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Haute Box: 9 Must-Have Home Cannabis Appliances

June 1, 2017
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(Courtesy of Levo)
While medical and recreational dispensaries are breaking sales records across legal states year after year, there’s a surge in startup companies and revamps of established classics making home cultivating and concocting easier than ever before. From refrigerator-like incubators to countertop botanical extractors, use our list of the latest innovative appliances to achieve the highest caliber of in-house experimentation.

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Haute Box: 12 Luxury Cannabis Smoking Products and Accessories

Leaf, $2,990

(Courtesy of Leaf)

For earliest adopters and greenest home growers, this proprietary “plug-n-plant” system automatically grows flower (and food if you really want) in a full cycle from seed to dried cannabis. A touch of its app lets owners check in through its in-unit camera and control settings like temperature and humidity from anywhere. For now, Leaf can only be purchased with a medical marijuana prescription in states where medicinal use is legal.


Levo Oil Infuser, $199.99

(Courtesy of Levo)

After five years of development and engineering, this highly designed device was built to make creating oils and butters super simple—and clean. With dishwasher-safe pieces, internal strain operation, and touch screen control settings, it’s so user-friendly, you’ll be cooking up craft infusions for every meal. Plus, it fits right in with your KitchenAid on the counter.


Nova Decarboxylator, $210

(Courtesy of Nova)

Created by the biotech and medical cannabis device company Ardent, this laboratory-grade decarb machine makes home dosing more accurate, and allows patients to consume activated cannabis sublingually for full-spectrum uptake in minutes. It holds up to an ounce of flower and helps avoid irritation to the lungs or GI tract when smoking or vaporizing. It is also designed to maximize cannabinoids in edibles, extracts, and tinctures.



What is decarboxylation, and why does your cannabis need it?

Seedo, $1,600

(Courtesy of Seedo)

The most compact of the autogrow boxes, Seedo saves space but still packs plenty of tech in its app-controlled airtight unit. Designed to simulate ideal natural growing conditions using a full spectrum LED lighting system, you’ll get bragworthy yields with no prior experience needed. Think driverless car meets hydroponics—you really don’t have to do a thing aside from live-streaming what’s happening inside via its HD camera.


CannaCloud, price TBA

(Courtesy of CannaCloud)

The Keurig of kush successfully closed its Series A round of funding in January and has plans to roll out across legal states later this year. As the world’s first single-use pod-based vaporizing system, it plans to deliver unprecedented quality, convenience, and consistency through a complete system that includes the ground-breaking device; single-use, pre-measured “CannaCloud Pods” filled with lab-tested ground cannabis; and an automated processing and filling machine, the “CannaMatic.”


Volcano Digit with Easy Valve Starter Set, $599

(Courtesy of Volcano)

Take the guessing out of your temperature game with the latest model from the original vaporizer. The quintessential tabletop device for both connoisseurs and novices alike, every Volcano is still handmade in Tuttlingen, Germany by the Storz & Bickel Company, where it all began in 1996.



The Volcano: A History of the World’s Most Iconic Cannabis Vaporizer

Magical Butter, $174.95

(Courtesy of Magical Butter)

“The world’s first countertop botanical extractor” emerged on the cannabis scene early on (2012), revolutionizing the home infusion process. It grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps herbal extracts, all at the correct time intervals and temperature, which is useful for everything from oils and butters to lotions and tinctures. It also comes with a heat-resistant, non-slip “LoveGlove” for safe handling and a Purify Filter bag for superior straining.


Grobo One Grow Box, $1,699

(Courtesy Grobo)

Co-founded by a young Waterloo, Canada-based duo, the 14” x 14” x 4’ unit’s multi-color, growth-accelerating lighting system and energy-saving design set it apart. Also app-controlled, users can create custom recipes to cultivate cannabis or even a fully functional organic vegetable garden, which you can see through a fluid glass panel that switches from transparent to opaque. After an initial launch earlier this year, it’s currently sold out, but orders will open again this summer.


Source Turbo, $599

(Courtesy of Source Turbo)

Using a vacuum-like process, this appliance by ExtractCraft gently warms flower to extract and concentrate essential oils in under three hours. The closed-loop system is safe, clean, and capable of restricting unwanted odors to almost nothing.


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