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Emerald Health Therapeutics Cannabis Flower Island Pink

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Island Pink by Emerald Health Therapeutics

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Amt" 1/8th Purchased' 05/29/19 Kamloops gov store THC' 15.2% The bud is a light army green with a weak smell with just a slight old or dusty smell. Fairly crystaly and slightly spongey but overall nothing to write home about at first glance. I first tried this in a gravity lung, which did not work very well. It produced very little smoke and while the inhale was smooth it hurt the throat a bit. I gave up on this method after 4 bowls, a sore throat and a slight buzz. I next tried this in a Black Widow dry herb vape. This worked very well. Tasted better than the lung did, and also got me snookered. I found the buzz to be almost like a Matrix thing. Everything seems slow motion. Nice and relaxed, happy and the stress from a days hard work gone. I would not suggest this strain for smoking but give it a big thumbs up for vaping it. And based on my buzz I would say dont put to much stock in the THC % on the pack because this 15.2% got me higher than other stuff from the gov store that says 22% .

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Through scientific research, we're creating a world with a greater understanding of the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. Our story Emerald was formed by a team that has dedicated their working lives to the health sciences, helping people overcome everyday medical conditions to live better lives. Health and wellness options come from either the traditional pharmaceutical world or the natural health world. Through the science of the endocannabinoid system and the cannabis plant, we offer the best of both worlds – controlled, predictable, effective outcomes from a natural, plant-based source.