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Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

by DNA Genetics

12 customer reviews


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IT'S SO PINEY!!! It all that there is. The dry herbs smells chocolately but once you throw it in the vape, PINE. I hate it. Also makes me really pissed off and irritable.


The Chocolate Fondue i had was amazing, this is why DNA Genetics are legends in my mind. Very pungent and dank, typical for their strains! ( See Kosher Kush and ..Lemon Skunk reviews). Chocolate Fondue Reminded me of a laughing cow cheese i had many years ago. It is sweet and creamy so the chocolate is there too. This gave me a different type of head high because im used to smoking Indicas at night, but i got this for day time use and it was next to perfect. At 23% THC, with this Sativa, oddly enough I had a few moments where i was locked in my chair but not quite ready to sleep and the cerebral high was a very nice added bonus.


This is a great strain for gaming or hanging with friends. I experienced an initial cerebral uplifting head high that lasts for some time, but eventually transitions to a balanced head high and relaxing body stone. I love the chocolate mixed with the UK Cheese aroma and flavour. This is my favorite recreational strain so far.


Without getting into a whole thing about the OCS website vs Retail shops I have to say that I enjoyed this strain the most since weed went legal. It has a great uplifting ability that even when I was feeling stressed out or depressed it completely melted it away. The buzz was nice and lasted a while. It did not hinder me from doing any activity and just left me with a good feeling in my day. It is a nice one to mellow out with as well. It'll make you feel like that warm hug you've been needing.


Outstanding, had lots of energy, 23% THC, worth the purchase

from DNA Geneticson June 20th, 2019

Hi, Serenitylife. Chocolate Fondue is outstanding, you're outstanding, this review is outstanding. We couldn't ask for more.


Love the Chocolate Fondue, it's my favourite product I've had on the market so far. I always hear a lot of praise around the Broken Coast stuff but that stuff never got me half as high as the fondue. I love everything from the head high to the smell and I'm always excited to see it restocked here in St. John's. Definitely a must try.

from DNA Geneticson June 20th, 2019

Hi, YYT420. Yes, b'y. We love our DNA fans on the rock. Thanks for sharing this review— we're so glad you’ve found a go-to strain with Chocolate Fondue.


$196 for 15 Gs here at Cannabis NB. The price is up there, but this is the FIRST product that I buy at Cannabis NB that is not completely dry! It was perfectly sticky when I opened it. The Smell is danky and fruity, yet "dark" ( I am high right now so the best word I can describe that hint am getting is "dark"). The taste is very subtle and smooth, almost coffee like. The Buzz is very head focused, extremely uplifting (I've been blasting the tunes and smiling since smoking) with mild body relaxation effects. Right now I am just "well" is the best way to put it, with no racing thoughts or paranoia, even though the batch I got is 23% THC. I never wrote a cannabis review but the buzz itself sparked my creativity and compelled me to write a review. I would dock half a point if I could because of price, but this is a worthy investment in my opinion, if you have the coin to spare! I look forward to seeing new strains from DNA Genetics, hopefully that is in their plans.

from DNA Geneticson June 20th, 2019

Hi, Lashwine. Thanks for sharing your experience and giving us a laugh. We love a good Chocolate Fondue inspired moment of creativity. It's great to hear that you enjoyed it and we look forward to hearing what you think of our other varieties too.


Awesome flavours and a clean buzz. I tried this strain because DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk has become a favorite of mine, the Chocolate Fondue does not disappoint.

from DNA Geneticson February 8th, 2019

Hi, Dingus. We don't think your username gives you enough credit. This review is tops. Glad you're such a fan of DNA - we are too. Chocolate Fondue is always one of our favourites.


It's pretty great. I mean, you really gotta pay for it (I'd dock it half a point for price if I could) but the high is awesome. So light and happy. Such a good smoke, smooth as you can get. Wonderful addition to an active afternoon, doesn't fatigue you in the least. I don't really get the giggles anymore but this one got me. It's a bit of a laugher. I enjoyed it a lot. Kind of a treat though, because again that price is a killer, but it was the only one they had and I sprang for it... no regrets.

from DNA Geneticson January 22nd, 2019

Hi, Dicky. Thanks for this awesome and fair review. Chocolate Fondue is fantastic - we agree. The effects of this sativa aren't overwhelming, and provide a nice, energetic and euphoric buzz without inducing some of the anxiety or racing thoughts that other sativa strains can. It's got a unique terp profile on it, which really lends itself to this comfortable effect. We hear you on price. We're passing this feedback along. We're glad you sprung for it though, and hope you pick up some other DNA options and test them out too. Have a great day.


Nice, very nice!! Only complaint is that it was extremely dry, but that seems to be the norm for legal products. I'd love to try it fresh after cure.

from DNA Geneticson December 3rd, 2018

Hi again Larnezo78, glad we got a shot to win you over with a different strain. This one is definitely a favourite, but we hear you on the dryness. Part of the whole "early days" in the industry, and something we're working on. Thanks for this feedback. We're pumped you like the product.