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Papa & Barkley

Better. For you.

Our story

California's cannabis wellness brand, providing products to help you manage pain, improve sleep, relax, and unwind.

Papa & Barkley was founded by caring for the ones we love, inspired by a son’s dedication to help his bedridden father. Our mission is to unlock the power of Cannabis to improve people’s lives.

Made better, for you.
- Whole Plant Infused & Full-spectrum
- Solventless: Chemical-free from farm to shelf.
- Tested: No CO2, pesticides, mycotoxins, or heavy metals.
- Artisanal: hand-planted, hand-harvested, and slow-cured.

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  • CA, US: CDPH-10003700
  • CA, US: CDPH-10002847
  • CA, US: C11-0000199-LIC