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All Aboard

Goodship's Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies, available in 10mg singles and 60mg 6-packs.
Goodship's Go-Go Grapefruit Fruit Jellies, vegan and gluten free, in 20mg 4-packs and 60-mg 12-packs
Goodship's newest member of the family, rich and cooling organic Peppermint Patties.
One of three punchy, bright flavors of Goodship pastille mints - micro-dosed at 2.5mg per pastille!
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About Goodship

WELCOME ABOARD THE GOODSHIP Experience cannabis in a new way. There’s more to it than blowing smoke. There’s a whole world of cannabis cuisine out there. From first‑time cannabis exploration to cooking gourmet meals, goodship will guide your journey.

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Canada, Ontario