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STORZ & BICKEL launch “with Love for Peace” campaign and limited-edition PEACE VOLCANO

Presented BySTORZ & BICKELPublished on September 12, 2022
This article is sponsored by STORZ & BICKEL. Image courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL.

Give PEACE a chance with STORZ & BICKEL.

Ever since the VOLCANOdry-herb vaporizer launched in 2000, STORZ & BICKEL have shown themselves to be a leading light in the cannabis industry. They take this responsibility seriously; not only do they believe in developing incredibly high-quality, reliable products, but in giving back to the global community, as well.

In response to the shocking invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, STORZ & BICKEL have launched the “with Love for Peace” campaign, an unprecedented charitable endeavor for the famed vaporizer brand. As part of this program, STORZ & BICKEL are offering the PEACE VOLCANO, a limited-edition version of their classic flagship product, the VOLCANO dry-herb vaporizer. For every PEACE VOLCANO sold, STORZ & BICKEL will donate €100.00 ($98.87 USD) to one of four deserving charities that are doing everything in their power to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people. 

Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

The PEACE VOLCANO includes everything you know and love about the VOLCANO CLASSIC, but with a few additional touches that set it apart. The desktop dry-herb vaporizer uses convection and conduction heating in order to extract the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes out of your flower, no flame required. This makes for a smoother, healthier session with your favorite strains. The limited-edition PEACE VOLCANO features a completely satin white finish with black switches, an engraved serial number and logo, and finally, the words “with Love for Peace” laser engraved in a unique calligraphy style. And when we say limited we mean limited; there are only 1000 models available, so get your PEACE VOLCANO vaporizer today and help the Ukrainians that much sooner. 

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Each and every STORZ & BICKEL product, including the PEACE VOLCANO, is constructed in Tuttlingen, Germany, a globally known center for medical device manufacturing. There, the engineers behind the legendary vaporizers subject their creations to a battery of quality-control standards that ensure that everything that comes off the line is sturdy, safe, and reliable. This dedication to quality manufacturing processes shows that STORZ & BICKEL are devoted to doing things right, and they bring that same seriousness and care to their charitable partners. 

Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

The partner organizations in STORZ & BICKEL’s “with Love for Peace” campaign—CARE, Razom for Ukraine, Ärzte der Welt, and Ukraine Charity—have been carefully selected and do meaningful work. Once you purchase a PEACE VOLCANO, STORZ & BICKEL will donate €100.00 to one of the four charities, without any increase in price over the VOLCANO CLASSIC for consumers. These funds will go directly to providing vulnerable populations much-needed humanitarian aid, evacuation for civilians in dangerous areas, and continued international advocacy for the Ukrainian cause.

STORZ & BICKEL is also encouraging their customers to donate what they can to these organizations in addition to the funds donated by proceeds from the PEACE VOLCANO. As such, they have provided a link to donate directly to the charities here. Those lucky enough to get their hands on one of the 1000 PEACE VOLCANO vaporizers will also be directed to an additional donation page after purchase. 

Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

If you, like many cannasseurs in the know, have long coveted the VOLCANO but found yourself on the fence, there has never been a better time to experience the legendary technology the limited-edition PEACE VOLCANO offers. The storied quality of STORZ & BICKEL can be yours, with a unique finish that bids you to put love and peace back into the world. Every time you enjoy your favorite flower, you can feel secure in the knowledge that not only are you getting one of the best dry-herb vaporizer experiences available, but that you and STORZ & BICKEL are making the world a kinder place. 

Curious what German engineering can do for your next sesh? Head over to the STORZ & BICKEL website to learn more about their whole suite of products and charitable campaigns. You can also stay up to date with everything S&B by following them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ukrainian conflict and would like to help out, you can learn more here

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