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These 5 Truly Horrific Strains Are Just What You Need to Celebrate Halloween

October 31, 2014

Last year we brought you the spookiest strains to celebrate Halloween with; this year we’re getting downright horrific. These strains are not for the faint of heart. Hideous creatures, the walking dead, and dismemberment are just a few of the topics we’ll cover. If you’re into bone-chilling, shiver-inducing terror: sit back, relax, and pull up one of these scary strains, a classic horror film, and enjoy the show!

Brains Damage

This hybrid cross between Acapulco Mexican, Mango, Hawaiian, and KC 36 won’t leave you zombified, but it will come after your brains! Bred by Holland’s KC Brains, its mellow, relaxed effects will give you a subtle energy akin to Romero’s ghouls from Night of the Living Dead: subdued, slow, but totally content to seek fresh flesh from dusk ‘til dawn.


It’s no coincidence that this indica inspires the sort of creativity needed to stitch together a creature from the parts and pieces of other living beings. Frankenstein (or Fronkensteen, depending on whom you ask), will give you the inventive spirit to create a monster of your own, but it will quickly soothe you into a happy, relaxed lull that gives way to a good night’s sleep. If you aren’t feeling like harvesting body parts, your night would be just as well spent curling up on the couch with Mel Brooks’ classic Young Frankenstein.

Black Dahlia

Although this hybrid is lesser known than the infamous murder of the same name, its effects are no-less potent. While it won’t leave your body severed and mutilated in a vacant lot, it will isolate and relieve chronic pain, an irony that isn’t lost on us. Although this hybrid is known to produce euphoria, its effects lean strongly indica, and is best used for a Halloween movie marathon.

White Zombie

Whether you’re a diehard metal fan or just enjoy the plight of the undead, this cerebrally-focused hybrid has everything you need to stimulate your brains(sssss)! This strain is truly multi-faceted: it will get your creative juices flowing while simultaneously relieving stress and depression.


Unlike its namesake, this strain’s history isn’t shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Have an unprecedented case of the Halloween blues? This strain is also know to crush depression, fatigue, and stress, leaving you ready to dance the night away or perform ritualistic Haitian Vodou, whichever lights your cermonial candle.

photo credit: Brett Kiger via photopin cc

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