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Hey, Pennsylvania! Save $25 on your medical card with HelloMD

Presented ByHelloMDPublished on November 1, 2023
This article is sponsored by HelloMD. Image courtesy of HelloMD. Leafly may earn a commission from this article. Availability is subject to law.

Get approved with HelloMD’s fast & easy process or your money back.

Good news, Pennsylvanians. There’s never been a better time to sign up for a medical marijuana card, and it’s all thanks to our partner HelloMD. They’re offering Leafly readers an exclusive $25 savings when you get approved for a medical card online with HelloMD, using code LEAFLY at checkout.

So, not only will you get all the benefits of a medical card, you’ll keep more money in your wallet, too. Plus, if you don’t get approved, you get your money back, guaranteed. What’s not to love? 

HelloMD is one of the most trusted sources for medical cards around. They put patients in contact with friendly, knowledgeable healthcare practitioners and experts who will help you get approved and recommend cannabis products best suited for you.

HelloMD has issued more than 200,000 medical cannabis cards to satisfied customers during their 10+ years of serving patients. If you need the relief that medical cannabis can provide, then you owe it to yourself to check out HelloMD today.

Presented ByHelloMD
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