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AHLOT Cannabis Collections™ Discovery Series Vol.1

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About this product

The AHLOT Cannabis Collections™: Discovery Series Vol.1 contains 5 one gram samples from five different licensed producers in Canada. Nominated for the 2018 Product of the Year and Innovation of the Year at the Canadian Cannabis Awards gala, it's the perfect mix for any occasion, if we do say so ourselves.

A peek at what's inside...

Edison Cannabis Co. | Rio Bravo (Wabanaki) | Sativa | 13.7% THC
A sativa-dominant strain grown indoors, Rio Bravo (known on the street as Wabanaki) was the2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards Top Sativa Flower of the year. A strain with mid to high THC content, Rio Bravo holds almost no CBD content. You can expect to find piney and floral terpene notes when enjoying this strain in its dry flower form.

Saturday | Saturday Afternoon CBD MediHaze | CBD Dominant Sativa | 2.35% THC | 8.68% CBD
A cross of Super Silver Haze, Neville's Haze and a rich CBD blend, with it's relatively high CBD, this dry flower has a citrus and earthy flavour profile, with a piney aroma to finish.

Symbl | Solar Power (Sour Kush) | Hybrid | 18.44% THC | 0.02% CBD
Solar Power, Symbl’s version of Sour Kush, has a tightly packed bud structure with dense, vibrant green flowers covered with amber pistils and sprinkled with frosty trichomes. Terrifically tart and superbly pungent, Sour Kush is a hybrid strain known for its high THC
content and powerful flavour profile, combining sour, crisp lemon and invigorating pine. The robust, tangy citrus taste is balanced with hints of earthy wood and sharp diesel.

Haven St. | No. 402 (Blueberry Kush) | Indica | 17.35% THC | 0.04% CBD
Blueberry Kush is a high THC and low CBD strain that lives among the 400s within Haven St's neighbourhood. With a sweet berry and earthy floral flavour profile, this indica dominant strain is a prime example of a higher THC content experience to compare and contrast with other strain profiles.

7ACRES | Sensi Star | Indica | 24.19% THC | 0.03% CBD
Sensi Star is a legendary, award-winning indica strain bred by Dutch cannabis industry pioneers Paradise Seeds. Possessing robust, resinous, trichome-rich buds, Sensi Star is a world-renowned cultivar that offers a potent cannabinoid profile and a pleasing, complex array of terpenes producing a pronounced aroma of lemon, pepper and fuel (petrol).
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About this brand

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AHLOT (A Higher Level Of Thought) is a transmodern brand. Taking the best of everything that has come before while embracing the leading edge of today's hyperspeed social change, we are curators at heart.

By bringing together the most provocative and evolved aspects of everything from cannabis strains to storage to cultural content, we're helping to host this intertwining party we call our lives. We like to say we offer the most thoughtful choices in the industry.

Everything we do is collaborative, often talking to hundreds of customers to refine our products. Your personal contribution is much more than welcome - it's essential. Plain and simple, we're here to inspire the thinker in each of us.

Here's to the highest common denominator.