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Little Victory, Sparkling Dark Cherry, 2.5mg THC & 2.5 CBD, 1:1 Sparkling Beverage

Great buzz, but doesn't really last that long. Kicks in after about 10 minutes. The flavour is awesome though. Has a classic, authentic cherry flavour to it. Mild sweetness and overall more like a soda water. Happy that I didn't see red food dye in it but ingredients list "cherry juice concentrate" which could've had it in there (it makes ADHD and some mood disorders worse). I will 100% be buying this again. Not great if you're looking to get super high, but a fab replacement if you're socializing. Price is about the same as a craft beer at a restaurant so it won't break the bank if you're spending more time at home than out. Cheers!

Sativa Pre-Rolls | OG Melon

Great strain. Smoked a full joint each time, and it was awesome each time. Loved the heady high you get from it and the nice little energy boost. Smell was sweet, definitely fruity and like it's namesake reminded me of melons. Joints were a nice size. Didn't get much of the munchies. The one joint I had was right before lunch and what I can say is that it enhanced the hell out of flavours and made everyday tasks like cleaning a LOT better. I'd love to try this before hanging out with friends to see how it flexes its muscles with helping me out of my shell. I tried them for writing I needed to do, but that my ADHD sometimes interrupts focus for. These gave me the energy to stay focused, without pushing me overboard. When I had 2 joints a few hours apart I noticed the second joint left me feeling giddy high, and wanting to zone out by watching a show or movie to keep my brain busy, rather than helping me stay focused enough to get some work done. Definitely a happy high that puts a smile on your face but worth keeping a healthy respect for the power of this strain combo if your tolerance is low. I didn't get too high, but I had two joints about 2 hours apart from one another and I had a dazed feeling to let pass before my high became functional again. Didn't ruin the high though, just something to be careful of if you use it for a "get shit done" day. Having a bit too much just felt like my throw/blanket was giving me the best hug of my life. Lovely strain that I'll be doing again!

Bud's Cannabis Store - 370 Stone Road W

Great dispensary in Guelph. High quality products and managed well. The staff are friendly, welcoming, and give off vibes of genuinely enjoying their work. Staff are knowledgeable and approachable so if you're new to cannabis, or haven't been to a dispensary yet but wanted to try, these are your people! There are a variety of products to choose from, and this is such an easily accessible location. The prices are reasonable, and I've gotten a few things on sale at this location that were easily $10-20 elsewhere. Stopped by to pick up an order and loved that they had the menu on the window so you could order, or "upsize" while you were waiting in line. Before the lockdowns I went in a few times and the atmosphere in-store was really relaxed, with things being easy-to-find, and the store was also really clean. Definitely my go-to dispensary!