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Elizabeth Enochs
Elizabeth Enochs is a Los Angeles-based writer and journalist from a small town in Missouri that you've probably never heard of. Liz writes about everything from cannabis culture to animal welfare. You can read more of her work over at The Green Plate, Bustle, Girlboss, The Dodo, Mercy For Animals, and a few others.
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14 Vegan Cannabis Products for Your Cruelty-Free Stash

Vegan products are hitting the cannabis market. Go cruelty-free and load up your stash with these cannabis-infused vegan edibles and products.

How to Celebrate 4/20 on a Budget

With 420 right around the corner, keep your plans fresh and your pockets full with this guide to celebrating on a budget.

We Need to Destigmatize Parents Who Use Cannabis

Misconceptions around cannabis and the parents who use it are deeply embedded in our society, and that won’t change overnight—but it needs to start now.

9 Ways to Help Moms Jailed for Cannabis

America’s prisons are full of mothers who are serving time for cannabis. Learn about what you can do to help them this Mother’s Day.

Veterans Deserve Cannabis. Here’s How You Can Help

20 million American veterans still don’t have access to legal & affordable cannabis. Here are some ways you can advocate for their well-being.

Articles Contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

How I Consumed Cannabis in College Without Losing Focus

Cannabis consumption can be tricky when you’re in college, especially if you’re a new consumer. Here are my tried-and-true tips for consuming cannabis in college without losing focus.

8 Women-Run Cannabis Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Want to fill your newsfeed with pro-feminist and pro-cannabis content? Give these Instagram accounts a follow.

7 Ways to Spark More Joy in Your Cannabis Routine

Spring isn’t just an excellent time to organize your closet and clean out your garage, it’s a great time reevaluate your everyday habits—and that includes your cannabis routine.

8 Ways to Celebrate 4/20 if Cannabis Is Illegal Where You Live

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate 4/20 while battling prohibition. Whether you’re in the mood to travel or you feel like throwing a 4/20-themed party for your friends, living in a prohibition state doesn’t have to ruin your fun!

Watch This: Our Favorite Stoned Memories From ‘Broad City’

Since 'Broad City' aired over five years ago, we’ve watched Abbi and Ilana share bowls, joints, and bongs all over New York City, but the show has done so much more than make us laugh.

7 Women Writers From History You Didn’t Know Liked Cannabis

For centuries, cannabis has inspired many women writers. Check out which of the classics were fueled by cannabis.

Why Survivors of Sexual Violence Choose Cannabis to Heal

Take a look at the science behind how cannabis can help heal the trauma associated with sexual violence, and hear the stories of survivors who've incorporated it into their healing process.

A Gift Guide for the Feminist Cannabis Consumer in Your Life

Looking for gift ideas for the feminist cannabis consumer in your life? Here are a few gifts that they would love to find in their stocking this year.

7 Products to Boost Your Whole Plant Wellness Routine

THC and CBD can be used in many different ways. These products can help you balance your routine & get your daily dose of whole plant medicine.

Legalizing Cannabis Can Help Rural Americans. Here’s How

Legal cannabis brings economic growth and a marked decrease in mental health symptoms. Here's why rural America should follow the legalization train.

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