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Aurora Drift Cannabis Flower Temple

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About this product

A high CBD, low-THC, hybrid stain with an earthy, pine aroma with undertones of crushed grape. Aurora’s Temple is made up of smaller, dark green buds with hints of purple and navy, accented by orange pistil hairs.

About this brand

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Find a moment to change course and shift your perspective with Aurora Drift. With a wide range of formats, from high-quality edibles, vapes to strains, there’s a memorable experience waiting for you – no matter the path you choose to drift.

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Tue Feb 04 2020
I use this to allow me to relax and unwind so I can go to sleep. Sometimes I like to combine with MK Ultra to get a slight high.
Thu May 09 2019
Temple is relaxing and mainly non-intoxicating. I roll smaller spliffs of this strain (5-7 hits) to aid in diminishing my naturally high mental and physical energy, mainly at night 2-3 hours before bed. When I get a migraine that still hurts even after I take pain killers, I roll something thats 4/5ths Temple and 1/5th THC from another strain to alleviate the pain, since I get so messed up from migraines that the THC high that I find bothersome doesnt get to register because my mind and nervous system is already busy with other things. I've bought this twice, and tried other methods of CBD. I prefer Temple by Aurora possibly because it is a hybrid, and it is whole flower. Another high CBD strain that was sativa left me feeling oddly energetic and still experiencing light couch-lock, and those feelings paired together was just uncomfortable and slightly anxiety producing. I tried CBD isolates and it didn't create the same effects as this whole flower. Highly recommended.
Thu Apr 25 2019
Ever since first trying Temple several months ago, I've used it on a regular basis, very often blending it with other strains. It seems to have the highest CBD-THC ratio of any strain available right now, so if you're interested primarily in the effects of CBD, Temple is the strain to get. I use it mainly for anxiety, physical relaxation, and as a sleep aid. I would note that even though it typically has a very low THC level, I do feel a very mild high, so it would be incorrect to call it absolutely "non-psychoactive." In any case, I would highly recommend Temple to anybody looking for a good CBD strain.