - 6pm
KURE - Cerrillos Road (Drive-thru)10am - 9pm
Minerva Canna - Santa Fe10am - 7pm
Red Barn Growers - Santa Fe10am - 7pm
Sacred Garden - Santa Fe10am - 7pm
Southwest Cannabis - Santa Fe10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Cerrillos10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - St. Michael's10am - 7pm

Silver City

StoreHours on April 1
Organtica - Silver City10am - 7pm
Ultra Health - Silver City10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
Natural RX - Socorro9am - 6pm
Seven Point Farms - Socorro10am - 6pm

Sunland Park

StoreHours on April 1
Ultra Health - Sunland Park10am - 7pm


StoreHours on April 1
Southwest Cannabis - Taos10am - 7pm

Truth or Consequences

StoreHours on April 1
PurLife Dispensary9am - 7pm

Looking for cannabis lounges?

They’re not legal yet.

In crafting the state’s adult-use cannabis program, New Mexico officials offered some guidance on cannabis consumption lounges, where adults can use the plant legally in an indoor venue similar to a hookah lounge. But those plans have yet to materialize. For the time being, marijuana consumption is legal only at private residences where the owner has given permission for people inside to use the plant.

Unlike dispensaries, cannabis lounges are subject to local laws and regulations – meaning local governments can ban them altogether.

Reminder: Don’t take weed into national parks

New Mexico’s popular national parks might seem like perfect places to light up while beholding a plethora of beautiful natural scenery. But it’s important to remember that national parks are federally operated and regulated, and that possessing, selling, or consuming cannabis on federal land is still illegal. 

Getting busted with weed in national parks can lead to huge penalties, including criminal convictions, fines and probation—even for residents of marijuana-legal states.

Look for tribal stores to open soon

Tribal reservations, which are considered their own sovereign nations, may also soon offer cannabis sales.

While federal law generally applies on the reservations, New Mexico’s tribes have signed a compact with the office of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to negotiate separate deals with state authorities to permit dispensaries.

A state spokeswoman said while no agreements have yet been made, the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo and the Picuris Pueblo tribes have both began negotiations to open marijuana stores on their lands in the coming months.

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