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> ****WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS**** At The Green Planet we are an OLCC licenced dispensary serving recreational and medical. We provide the best customer service as well as bud selection, quality and low prices. *Product availability is subject to change. We move through product very quickly so please call ahead to assure we have exactly what you need and in the quantity you need as well.* ***Re-use/Bring back The Green Planet state compliant exit bag back from dispensary & get .50 cents off your purchase*** ***We can only accept exit bags originally given from The Green Planet to assure they are state compliant*** PRICES DO NOT REFLECT THE 17% STATE TAX FOR RECREATIONAL CUSTOMERS ``` 10% Military Discount (Current and Former) 10% Senior Citizen Discount (55+) 10% Discount For Medical (Daily, Always) 15% If Buying The Daily Special! (Medical Customers) 10100 SW Canyon Road Beaverton, OR


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The Green Planet - Beaverton

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“Unfortunately, I was really into Green Planet for a while. I bought some clones from there, but it has really turned into a disaster. Every one of the clones we bought had mites in them and we did not realize this until we had already put much time and effort into these plants. I would not recommend purchasing any clones from Green Planet. We have had a problem with every single one. :( Makes me very sad. ”

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“I have been going to this location since they opened, crammed in a little back room. Always been an ok place. Today I required a bit more guidance as to my bud selection, as they had some strains unfamiliar to me. When I asked the budtender a question about this flower vs that, he proudly and arrogantly informed me that he doesn't use flower, only concentrates. Well, that's not very helpful, so I asked if I could speak to someone knowledgable about flower. He became extremely uptight, and got another guy, who asked what was wrong. He said" this guy doesnt like my service" with a real hissyfit attitude, and started to walk away. As I tried to tell him nothing personal, I just needed some advice, he glared "we're done here". I finally managed to get my order going, This little fit started to really bug me, I mentioned this to my currant tender, I was informed that "this conversation would'nt end in a way either of us would like". WTF?? Was I just threatened? Normally, I would go straight to management for a discussion, but I wasn't up for any more crap, so here it is. My negative review. I cant support a pot shop that allows their budtenders to go out there armed with NO information (tender#2 was trying to sell based on appearance and smell alone. He didnt know anything either). And a fit like that guy threw at me is NOT acceptable in any business that likes to have "business". Goodbye, green planet.”

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Comment from The Green Planet - Beaverton

Dear Sammymyman, We apologize for the experience you had here your last visit. The engagement you described is absolutely unacceptable and we would like to know more details in order to root cause and hold accountable those responsible. We understand time is extremely valuable, however, if you could find the time to give us a call to go over some needed details we would greatly appreciate that(ask for Jesse or Spencer). Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible. We will utilize your valuable feedback as a tool to improve. Our sincerest apologies for your poor experience at the Green Planet. You deserve much better than that and please understand that the The Green Planet expects much more from our associates and we will continue to coach and lead our team to provide the best possible experience all our valued customers deserve. We truly hope one day you will consider giving us another chance. Kind regards, -The Green PLanet


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