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Color Cannabis Cannabis Flower White Shark
Color Cannabis Cannabis Flower White Shark
Color Cannabis Cannabis Flower White Shark

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White Shark shows characteristics from both a Sativa and an Indica. The flowers are dense, light green and express subtle golden hues. The aroma consists of notes of pine, lemon and complementary grape undertones.

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Big, Dense and very sticky Buds full of trichromes makes White Shark look and feel gorgeous. The scent is relatively mild, but almost sweet/sour. The flavour is similarly smooth, sweet and herbal. The high is very head heavy, but effects the body nicely as well, being uplifting, and creating a very pleasant cerebral experience for around 1-2 hours before tapering off. For the price, the Bud is excellent and I will definitely be buying this product again. Good for watching movies or listening to music with, though I think this strain would be fun with friends as well.

Focused high, with a heavy end.

Wow! Really nice dense huge buds. Not a leaf in sight. Flavour is amazing. The lot I tried was at 17% so personally it could have been a little stronger but the bud quality was very nice and the flavour even better, highly recommend.

About this brand

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Color Cannabis was created by WeedMD to inspire people to see the world around them in a new light. By opening ourselves up to the everyday beauty around us, our lives become enriched with new possibilities. That’s what we call living a life in Color. As WeedMD’s recreational cannabis brand, we employ the exact standards and techniques set by our master cultivators to create the same high-quality cannabis. In other words, Color Cannabis has the same WeedMD strains you know and love in a new, beautiful container. Follow us @callitcolor on Instagram