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Sparq Retail - Peterborough - Chemong

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San Rafael '71 - Black Jelly

San Rafael '71 - Black Jelly
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Sparq Retail - Peterborough - Chemong
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About this product

Black Jelly by San Rafael ’71 is a premium, indoor-grown sativa with a fascinating terpene profile of sweet black liquorice with hints of fruit. Black Jelly by San Rafael ’71 is a premium, indoor-grown strain developed from Alien Cake 3030 genetics. What makes this sativa so special is its one-of-a-kind aroma of liquorice and anise with hidden notes of sweet fruit. Its dense buds come impressive in size and shape with eye-catching green and orange hues, topped with a coat of sparkling trichomes. Cultivated under the highest quality standards, San Rafael '71 flower is hang-dried, hand-finished, and carefully hand-bottled with an included humidity pack.