New Strains Alert: Grape OX, Khalifa Kush, Sweet Cheese, Middlefork, and Aceh

This week's new strains are a mix of old and new genetics, beginning with the sativa landraces known as "Aceh" in Indonesia. Also new to the Explorer is the sativa Sweet Cheese which mixes genetics from two classic parent strains. Middlefork hails from Washington state, where it was originally grown between the fork of two rivers. Grape OX was among the winners at this year's Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup, and Khalifa Kush is an OG strain that was built to rap artist Wiz Khalifa's specifications. Such privilege.

Give these new strains a review if you've tried them!

   1. Grape OX

Characteristics of Grape OX:

   2. Khalifa Kush

Characteristics of Khalifa Kush:

  • Hybrid strain
  • Bred for the rap artist Wiz Khalifa
  • Contains OG Kush genetics
  • Sour lemon and pine aroma
  • Brings an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use

   3. Sweet Cheese

Characteristics of Sweet Cheese:

   4. Middlefork

Characteristics of Middlefork:

   5. Aceh

Characteristics of Aceh: