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Canada Puffin is committed to creating an open and inviting culture in the ever changing smoking landscape. Through our unique product designs, quality and presentation, we strive to reshape the perception of cannabis and the community.

Accessories are art pieces and part of a lifestyle

Canada Puffin accessories are sturdy and upright to be on display in general living spaces. Our products are designed as art pieces, with each depicting elements of Canadian heritage and culture. Canada Puffin is dedicated to raising Canada’s national profile as a leader at the forefront of this movement.

Experiences are meant to be shared

The smoking experience is about ritual and community. Accessories are not only purchased for personal use, but are the perfect gift to share with those close to you. Canada Puffin pipes are packaged in a red satin lined gift box for the perfectly presented gift piece.

Together, we can change perception of modern cannabis. One pipe at a time.

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