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COVID-19 and medical marijuana patients: What you need to know

Emma Stone - July 29, 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis, states are opening up online ordering and delivery options so medical patients can get marijuana safely. Check out what your state's doing.

Is my dispensary open and can they deliver cannabis? State by state guide to COVID-19 restrictions

David Downs and Max Savage Levenson - July 29, 2020

Emergency COVID-19 marijuana rules are now in effect. Some places now allow delivery, others are shut down. Check here for updates.

10 CBD-dominant weed strains that our users love

Jeremiah Wilhelm - July 29, 2020

With so many high-CBD strains surfacing, it can be hard to choose one. Find the best and most available CBD strains based on Leafly user reviews.

How does cannabis get its color? Here’s why some strains turn purple

Bailey Rahn - July 28, 2020

What gives cannabis its purple, blue, and red hues? The answer is anthocyanins, a family of flavonoids that give cannabis its colorful pigments.

Is it safe to consume cannabis during and after pregnancy?

Josh Kaplan and Hanna Webster - July 28, 2020

Check out Leafly's comprehensive guide on cannabis and pregnancy and see what the science has to say about risks to the developing fetus and to the child after birth.

Richard DeLisi, 71, suffers in a Florida prison while others make millions on marijuana

Fatma Khaled - July 26, 2020

While DeLisi pushes a walker around his cell, Florida medical marijuana companies will bring in $800 million this year.

The Roll-Up #153: All about cannabis concentrates

Leafly Podcasts - July 26, 2020

Oil, wax, shatter, budder, keif, hash, rosin: All this and an interview with The Dank Duchess.

How medical marijuana and air guitar sent this ‘Hurt Locker’ hero to prison

Bruce Barcott and Andrew George - July 24, 2020

After serving on a bomb squad in Iraq, Sean Worsley managed his PTSD with medical marijuana—until Alabama sent him to prison for it.

How the war on drugs killed Breonna Taylor

Janessa Bailey - July 23, 2020

Breonna Taylor's death is a direct result of the war on drugs. Examine how the police harmed yet another innocent and learn how you can get justice for Breonna.

5 purple cannabis strains that won’t make you sleepy

Dante Jordan - July 22, 2020

Looks can be deceiving—the color of cannabis has nothing to do with its effects. Check out these beautiful purple strains that will give you a boost.