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3 Reviews of Uplift Cannabis-Angus

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February 18, 2022
I usually shop at another store in town, when I was driving around today I noticed Uplift Cannabis thought I’d give it a shot. Im glad I did, the store is like no other in this area!! Bright, clean and very inviting. The selection of accessories is very impressive. It’s like our own little bong shop right in town... we have been in need of one of these for a long time & saves the trip to barrie!! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, they answered all of my questions and pointed me in the right direction with recommendations without me having to use those tablets. I hate technology... whatever happened to one on one customer service?? Which is exactly what I received at uplift! They didn’t make me feel like I needed to grab my bud and get out, i think we talked for a good half hour .. I don’t get out much. Im very impressed with the service and this will definitely be my new go to shop. I’m looking forward to my next visit thanks for the great experience uplift!
February 19, 2022
I had a very pleasant experience at Uplift Cannabis. The store was very clean and having products on display made them easy to find. Staff was friendly and answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend a visit!
July 15, 2022
This location has quickly become one of my favourite cannabis shops. The staff are over the top with there welcoming & friendly attitudes. They don’t bombard me with 100 questions as soon as I walk through the door. There knowledge is on par. I thought all there was to weed was low and high quality. I always looked for HIGHEST THC, but last week I had a long conversation with one of the ladies about terpenes and what an important role they play in cannabis. Which has changed my whole shopping experience. They haven’t disappointed me yet with there recommendations and don’t just try to push the most expensive pot on me (like most of the shops I have been to) if you haven’t checked these guys out yet your missing out. Good job guys you’ve earned yourselves a life time customer