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Pink Grapefruit Haze

by Synr.g

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Synr.g Cannabis Flower Pink Grapefruit Haze
Synr.g Cannabis Flower Pink Grapefruit Haze

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

This sativa-dominant strain has pale green buds with tinges of violet are covered in resin and framed with lengthy orange trichomes. The aromatic, honey sweet smells are delectable, with strong notes of citrus and a sandalwood undertone. THC: 22% CBD: ≤1% Dried Flower: 1 g, 3.5 g, 7 g Pre-Rolled Joints: 1x1 g, 2x0.5 g, 5x0.5 g

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Holy sh*t. I LOVED this strain. I was SO high. Happy, Energetic, EUPHORIC to the nines. I can get social anxiety and paranoia from potent strains but this did not cause that at all yet was extremely potent. I was VERY social on this ! (which is nuts because I generally hate talking to people) but this strain just put me in the mood to do ANYTHING ! BUT...I wouldn't want to go to work on this strain because definitely not clear minded. It's potent, so I wouldn't want to have to talk to colleagues or co-workers in a superior position to you on the job. I definitely wouldn't want to be in school on this strain either; I'd imagine that you can't retain detailed information on this. Hiking on this was amazing. Painting would probably be amazing too. Gaming would probably be a trip. Just so good. This strain needs to be grown from other brands !!!! I picked it up at a local Red Deer AB shop a few weeks ago but haven't found it around or online since. Try it out :) Packs a punch. WOO ~ :) so STOKED about this strain.

I may have found a new favourite. Smells great coming out of the grinder. Packs a decent punch and instantly gives you that Sativa head rush.

About this brand

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