Slap N Tickle by Frost Cannabis

HybridTHC 24%CBD —
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About this product

OMG presents, Slap N Tickle. Micro grown in soil by Frost Cannabis. Appropriately named, this indica dominant hybrid has a dank earthy spice with a sweet grape finish. This flower has legacy roots and is now grown freely. Elite clones, hang-dried, slow cured, hand-trimmed and hand-packaged, the way its always been. This premium small-batch harvest is limited in quantity, get it while it lasts!

About this strain

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About this brand

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Ontario Micro Growers
Our mission is to bring the best micro craft flower by supporting local Canadian growers.

We work with local growers to bring rare and small batch craft flower that is locally grown. We believe in supporting passionate and experienced growers in Ontario.

Ontario Micro Growers and our grower partners remains dedicated to bringing the best that Ontario cannabis has to offer.

The spotlight is on quality and culture.
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