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Med Pharm

Everything in the store seems to be absolute fire. Extremely satisfied with quality price and service. I’m still blown away as I drive home at how impressive their store and product are. I’ve found my new go to for sure!!

Koli Cannabis RX

This place has been open a day and a half and they have got it going on!!! Just got a 1/4 of kendo and a 1/4 of jack herer and was promised i would have enough money with 119$ well it was 126$ he gave it to me anyway and it is absolute fire. Top notch product for a hell of a price!! Best dispensary I have been to so far. Will be coming back and recommending as much as possible

Inzane In The Membrane

Absolute gas. Strong spicy lemon pine smell and flavor. Very potent sativa effects. So sticky won’t come out of my grinder. Covered in white trichomes and super lime green color.