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Chris Roberts

Based in New York City, Chris Roberts has been writing about cannabis since spending a few months in Humboldt County in 2009. His work has been published in SF Weekly, Cannabis Now, The Guardian, High Times, and San Francisco Magazine, among others.

Most popular articles

Leafly Investigation: California Has a Dirty Cannabis Problem

Pesticides, molds, and other pathogens are turning up in medical cannabis across California. Rules are coming, but until then it's "buyer beware."

Chris Roberts - February 15, 2017

Under Trump, Legal Cannabis Is a Deportable Offense 

More and more, those who admit to having ever used cannabis are being refused entry into the United States—or deported if they’re already here.

Chris Roberts - March 27, 2017

California’s New Edibles Limits Will Ban Popular Products

Restrictions on the amount of THC in cannabis-infused edibles kick in next year and will outlaw some of the state's most popular products.

Chris Roberts - November 27, 2017

Crowdfunding Site Cancels Aid to California Wildfire Victims—Because Cannabis

Rejection by third-party payment processors is a familiar story in cannabis, but abruptly ending an aid effort during a dire emergency somehow feels different.

Chris Roberts - October 17, 2017

The Great Cannabis Clash of Calaveras County

California’s Gold Country is dying. The marijuana industry has arrived, offering tax revenue and job opportunities. So why are locals rejecting it?

Chris Roberts - August 1, 2017

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

UK to allow cannabis imports—necessary step for medical access and, ultimately, legalization

The United Kingdom loosened draconian import rules on medical cannabis products Monday, allowing licensed wholesalers to bring in much larger quantities of cannabis flower and oil, and at a greatly reduced cost. This promises the few patients with legal cannabis prescriptions in the country more reliable and affordable access to their preferred medicine. It also […]

Chris Roberts - March 6, 2020

Hemp cleans toxic soil and produces clean CBD flower, study finds

Researchers found that stressing hemp with toxic soil actually boosted CBD levels.

Chris Roberts - December 23, 2019

Why did San Francisco’s cannabis store ‘cashless ATMs’ suddenly shut down?

Unsolved mystery: Over 48 hours, every one of the city's cannabis cash machines went dark. Nobody seems to know why.

Chris Roberts - November 15, 2019

Putin, hackers, and cannabis: The bizarre story of an Israeli-American jailed in Russia

Cannabis, initially given as the sole reason for 26-year-old Naama Issachar's detention, appears to have been merely a convenient excuse.

Chris Roberts - October 23, 2019

This is the first hemp strain to be awarded a US patent

Famous for the iconic Charlotte’s Web strain and fresh from a big IPO, Colorado’s Stanley brothers have secured the first US patent for a hemp plant.

Chris Roberts - September 13, 2019

Church of England Sees Green, Explores Investing in Medical Cannabis

Britain's largest religious organization announced this week that it will lift a longstanding prohibition on medical cannabis in order to explore investing in the fast-growing industry.

Chris Roberts - June 13, 2019

‘Come and Get Us,’ UK Cannabis Growers Tell Police in Protest

As part of a nationwide protest, UK patients who grow their own medical cannabis are identifying themselves to authorities in an effort to force policy reform.

Chris Roberts - May 13, 2019

4/21 Organizers Want to Reclaim Cannabis From Corporations

A coalition of activists are transforming the day after 4/20 into an advocacy effort aimed at reintroducing social justice into cannabis legalization.

Chris Roberts - April 18, 2019

The US Surgeon General Just Tweeted WHAT About Cannabis?

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams recently used his official Twitter account to make a startling claim about cannabis. It wasn't the first time.

Chris Roberts - March 1, 2019

Is a Tobacco Giant Trying to Take Over the Vape Pen Market?

In a move that could shake up the vape pen market, the parent company of Philip Morris has quietly patented dozens of devices that could be used to consume cannabis.

Chris Roberts - December 11, 2018