At a Glance

Dispensary: The Jazz Club

Location: 16890 Telegraph Rd., Detroit

Medical/recreational: Medical

Owner: The Jazz Club is operated by a team of volunteers

Years in business: 1.5

Number of reviews in 2016: 1,166

Total products: 466

  • Flower products: 81
  • Concentrate products: 72
  • Edible products: 36
  • Pre-rolls: 12
  • Cannabis seeds: 8
  • Other products: 257
Front counter at The Jazz Club dispensary in Detroit, Michigan
The Jazz Club, located at 16890 Telegraph Road in Detroit, Mich. (Sean Proctor for Leafly)

The Jazz Club began as a small operation serving only close friends and family members before deciding to expand based on initial positive feedback they received. In 2015, they became a full-scale medical provisioning center for familiar and new patients alike throughout the Detroit community. They have continued with that model ever since, even through rocky times in the Michigan cannabis scene.

The building itself used to be an actual jazz club as well as a Detroit landmark, and The Jazz Club team believes that through their operation, the live music and great atmosphere of years past is kept alive; in fact, they pride themselves on staying true to the club’s original roots. The shop is welcoming to all customers and patients, and the volunteers here take pride in providing an unusually expansive selection of high-quality medication, with myriad strains, edibles, and concentrates on hand to help ease a variety of conditions.

When visiting The Jazz Club, don’t be shy about asking for recommendations. Molly, a volunteer at the shop, is among the numerous representatives who are always happy to help: after all, she says, “Knowing that I can help a patient with his or her serious medical condition is what motivates me!”

In addition to The Jazz Club’s expansive selection of flower and infused products, be sure to browse the wide array of smoking, vaping, and dabbing accessories. And after picking up some fresh product, fight the munchies at Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips, another Detroit landmark just a few blocks away.

Waiting room at The Jazz Club dispensary in Detroit, Michigan
Waiting room in The Jazz Club, located at 16890 Telegraph Road in Detroit, Mich. (Sean Proctor for Leafly)

In The Jazz Club’s Words*

What is the surrounding neighborhood like? “One word: beautiful!”

What inspires you to come to work? “Seeing the look on a patient’s face knowing that we can provide the best medication with a great atmosphere is priceless.”

Advice to first-time visitors: “Don’t be afraid. Medical provisioning centers are not ‘weed spots.’ The Jazz Club is a professional alternative to medicine.”

Favorite strain or product?Blue Dream is one of our personal favorite strains that leaves you very relaxed after a long hard working day.”

The Jazz Club in Detroit, Michigan - one of the best dispensaries from Leafly List 2016
Exterior of The Jazz Club, located at 16890 Telegraph Road in Detroit, Mich.(Sean Proctor for Leafly)

What Leafly Reviewers Say

The Jazz Club is a “clean and comfortable” dispensary with “quick service” and a “crazy selection” of flowers, concentrates, and edibles. The location boasts a “far bigger selection of medicine” than any others in the area, and the staff is “always friendly.” Don’t miss out on their many deals and Patient Rewards Points Program!

Runner-Up: Healing Tree Wellness Center (Detroit, MI)

*Note: Due to ongoing law enforcement raids in the Michigan cannabis community, some names have been omitted by request.