BZAM Pretty Lights


About this product

3.5g: 24-28% THC

Why contemplate your existence as a tiny speck on a giant rock hurtling around the sun when you can peer into a constellation of twinkling trichomes coating the green buds of Pretty Lights? There’s room for both, really. Indica-dominant, hang-dried and hand-trimmed, this potent Northern Lights x Belladonna cross brings a curious flavor profile that’s spicy and sweet all at once with a touch of earthiness to remind you which planet you’re on.

About this strain

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About this brand

BZAM™ is known for unique cannabis products like our best-selling vapes and potent infused pre-rolls. The masterminds behind BZAM Magic Melon, BZAM Banana Daze, BZAM Cobra Lips and the BZAM Fresh Squeezed OG Jet Pack, we’re on a mission to keep it interesting, flavourful and fresh.

Pheno-hunting is a big part of our mission to bring you the most unique cannabis products possible. We’re continuously running test batches of interesting genetics from our seed vault, looking for the next great pheno with out-of-this-world flavour, potency and bag appeal. When we find a winner, we clone it for production at our indoor licensed cultivation facilities in BC and Alberta, where we give the plants everything they need to thrive.

What makes BZAM vapes so flavourful? Our in-house lab team uses cryo-ethanol extraction to produce a high-THC, odourless cannabis oil. Next, they add botanical terpenes to get those unique, bold and fruity vape flavours. That’s only two ingredients with no added solvents, pigments, fillers, waxes or phytol. Then it’s all loaded into our signature orange-tipped carts, with ceramic mouthpiece, glass tank and No Burn Technology™ for even heating and flavour retention.
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