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Hoverboard, commonly known as Buddha's Sister is an indica dominant strain containing moderate levels of THC and a variety of aromatic terpenes. The fluffy green buds are highlighted by delicate orange pistils and a silky coating of frosted trichomes. The unique aroma combines hints of floral, woodsy and earthy notes, and its spicy flavour is accented with a touch of tart cherry.

Symbl flowers are hang-dried, trimmed with best-in-class machinery and hand-groomed with the utmost care to preserve trichome integrity. The result is a beautiful bud, superior flavour profiles and robust aromas. Our method isn't easy, but to create something special, you don't do what's easy, you do what's unexpected.

About this strain

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Curiosity is the catalyst for discovery and growth. And hey, we like that. Symbl is about creating something special in a very real, quality way. Explore our curated selection of signature dried cannabis flower including sativa, indica and hybrid strains, each with distinct profiles. And be sure to check out our pure, concentrated oils enhanced by an extraction process that ensures active cannabinoids and terpenes are faithfully preserved.

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