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What Is CBN (Cannabinol) & What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

May 12, 2015
(Anna Erastova, jfelton/iStock)

Updated 7/30/19

If you use cannabis, you’ve probably heard all about it’s two most popular cannabinoids, THC and CBD. But these aren’t the only cannabinoids produced by the plant. You’ll also find minor cannabinoids, like CBN (cannabinol), among others.

These medicinal compounds, unique to cannabis alone, can be very different from each other in terms of their effects and medicinal benefits. So, if you want to know how your cannabis will affect you, learning about the different cannabinoids is the first step.

So, let’s get to know CBN a little better.


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What Are the Potential Benefits of CBN (Cannabinol)?

CBN is a non-intoxicating compound that is best known as the cannabinoid created when THC ages. For that reason, it’s usually present in high amounts in older cannabis. While this might be a turn-off for some, others seek out older cannabis just to enjoy the effects of CBN.

Here are a few of the potential benefits of CBN currently being explored in research. Keep in mind, current research on CBN is limited with very few studies demonstrating its effects in the human body.


The most impactful cannabis studies of all time


Studies on CBN have found that it may be a potent antibacterial agent. In lab settings, CBN was tested on strains of MRSA bacteria that are resistant to traditional antibiotics. Researchers found it to be a potent antibacterial agent against these resistant strains. Perhaps in the future, we will see CBN being used to fight off bacterial infections that our usual antibiotics can’t heal.


CBN may also be a powerful neuroprotectant. In one rodent study, researchers used CBN as a treatment for ALS and found that it was able to delay the onset of the condition. While human studies need to be done, this suggests that CBN may provide a powerful tool in the fight against ALS and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Appetite Stimulation

In rodent studies, CBN increased the amount of food that rat subjects ate, suggesting that it could be an effective appetite stimulant. Since some avoid THC (another well-known appetite stimulant) due to its intoxicating effects, CBN could potentially offer an alternative for those seeking the munchies without the high—but more research is needed.


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CBN may also be helpful for those suffering from glaucoma. One study on rabbits found that CBN (as well as THC) reduces intraocular pressure—the biggest risk factor for glaucoma. Still, research is in early stages and CBN hasn’t been shown to be superior to other glaucoma medications. More research is needed to know if cannabinoids could ever effectively replace any traditional treatments for glaucoma.


CBN may also be a potent anti-inflammatory agent capable of helping those with rheumatoid arthritis. In one rodent study, CBN was shown to reduce arthritis. While more research needs to be done, this could end up being an incredible help to those suffering from this debilitating condition.


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Popular Misconceptions About CBN

If you’ve read about CBN before, you may be surprised that you didn’t see “insomnia” on the list of medical benefits above. CBN is often praised as a super-sedative, but reputations can be deceiving.


The ‘sleepy’ cannabinoid CBN might not actually be sedating

Although there hasn’t been much research on CBN’s sedating effects (or lack thereof), one human study did look at this question back in the 1970s. While the study was small, none of the respondents reported that CBN made them feel sleepy.

So why does everyone say that it’s sedating?

In other words, the older cannabis that is high in CBN is also high in sedating terpenes. These terpenes, rather than the CBN, could account for the sedative effects.

Well there are two possible reasons, and they both lead back to one source: People noticed that older cannabis (which is high in CBN) makes them sleepy and assumed it must be the CBN.

First, it may be that the combination of CBN and THC is what actually causes the sedative effect.

In the same study that found CBN didn’t make subjects sleepy, researchers tested CBN alone, CBN with THC, and THC alone. While THC produced some drowsiness on its own, the combination of the two produced even higher levels of drowsiness. So perhaps those enjoying high CBN cannabis, which also contains THC, have noticed the synergistic effects and assumed the sedative effect was attributable to the CBN alone.


The entourage effect: How cannabis compounds may be working together

But even without the THC connection, there may be other factors which cause higher CBN cannabis to be sedating.

“Pure CBN is not particularly sedating,” explains leading cannabis researcher and neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo, “But it is typically found in aged cannabis in which the monoterpenoids have evaporated leaving the more sedating oxygenated sesquiterpenoids. This accounts for the discrepancy.”

In other words, the older cannabis that is high in CBN is also high in sedating terpenes (other active chemicals in the plant). These terpenes, rather than the CBN, could account for the sedative effects.


Which Cannabis Terpenes Soothe Insomnia & Where Can You Find Them?

While CBN may not be sedating on its own, you may be able to take advantage of its synergistic effects with THC to get the sleep inducing effects you are looking for.

Another misconception about CBN is that high CBN products will always be non-intoxicating. While CBN alone is non-intoxicating, it can actually increase euphoric effects of THC. If you are looking to take advantage of CBN’s benefits without a high, make sure you are using products that don’t contain much THC.

How to Find CBN (Cannabinol) Cannabis Products

While CBN isn’t particularly plentiful in fresh or cured cannabis, it can often be found in older cannabis, particularly cannabis that has been exposed to a lot of oxygen. CBN is actually created from THC when it is oxidized (exposed to oxygen over time).

Still, leaving your cannabis out in the open air might not be the most efficient way of getting CBN. Brands are beginning to offer products with isolated CBN, usually in the form of tinctures or edibles (and, ironically, marketed as sleep aids). These pure CBN products are a great way to test out the cannabinoid yourself and see if it’s helpful for you.

Emily Earlenbaugh's Bio Image

Emily Earlenbaugh

Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh is a cannabis writer and educator. She is the Director of Education for Mindful Cannabis Consulting, where she teaches patients how to find the cannabis options that work best for them. She regularly writes about cannabis science and culture for publications like Cannabis Now Magazine, SF Chronicle’s GreenState, HelloMD, and Big Buds Magazine. Emily has a doctorate in philosophy of science from UC Davis.

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  • Taryn Talley

    Do you know of any cbn based products I could buy? Thanks

    • Nathanael Passanante

      CBN is increased in the plant by degradation of THC to CBNa which converts through decarboxylation (heat). I just did an RSO run (alcohol to extract) on 2 year old trim which has obviously had most of it THC degraded to CBN, I just took a dab and WOW the anxiety relief, pain relief and appetite stimulation are amazing and im a hard case. Best bet is to get CHEAP weed or trim and make edibles or RSO. Degrade the THC to CBN by UV light or Heat then extract. Im having a bout of tooth pain, i just ran out of my pain meds and I didnt realize this trim was going to make such a strong CBN product. every extract ive ever made that i believed degraded to CBN all smelt the same, its a musty smell hard to pinpoint but very noticeable. Im feeling much better and im HUNGRY which is rare for me I have a chronic stomach condition.

      • Annebell Bell

        Thank you very much I have similar issues and I really appreciate the information have a blessed day and again thank you

    • Daniel Stevens an look under edibles.

    • Daniel Stevens
    • Frankie

      It’s very easy to make a high CBN edible. I am Frankie Mountain on FB. I have a bird as my avatar. Contact me for the recipe. All you need is 4 grams of veg and 6 tbs coconut oil. Makes 40-50 doses.

      • Karen Ferrandi

        hello I will contact you on FB, im hoping to learn more on CBN edible for my anxiety/depression

      • Vicki Martz

        Frankie: I can’t find you on FB

    • Che

      Ethos Sleep tincture with CBN.

    • Would love to help you out!

      • nancy foote

        how can you extract Cannabinol from hemp? Isn’t hemp extremely low or lacking completely THC? And if cannabinol is extracted from THC and Hemp lacks this compound…reason would say it can’t be done. Could you please explain…

    • 143jeanne

      Moonlion products. Just bought some today.

  • rockstar

    Superbud by greenhouse amsterdam is supposed to have a high cbn content.

  • Charles Michael

    So, to make a high CBN tincture at home I put the unheated weed in an open glass jar in a window exposed to sunlight? For how long?

  • Love❤Bud

    Try ethos innovates Sleep tincture with CBN if you’re in Washington, it’s fast acting and potent af ❤🍃👌

    • Che

      I like this product as well!

  • Crystal Sluka

    I just leave it in my zip lock bag turn heater on until it feels like summer in my room everyday all day, not knowing anything about pot yet and it made me vary sleepy on raw weed.

  • Holt Webb

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            You’re right. That would be the obvious choice if the field had more resources. I’m open to options. Give me an alternative source with writers who can read and write properly.

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        True. The information contained herein is very important and very appreciated. 🙂 But, as you stated, this is a professional publication that competes in an international forum. It isn’t just some blog. And, as an internationally respected source of information, the editor should consider it a priority to proofread the articles for such amateur and lazy mistakes. Professionalism in writing weighs heavily in that writing’s credibility.

        Given the same exact information in two different articles, the one written poorly will not be taken as seriously as the one written well.

        Bad grammar and lazy writing is becoming more common as online articles rush to get their information out without proofreading or even fact-checking. There is at least one article within the Leafly archives that tried to use a bible quote to support cannabis use (which would be fantastic if it existed), but they didn’t research the quote, took the quote out of context and thereby passed on incorrect information as truth. It was not intentional, but it was definitely lazy.

        I love the information provided herein, but am put off by some of the writers’ laziness and ignorance and by the editor’s indifference. It forces me to second guess the validity of the source and the info. (For what it’s worth, I’m a writer and former proofreader, and to help “further the cause” I offered to proofread their articles for free… they declined.)

        • ggmds


        • Nitpicking grammar and spelling makes you seem like someone who isn’t very smart, but is trying hard to seem smart.

          Actually smart people invest heavily in information-gathering from global sources, seeking out knowledge from wherever it may be found, in whatever form its found in.

          Actually smart people read right through spelling and grammar mistakes without batting an eye, because actually smart people know everyone makes mistakes, and no, we don’t think someone has to invest tons of extra time making sure our royal asses are adequately pampered before we deem their efforts read-worthy.

          You’ve probably never left America, learned a foreign language, or spoken to someone in-depth who has poor English It most certainly doesn’t invalidate the meaning or content. It really makes you sound like a redneck who manages to formulate passable sentences in the only language that you know, who makes fun of everyone who doesn’t speak perfect English as their 2nd or 3rd language as being stupid.

          This isn’t The New Yorker. We don’t expect The New Yorker level of writing. But even the best publications make spelling and grammatical errors, and even the best proofreaders make frequent mistakes.

          So, if you can’t read an article that contains mistakes without attacking the writer, 1.) you’re certainly not a professional writer, and 2.) you may want to just stop reading in general.

          • Susanna Withers

            Dude. You’re doing a pretty good job “attacking the writer” yourself. Calm down. Calling someone a redneck who has “never left America” (and there are a LOT of people who have never left America, some because they can’t afford to do so or have been too sick all their lives to do so, so let’s not judge) is mean and uncalled-for. The commenter pointed out, correctly, that A) grammar and spelling mistakes tend to make content seem unprofessional, and that B) a large, internationally-used reference website shouldn’t publish articles without fact-checking and proofreading. Your implication that his opinion somehow makes him an Anglocentric bigot is completely ridiculous. While I agree that the content is the most important part of a website, I also think that if that content is presented with a ton of spelling and punctuation errors it really does lower its credibility. Error-filled articles say to me that the website’s creators didn’t care enough about the content (or its audience) to bother to even proofread it before hitting Publish. Factual errors are even worse, especially since so many people depend on this site for guidance in their medical treatment choices.

            Regardless, there will always be people who don’t care about grammar and people who care a lot about grammar, and the people who care will always look like asses to the people who don’t care, who will always look like morons to the people who care. I think grammar is important enough to comment about, but not important enough to warrant undeserved character attacks. Live and let live. (But you might as well punctuate your life correctly while you’re living it.)

            Now you two boys share a nice joint of GSC and watch some reruns of Cheers together and you’ll be friends in no time.

          • Andrew Park

            Actual smart people don’t condescendingly tell other people how lacking they are in intelligence. That just makes you a smart asshole. And I completely agree that a professional website should be free of simple grammatical mistakes. It completely takes you out of the flow of reading.

          • 1) Caring about proper grammar and spelling is a part of intellectual culture. Why do you think “actually smart people” passively let a language get butchered?
            2) I am actually a first generation immigrant to the United States. My first language was Russian, and around the age of 4 I began learning English. I did not learn English until the beginning of elementary school, mostly from talking to students in class and reading books like I was an addict. I have learned the value of proper grammar and spelling, because I know the hardship of learning this language. I know both sides to this, but I appreciate grammar and spelling more.
            3) Have multiple people proofread, or read it over multiple times. You’re not “actually” smart, or you’d know the scientific method of doing it over and over again to minimize mistakes.

            Conclusion: you are a joke. Learn to appreciate the language you speak, learn to use it properly for communication to be clear, and get your head out of your ass.

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        I reread the article, and didn’t find any glaring mistakes. It presented the information in an understandable way, which is what REALLY counts. I didn’t notice any glaring mistakes in grammar or spelling, so I wonder what all this pretentious comments were even talking about. Stoned people pretending like they are better editors? Please!

    • MDOT Mafia

      I’m jumping in here — because in reading the comments, I find it more than reasonably below average to discover that there are some, who wish to keep a site like this, and this industry ignorant-and-ridiculous.

      I do not think that anybody reasonably expects a staff writer or blogger for this online publication to be on caliber with the writer at the New Yorker, or Washington Post. However, as this site is raising money, charging for access, and positioning itself to support this industry — including education (especially for those discovering, new to, or experiencing a paradigm shift, from their prohibitive cannabis upbringing) it is essential to publish superlatively.

      When a publication chooses to distinguish itself; to be seen as a subject-matter-expert. It becomes increasingly difficult to take that publication seriously — which itself, does not seem to hold itself to standards, that first-year journalism exposes us to, as it tries to establish ‘literary norms’ and editorial process.

      Grammar, punctuation, and readability are as important as substance. Otherwise, it cheapens the discourse and could threaten to make the entire case for those who seek to discredit, disrupt, and otherwise marginalize the people-and-companies striving to make headway, and effective change for those positively influenced, cared for and relieved by Cannabis.

      So in joining with @holtwebb:disqus, I would suggest some copyediting, and readability editing professionals come onboard and create an editorial process for Leafly’s online publication.

      We may find — that instead of being dismissed outright; backlinks and print magazines will begin to view Leafly and their writers as valuable resources to quote, site, and refer — rather than using the industry (as a whole) as a cudgel, to continue an asinine American prohibition.

    • Tracy Perry

      You people are killing me!!! I’m trying to learn about CBD, & CBN…NOT F*CKING “PROPER ENGLISH SPELLING LESSONS!!!”
      Now PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP & STOP YOUR DAMN CRITICISM!!!(like your opinion matters anyway! Lmao!)
      Seriously though people come here to educate themselves on marijuana & the benefits of…I live in constant pain & don’t have time for your shit!

      Best wishes to all❣️

    • Kal El

      What does spelliing have to do with credability?

    • Nick

      There’s barely any typos or grammatical errors. Also, the information displayed here are facts about this cannabinoid.

    • Jevona Anderson


      We are ganja writers….you have to be well studied in languages to keep up. Relax and study…This is Indigenous Moors from North America Land and we speak American Languages 1st and the invaders language there way when we need to. #ChiefMoonflowerElBey
      Blissings Beloved.

  • Tommy Gleason

    Not difficult at all! I make my own tincture for treating my Epilepsy – as I live in a state where MMJ legislation is a bad joke (Georgia lol!)
    That being said, I have to get creative on how I can get to the legal safety net of “Allowed to Possess 20 Fluid Ounces or Less of Low-THC CBD Tincture”.
    End of sentence, they didn’t explain how to acquire it – matter of fact its illegal AF to do so in ANY manner. They just expect us to conjure it up with no ingredients.

    All that being said, I am a bit of a chemistry nerd, this helps me to keep the hunt for new ways to alter my recipes and experiment all I want since I am the only person taking it for any medical purpose but that leads me to a great system of trial and error.

  • Christian Zamora-Garcia

    Or make it yourself

  • Jamal Heard

    If you are a frequent dabber, smoke your re-claim, it is very high in CBN !

  • Harut Tash

    Hi my name is Harut. i’m trying to use a cutting agent for my co2 oil, can someone please help or guide me for the proper formula, i currently bought propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. i’m trying to incorporate them together? Did cold, hot, individually, 2 to 1 ratio, all the way 8 to 1 ratio. thank you!

  • Mike Brown

    CBN has helped me during the day with body tension and even my anxiety

  • Sandra Morales

    Good info! Thanx!

  • alindartist

    can I just Slowww cook the flower in coconut oil then strain to get the goods? .. do I have to bake it Then soak?…

  • Kenn Hiser

    Not to mention this article is copied almost word for word from the High Times website article.

  • junglebear1

    your body is full of cabinoide receptors, those compounds react with beta 1 and beta 2 receptors in the body , cbd1 and cbd2 as well as cbn react with those compounds to keep your lungs and heart working correctly, fact is the body produces these compounds naturally but not enough to combat immune system problems , that is why pot is here in the first place and why big pharma wants to keep it illegal

  • DrAnna Nordin

    the isolate is now available.

  • DrAnna Nordin

    I have been looking for weeks to find CBN isolate or distillate for my patients but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. This is sad, because i have now have to start putting them back on valium again. The medical marijuana program still needs work!

    • 143jeanne

      I just bought some today.Moonlion is the producer,.70 dollars for one fluid oz. here in Ca.

  • Jamie Lant

    I made POTENT CBN oil at home by simply using vegetable oil to clean out a very well used trimming machine. This machine had been used for over a decade with thousands of runs so there was a thick layer of hash built up inside which had quite a long time to oxidize. I discovered my creation on accident when I realized that I kept taking naps every time I handled the oil. Turns out it’s also an extremely efficient pain killer too- people keep asking for more (I give it away for free) and use it instead of their prescription opioides. I met a woman at a festival with a broken ankle and she said it stopped her pain within 5 minutes. One elderly woman who uses it says its the best thing ever simply because there is no head change and she likes to stay sober. I show people this article when I tell them about it. 🙂

    • Kit Carsen

      Thanks for that! Some real positive comments and results! This is what is needed in this forum.
      kind regards

  • pharmerdavid

    I have chronic insomnia, so I’m using some old bud I grew two summers ago, which I had never used or processed. I had thought it was going to be wasted, but it might be the medicine I desperately need for sleep! Living in the city LED lights on the streets, and computer screens, plus microwave pollution, have made it very difficult to sleep. Judging from the large sleep aid section of the natural food stores, insomnia has become epidemic. I already use chamomile, valerian, kava, kratom, hops, and heavy indica cannabis strains with high CBD levels, but still have a hard time sleeping. CBN may be just what I need…?

  • Rose Grossi

    Has there been any new research on CBN? The second question I have is if the cannabis industry is trying to help alleviate medical conditions why don’t they carry high CBD or CBN products and when they do happen to have any they charge far more for it than the highest THC products! I have pretty much given up and I’m not alone! I think that they are exclusively catering to the people who want to be use recreational marijuana and pretending they are a “medical marijuana dispensary”🙄

  • Nick

    I really have no idea why the fuck some people commenting are extremely hell-bent about some minuscule typographical errors, which most people agree aren’t even there. The point of this article is to learn about a cannabinoid, cannabinol, not to knit-pick the fucking article. Can we all just calm down now instead of going on an investigation for slight flaws in this page? Thank you.

  • Great post. There has been a lot more research and development on CBN since this was written. It is possible to develop CBN from CBGa and there are other methods as well besides just old THC. We have a high CBN wax available on our site that has non-detectable THC.

  • GreenBridge Medical

    I believe that most of the CBN in patches and tinctures is from CBN isolates made in the laboratory. In order to have CBN in cannabis, it absolutely requires heat and oxidative changes of THC. Therefore, there will never be a strain high in CBN. I have taken cannabis and left it for weeks under light and added heat and only got 5% CBN, way too little to work with, considering the THC levels were still pretty much unchanged. I am concerned that we may need to settle on using molecular CBN made in a lab blended into other whole plant tinctures

  • Kit Carsen

    Where is a moderator for this comment forum? What a waste of reading time. Not very useful when all there is to discuss is grammar and spelling! I came here to learn about cannabinoids.