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We tried delta-9 THC + CBC Mood Gummies with Rare Cannabinoid Company

Rare Cannabinoid Company
Presented ByRare Cannabinoid CompanyPublished on October 31, 2023 · Last updated July 3, 2024
white package of Delta 9 THC gummies from the brand Rare on a black outdoor table with a view of a beach and water beyond
The delta-9 THC + CBC gummies beachside in our mood-boosting test. This article is sponsored by Rare Cannabinoid Company.

You can try them yourself with free 10-pack hemp THC+CBC Mood Gummies when you complete the 1-min cannabinoid quiz or BOGO 50% off 30-count Mood Gummy jars.

It’s easy to feel at ease when you’re expecting a delivery from Rare Cannabinoid Company. The standout Hawaiian brand specializes in customized wellness, crafting cannabinoid-rich hemp products with thoughtful blends of THC, CBN, THCV, and more to offer tailored effects that work for your individual needs.

So when the brand sent us a pack of their delta-9 THC + CBC Mood Gummies to try, we knew good times were on the horizon.

The all-natural, vegan Mood Gummies are not your usual THC + CBD gummies. What makes them unique? High levels of mood-enhancing CBC oil (cannabichromene).

Delta-9 THC and CBC were found to offer the most “antidepressant-like effects” of all cannabinoids in this study, followed by CBD. Like all of Rare Cannabinoid Company’s thoughtfully crafted products, these edibles were designed with a specific goal: to make people feel happier. Each gummy contains 5mg delta-9 THC and large quantities of mood-boosting CBC and CBD.

Nature’s antidepressant? Rare cannabinoid CBC boosts the brain’s ‘bliss’ molecule

Rare Cannabinoid Company put one of these little packets of bliss in the mail for us so we could try them out for ourselves. It’s an especially exciting assignment considering that gummies including delta-9 THC or a combination of THC and CBD are commonly available at dispensaries and online—but gummies with significant quantities of CBC oil? Those are incredibly rare and a first for this writer.

Celebrate 710 with free 10-pack hemp THC+CBC Mood Gummies and BOGO 50% off 30-count Mood Gummy jars.

In addition to the THC + CBC Mood Gummies, the Hawaiian brand is launching a whole new line of THC gummies, each with high levels of specific rare cannabinoids for tailored effects:

THC + THCV gummies

For an energetic sativa feel without the munchies (THCV acts like a stimulant, increasing focus, while suppressing appetite).

THC + CBN gummies

For extreme relaxation and deep sleep (CBN’s potential sedative properties are enhanced by delta-9 THC).

THC + CBG gummies

For discomfort, inflammation, and nausea (These gummies combine two of the most powerful cannabinoids studied for pain and inflammation).

As you can see, each cannabinoid offers completely unique, and sometimes surprising, effects. To find the best combination for your needs, Rare Cannabinoid Company also has a handy quiz. It only takes a minute and, in addition to getting your tailored results, you’ll also get a coupon code for a free packet of Mood Gummies worth $25, or other gummies of your choosing like THCV, CBN, or CBG with or without THC!

Read on to hear more about this writer’s experience with the mighty mood-boosting THC + CBC gummies and how delta-9 THC, CBC, and CBD each play a role in supporting effects.

delta-9 THC + CBC
Courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company

Mission: Mood boosting

We could all use a bit of a lift sometimes in the face of life’s stressors. I, for one, am someone who can find stress & anxiety getting in the way of being productive throughout the day and feeling fully present in the activities I enjoy. 

It may seem counterintuitive that delta-9 THC, the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp plants, could help with those feelings—but that’s exactly what I found with Rare Cannabinoid Company’s delta-9 THC + CBC Mood Gummies blend. With 5mg delta-9 THC and high levels of CBC and CBD in every piece, the delta-9 gummies are designed to encourage relaxation, uplift your mood, and melt away stress & discomfort.

As with all of Rare Cannabinoid Company’s products, the Mood Gummies start from the best-quality hemp, with plants chosen for their unique cannabinoid profile to achieve the high levels of the specific cannabinoids found in the blend. The extraction process is free of chemical additives, and the D-9 THC in the blend is not converted from CBD or anything else.

The result is a full-spectrum oil that’s unlike any other hemp product on the market, lovingly infused into each gummy square for you to enjoy.

We try delta-9 THC + CBC Mood Gummies to boost a day at the beach.

Opening my pack at the end of a busy work week, the inviting light-green gummies welcomed me into the weekend with their bright lime & mint flavor. The helpful packaging advises starting with a half-gummy so that you can dial in how the intoxicating effects of the D-9 THC will affect you personally, considering your body composition and tolerance level.

Since I’m a fairly regular consumer of recreational cannabis, I opted to start with the full 5mg gummy dose. With a mostly empty stomach, I started to feel the familiar effects of a light THC buzz in about 40 minutes (remember, it can take up to two hours to feel effects depending on your scenario). 

“Rather than feeling couch-locked, the high from Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Mood Gummies felt functional and creative—’uplifting’ really is the perfect word.”

Right away, the running list of things to be worried about bouncing around in my head started to feel less loud and faded away from the top of my mind. The feeling that replaced it was an overriding contentedness, an easy-going sense of, “You know what? I think everything is going to be all right, after all.” 

With my day’s stressors seamlessly shifting into the rearview, I found it easy to loosen my shoulders and transition into a relaxed, weekend-ready state of mind. Rather than feeling couch-locked, though, the high from Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Mood Gummies felt functional and creative—”uplifting” really is the perfect word to describe the combination of contentedness and optimism I found myself experiencing.

Firmly rooted in those feelings, I felt motivated to keep working on a music project, riding my newly boosted mood to make progress where I’d been held up in second-guessing and, most importantly, really enjoyed myself doing it.

With the rest of my gummy pack, I tried dosing down to a half-gummy during the day and felt my decreased stress help motivate me through some work tasks with a positive outlook. I also went for two gummies on a sunny Saturday for elevated effects with a standard recreational dose of 10mg delta-9 THC and felt blissed out for a relaxed beach day with friends.

Wherever you find yourself with an ideal dose for your scenario, Rare Cannabinoid’s Mood Gummies are there for you with that gentle lift, helping you feel your best no matter what hurdles the day brings.

What makes the combo of delta-9 THC + CBC + CBD tick?

In each of their blends, the experts at Rare Cannabinoid Company carefully select the ideal combination of cannabinoids to support the specific needs of their customers and unlock the full potential of the plant. The Mood Gummies are no different—the RCC team has invested in the special blend of delta-9 THC, CBC, and CBD to power their mood-boosting product because of the unique potential of their combined effects.

Delta-9 THC and CBC were found to offer the most “antidepressant-like effects” of all cannabinoids in this study, followed by CBD. Delta-9 THC is famous for its euphoric effects and for promoting feelings of relaxation, while CBC, as explained in the study, has been shown to raise levels of the brain’s “bliss molecule,” anandamide. RCC also includes high levels of CBD in the blend for increased stress resilience and to help activate the entourage effect.

Rare Cannabinoid Company launches new delta-9 THC+CBC mood gummies

Find your better days with delta-9 THC + CBC

delta-9 THC + CBC
Courtesy of Rare Cannabinoid Company

Available in packs of 10 or jars of 30, Rare Cannabinoid Company’s delta-9 THC + CBC Mood Gummies are available online on the brand’s website and can be shipped nationwide. While you’re there, check out Rare Cannabinoid Company’s other apothecary suite offerings, with thoughtfully crafted blends for sleep, focus, appetite suppression, nausea, and more. Find third-party lab reports for every product as well as reviews and recommendations to help you find your better days.

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