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FIKA Local - Golden Mile

Absolutely love all the FIKA shops! They're so inviting and clean and I love that you can see images of most of the products they offer. Staff is super kind and knowledgeable!!

FIKA Local - Canary

Such a cute shop! Love all the little details that were so thoughfully crafted. The staff is super friendly and not sales pushy which is exactly what we need more of! Great selection of products too!!

FIKA Local - Milton

Gorgeous store and amazing customer service. Everyone is so friendly and really know their stuff! This will definitely be my new go-to spot!!!

FIKA Local - Windsor

This has got to be the most beautiful dispensary I've ever been to. These guys are my go-to and they're all around Ontario so it always works out!! Stunning design and amazing customer service! And of course their product selection is off the charts!!!!!!

FIKA Local - Barrie

Beautiful layout with amazing staff who are super friendly and knowledgeable. It seems that everyone here loves their job because they're so happy all the time! The product selection is huge but not overwhelming. Nicely done FIKA!

FIKA Local - Etobicoke

This store is the nicest dispensary I've been in. Despite the beautiful design, the prices are so reasonable and the selection is amazing. Staff is so nice and knowledgeable. Can't wait to head back to see what they recommend next!!