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Dayshift Dried Flower

by Kingsway

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Kingsway Cannabis Flower Dayshift Dried Flower

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Dayshift is an OG Sativa dominant strain with citrusy and fruity flavours that delivers an uplifting and long-lasting effect, for a consistent and potent high, every time. Dayshift is made for getting off work early, wasting the day with your crew and hosting the hot box. Available in flower and pre-roll formats.

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By far the worst strain I have ever consumed. Used a bong and it barely had any effect on me. Buds were not dense at all and pretty bushy. For a strain costing more than 10/g I would expect better.

About this brand

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Kingsway is The People’s Weed. Made by everyday weed smokers for everyday weed smokers. We deliver consistent and potent flower and pre rolls. We keep it simple. While some go low, we get high. Much love for stopping by.